Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"I just think it's an odd thing for universities to be in the position of arguing for less transparency,"

Colleges Don't Like The Idea Of More Sexual Assault Laws

the quote for the post comes from this piece:
Colleges Push Back On Surveys That Could Shed New Light On Sexual Assault


Title IX blog has a post on it, too

UPDATE: and this:some CA Dems try to play catch up on addressing the issue- it includes reference to a letter from Napolitano on behalf of UC

LA Times also on it: Federal bills would crack down on college sexual assault

and: here is a link to Napolitano's letter to Boxer
and on another topic - Hoops...
a couple months ago a Bruin wrote about Millions ($180 million) in renovations on UCLA hoops

By all account UCLA's renovation of Pauley Pavilion under Dan Guerrero was a complete clusteryouknowwhat. Guerrero and his cronies justified spending somewhere around $140 million to put up glass around a stale-looking multi-purpose gym with terrible sightlines.

But Guerrero isn't done. Today his keystone cops Morgan Center out a press release looking for more money - as in $40 million to build a private practice court

Yesterday, Millions of gallons of water drenched UCLA hoops and much more

How's it gonna turn out? Will those private practice courts now come with the repairs? Who knows...

Monday, July 28, 2014

"UC doesn’t yet have an investment fund or a formal system for identifying and directly investing in those companies, " - Venture Capitalists Will Help UC Decide

see SF Biz Jrnl article: Big-Name VCs, Others Tagged To Weigh Changes To UC Investment Policy
the article includes:

Here’s a list of the UC Innovation Council’s members:

James Brailean, CEO and president, NextWave Mobile Products;

Donald Beall, chairman emeritus/retired chairman, Rockwell, and partner, Dartbrook Partners LLC;

Brook Byers, senior partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers;

Fred Cohen, partner and managing director, TPG Biotech;

Mark Crowell, executive director (retired), University of Virginia Innovation;

Jerry Fiddler, founder, Wind River Systems;

Rodney Glover, partner (retired), Wiley Rein LLP;

Josh Green, general partner/chairman, Mohr Davidow Ventures;

Bruce Hallett, managing director, Miramar Ventures;

Leslie Hickle, vice president, business development, BioAtla;

Hadi Makarchian, chairman, Makar Properties, and chairman, Banning Lewis Ranch Management Co., and regent, University of California;

Alan Mendelson, partner, Latham & Watkins LLP;

Tony Oliveira, senior advisor, AGR Partners, and managing partner, Oliveira Farming;

Nancy Olson, managing partner (retired), Fog City Fund;

Kish Rajan, director, Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development;

Eduardo Rallo, managing partner, Pacific Community Management;

Ann Marie Sastry, president and CEO, Sakti3;

Sue Siegel, CEO, GE Ventures & Healthymagination.

Vergara, Title IX and other things

come up in this Politico daily overview of ed policy news: Ed tech struts its stuff — Coleman talks Common Core — Advocates for transgender students seek guidance from feds — Tenure lawsuit drops today in New York

Friday, July 25, 2014

update on UCSB poster incident, more

Fox News: California professor pleads no contest to assault on pro-life students
where they include this:
UCSB spokesman George Foulsham said the university does not discuss personal matters.

"Professor Miller-Young is not currently teaching any courses and is not scheduled to teach any courses during the fall quarter," Foulsham wrote in a statement to on Friday.

Did they mean to use 'personal' -- or 'personnel'?
Governor Brown Announces Appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education. The 2014-15 state budget includes $50 million to recognize campuses that change existing policies, practices or systems to achieve the following state priorities:

Significantly increase the number of bachelor's degrees awarded;
Allow students to complete bachelor's degrees within four years after beginning higher education; and
Ease transfer through the state's education system by better recognizing learning that occurs across the state's education segments and elsewhere.

-he appointed Regent Lozano to it.
UCLA Faculty Blog "A different unkindest cut: Which Way LA? on the Master Plan and Budget Cuts at UC"
it highlights this:
The University of California Acts Like a Private School
and also see HuffPo: University Of California Complains Of Funding Shortfall, Then Gives Execs Pay Raises
UC and "Finally, a story about underage drinking with a happy ending"
Adrian Lopez, UC Davis’ director of state government relations, told me the new law applies only to public schools that have accredited enology and brewing programs, that a student has to be at least 18 and part of the major, that the alchohol must be in possession of an instructor who is of age, and, tragically (my word, not his), the student may not swallow.

“They can swirl it in their mouth to taste the defects, or how the fermentation process is going,” he said.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Restructuring CIO Office At OP and Restructuring Dirks Cabinet at UCB

see: Deputy CIO to Depart, Recruiting Begins at UC Regents
Four months into new CIO Jagdeep Bachher’s tenure, longtime deputy CIO Mel Stanton has set a retirement date.

Following Stanton’s departure at the end of this month, new CIO Jagdeep Bachher will reorganize the investment office to create chief and deputy operating officer positions.

Recruiting has already begun for a host of senior positions to manage the university system’s endowment ($8 billion), defined benefit assets ($50 billion), defined contribution plan ($15 billion), liquidity pool ($9 billion), and other assets.

UC is seeking applicants for a chief of staff to manage and implement Bachher’s initiatives, serve as a senior consultant to him, and oversee the investment office’s administration.

The role of real assets investment officer has also been posted on UC’s employment website.

Telling UCOP staff UC Path "has been put into effect" at UCR... see: UC President Napolitano holds town hall meeting with UC Office of the President staff
Daily Nexus coverage of the UC Regents meeting
Daily Cal: UC Berkeley creates position of vice chancellor for undergraduate education
- he picked Koshland to fill it, and:

Taking over some of Koshland’s former responsibilities is former dean of the graduate division Andrew Szeri, whose new position is vice provost of strategic academic and facilities planning. Szeri will be responsible for reviewing academic programs and strategic planning, among other duties, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

The administrative changes are aligned with the campus’s Undergraduate Education Initiative, intended to focus on the undergraduate experience, and date back to before July. Bob Jacobsen, who was appointed in May as interim dean of undergraduate studies in the College of Letters and Science, took on a different role than his predecessor, who held the title of dean of the undergraduate division in L&S. His duties will include focusing more on the undergraduate education in L&S, according to Jacobsen.

“What I wanted to do was get my own group and cabinet up and running,” Dirks said about the changes.

-- you might recall Szeri from Op Ex...