Thursday, January 29, 2015

Where Were They?

First, where was UCOP? as in:UCOP Misses Chance To Discuss Future of Higher Ed Funding

KALC: What Will It Take To Make UC's Budget More Transparent?

Also this op ed:UCSA Demands Greater Fiscal Transparency of UC Regents
Daily Cal: Campus study finds that women, ethnic minority faculty members earn slightly lower average salaries

the PR piece: Campus poised to act on salary gaps for women, minority faculty

and, where's the adjunct, lecturers, instructors experiences in any of it?

Daily Bruin's much talked about submission: UC Should Develop Budget Without Utilizing Tuition Hikes includes this:
Inside the classroom, faculty devote less time to scheduled teaching than in the past. According to national data from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute in 2014, 45 percent of faculty devoted nine or more hours a week – approximately a quarter of their time – to scheduled teaching. That is down from 56.5 percent in 2001 and 63.4 percent in 1991. 7.2 percent of faculty report having no scheduled teaching. On a national level, is it fair to ask students to pay more when faculty teach less?

See referenced: Undergraduate Teaching Faculty - The 2013-2014 HERI Faculty Survey
The $250,000 new PR hire at UC Davis came up in the KALC talk listed above, and the Daily Bruin piece, also listed above, mentions the UC capital projects spending and spending...

Sacramento Business Journal with: UC Davis Begins Early Discussions On Creating Urban Center Campus
Includes an Alice in Wonderland section:
The university is working on multiple efforts which may or may not be the third campus. The university is working to establish a World Food Center and the UC Davis Mars Innovation Institute on Food and Health. Those could be part of the Campus for the 21st Century, but they should not be confused with it, Currall said. The scope and details of the Campus for the 21st Century are now just starting to be discussed.

More staff hired to help Jagdeep and dreams of endless 17%

Scott Chan, chief investment officer at the $7.7 billion Sacramento County (Calif.) Employees' Retirement System, has been named senior managing director of public equities in the University of California's investment office.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: mentions the UC's deferred maintenance and asks who referees the committee of two

Fresno Bee with Poll: High approval for Gov. Jerry Brown, support for budget

and, see San Diego Reader with "Bill and Hillary's California Peacock -Ex-Obama aide and friend of Bill gets $280,000 University of California spot"

At its meeting in San Francisco last week, the university's board of regents signed off on creating the new position of senior vice president of government relations and gave the job to Nelson Peacock, an aide to Napolitano when she ran the Department of Homeland Security under Democratic president Barack Obama. and more detail.
UCSD and UCOP potential ties to HRC campaign efforts in the future covered there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Napolitano interview, Anita Hill at UC, autonomy coverage, more

Last week there also was this:

Should also note here that Anita Hill is listed as a speaker for that Title IX conference at Berkeley next month (It is the conference that was announced shortly after UC Berkeley was listed as one of the first university systems under review for Title IX compliance. Several UC senior admin have conveniently booked themselves as topic expert speakers for the event... -to try to garner some street cred for how they 'handle things'?)

And Napolitano's former client will be at a book event at UCSC around then, too.
KQED offers a view: As Brown and Napolitano Meet - A Look Back At UC's Historic Autonomy

but that piece does not take up how UC constitutional autonomy comes up in myriad other ways, as in: this story or this story.
Is the Committee of Two just 'tussle theater' for creating more online at UC?
Sac Bee: Gov. Brown aims for reform of colleges: Dan Walters and then check out this other Sac Bee article again
Tech Ed, four year degrees come up in this Sac Bee piece on Reich to CA Senate Dems on Income Inequality and Education

Monday, January 26, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

UC's Closed Domestic Doors, Safe International Harbor Approach?

IHE: The New Normal at Berkeley-California Governor Jerry Brown this week said the state’s flagship -- the University of California at Berkeley -- has closed its doors to “normal” people.
“More families wrongly are trying to get their students into the University of California, thinking it’s better,” Fajnor said.
Unlike Douglass, Fajnor doesn’t think adding more special admits will get more so-called “normal” people into Berkeley.
“When Berkeley can figure out how to graduate an athlete they should be allowed to expand their special admit pool – or maybe even win a football game,” he said.
Caitlin Quinn, a Berkeley political science major who is also a vice president for the Associated Students of the University of California, said that as Berkeley grows more competitive, students don’t blame each other.
“The university tries to pit us against each other from admissions to introductory weeder classes to research opportunities – more funding from the state would mean more spots for everyone, more housing, more research, more great professors,” she wrote in an email.
Students learn from one other, Quinn said, so if the so-called normal students end up getting frozen out, it's a detriment to the students and the university. The state and the system share responsibility, she said.

Toward the end Regent M' comments come up in the coverage but IHE leaves out the part about the 2 billion and the building safety that he also mentioned...
IHE: UC Berkeley Proposes Global Educational Hub In Its Own Backyard

Who runs the "safe harbor" and for what? Is it CA or Fed. U, or? Lots of questions on the set up.

Taj and Ritz

Daily Cal : The High Flying Job of Fundraising for UC Berkeley

There's several sections to note but

for some reason this was what stuck out most:

On a Sunday night in June, Biddy went to dinner in San Francisco with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele and Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance John Wilton. -and the reimbursements

Thursday, January 22, 2015

"it is a parodox you might chew on"

NBC Bay Area AP coverage University of California Regents Shelve Policy That Would Tie Coaches' Bonuses to Students' Grades

Sac Bee Divided UC Regents Table Coach Bonus Policy

LA Times on it: UC regents delay move to link coaches' bonuses to athletes' grades

SF Chronicle takes on the 'blame it on Berkeley' aspect:

But some regents said they were largely persuaded by the arguments of Dan Guerrero, athletic director for UCLA, who said there were at least half a dozen unintended consequences to raising the bar. In addition to contract changes and steering students toward easier majors, Guerrero said coaches would feel pressure to keep students on their teams rather than lose a point for letting them go. They might also feel pressure to recruit students who are better scholars than athletes, he said.

'Campuses got the message'

He also said the policy was intended to address a big problem on just one campus, but that all campuses have gotten the message that academics matters for top athletes.

The policy was written in response to a devastating national report on intercollegiate athletics in 2013 in which UC Berkeley’s football and men’s basketball teams posted the worst graduation rates of all 72 schools with top-tier intercollegiate athletics teams.

“The shot over the bow has been heard,” Guerrero said. “We will hold our coaches accountable.”

But Newsom wasn’t buying it. He said it was “comical” that contracts provide up to $270,000 in athletic bonuses while the new policy would offer a $10,000 bonus for achieving certain academic thresholds.

“That’s holding your folks accountable?” he asked Guerrero. “I’m not trying to be argumentative, but Jesus.”

maybe a UCLA response to the Los Angelism earlier...
KGO abclocal:

WaPo blog on reminders of what's gone down so far: California governor, university president butt heads over tuition hike

AP SJ Merc on that, too

Really, the afternoon session gave a good 'fly on the (UCOP? or a neutral space?) wall' preview of the Committee of Two - so watch it and note:

50:00 mark
- Lozano helpfully mentions some of the key concerns the CA Senate Rules Committee raised to Blum, Lozano and Pattiz in August when they went through a non rubber stamp confirmation hearing (here's: more on that).

55:55 mark - Perez comments on the retelling, 'Lost in Translation' terminology provided by UCOP presentation

gets into the Blame Game on 20 yr pension holiday

Gould Responds to that

Perez discusses CA parents sticker shock on UC tuition.

Atkins on the real dilemma around communication, formulas, terms

Reiss wished Torlakson was present at the meeting b/c K-12 outreach on UC needs to be discussed more

Gov. Brown on Prop 98 and how UC had a chance to be part of that but UC decided it did not want to be. 'UC wanted to be treated differently and so UC is treated differently.'

at the 02:10:00 mark Regent M discusses the net worth dropping $2 Billion each year problem, and the UC Bldg safety issues- he opines on what he thinks the Gov. might have done as AG and there's metaphors and, in the end, 'something has to give'...

There also was a section where Regent Pattiz describes a dire state of the state and Governor Brown responds indirectly (to that comment and other similar comments) that the state is getting better in large part due to his conservative/ stingy/miserly approach so-- "it is a parodox you might chew on"

and much, much more - so watch those sections.
Also, there was -in the morning section of first day - Regent Keiffer's E-4 looking into curriculum project...

UC Regents Meeting January 22

January 21-22 Regents Meeting - UCSF Mission Bay according to their calendar online. Info on how to view or listen to the meeting live is available at this link.

Or, just click on the session links here.

Thursday, January 22

8:30 am Committee of the Whole (open session - public comment session)

8:50 am Committee on Finance (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 19, 2014

F52 Action Amendment to the Allocation of Los Alamos National Security,
LLC and Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC Fee Income
to be Expended in Fiscal Year 2014-15

F6 Discussion Update on the Proposed Governor’s Budget for 2015-16

9:45 am Committee on Health Services (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 20, 2014

H1 Discussion Update on Student Behavioral Health

H2 Discussion Update on Ebola-Related Activities

10:15 am Committee on Compensation (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of November 20, 2014

C2 Action Approval of Appointment of and Compensation for
Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Officer,
Office of the President as Discussed in Regents Only Session

C3 Action Approval of Establishment of the New Senior Management Group
Position of Senior Vice President – Government Relations
and the Market Reference Zone for the Position and
Appointment of and Compensation for Senior Vice President –
Government Relations, Office of the President as Discussed in
Regents Only Session

C4 Action Approval of Establishment of the New Senior Management Group
Position of Senior Vice President – Public Affairs and the Market
Reference Zone for the Position and Appointment of and
Compensation for Senior Vice President – Public Affairs,
Office of the President as Discussed in Regents Only Session

C5 Action Approval of a Fiscal Year 2014-15 Merit Increase for
Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as
Discussed in Regents Only Session

11:00 am Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 18, 2014

GB1 Discussion Annual Report on Sustainable Practices 2014

2 Action Approval of Preliminary Plans Funding, North Addition Office
Building, UC Davis Health System, Sacramento, Davis Campus
GB33 Discussion Amendment of Policy on Approval of Design, Long Range
Development Plans, and the Administration of the California
Environmental Quality Act and Authorization of the President of
the University to Implement the Pilot Phase of the Delegated
Process for Capital Improvement Projects

11:45 am Committee on Governance (open session)
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 18, 2014

G2 Action Amendment of Standing Order 100.4 – Duties of the President of
the University

12:00 pm Board (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Roll Call
Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 20 and the Meetings of the Committee of
the Whole of November 18, 19, and 20, 2014
Report of the President
Reports of Committees:
C Report: Action Committee on Compensation
E Report: Action Committee on Educational Policy
F Report: Action Committee on Finance
G Report: Action Committee on Governance
GB Report: Action Committee on Grounds and Buildings
L Report: Action Committee on Long Range Planning
O Report: Action Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories
Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Report of Interim and Concurrence Actions
Report of Communications Received
Report of Materials Mailed Between Meetings