Friday, October 24, 2014

'Alpha'-ing and OMG-ing?

Don't some UC Regents and UC Faculty sit on the board to picks who wins?

UC Davis loses bid to land stem cell clinic
UC San Diego Named Stem Cell “Alpha Clinic”

See Sac Bee on: The University of California hosts a day-long conference on enhancing the student experience through technology, starting at 8 a.m. at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, to discuss the ways in which big data, mobile devices and other new trends are changing the delivery of education. UC President Janet Napolitano kicks off the summit with remarks at 9 a.m.

In recent years, Gov. Jerry Brown has pushed the UC and California State University systems to pursue online education. It remains a priority for the governor, even after a high-profile experiment at San Jose State University last summer flopped.

Sac Bee
its reunion time at Yale Law for CA Gov

and LA Times:some of his fellow alums talk about the unexpected ways of governing

don't think there's any S and B involved - but it is late Oct., lol.
UCSF Synapse on Napolitano touting research
- with an evang. kinda headline (??)

UCLA Fac Blog on Napolitano talking about her more difficult previous job : UC Prez Napolitano on Middle East, Immigration, Attorney General Vacancy, Higher Ed

It isn't just UNC-CH with this storyline set of questions that always come up - it looks similar when it happens elsewhere:

the admin didn't know?
the faculty didn't know?
the 'staff' is solely to blame?
the claims of retaliation?

'blind spots' where million$ involved?

It was just everyone assumed everyone could trust everyone else?

and along with other coverage of it--
University Diaries highlights: “Once you start admitting students to be something other than students, are the lofty goals of a research institution not inherently perverted?”

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"The University of California in particular needs to cut lavish salaries paid to bureaucrats, and spend more to develop, attract and retain great teachers."

that is from an op ed in Sac Bee: Jerry Brown has a huge opportunity, assuming he wins his fourth term, and we do
the New Post Bac Revenue Stream? see:
New post-bac at Berkeley may be hottest ticket to grad school
“We get you the right classes with top scientists in their field, the right research experience, personalized advising and, if you do well, genuine, positive letters of recommendation,” Fisher said. “We’re custom-wrapping with a bow on top what you need to get into grad school.”

and UCLA Fac Blog had this on Prop 2 Now, Props 1 and 2 ads feature some Cal folk - Tyson from Haas

Brown’s message goes to what his team calls a “core California narrative” — “our schools and water project built our wealth, and made us great.”

Another spot called “Roller Coaster” stars Tyson, the former chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. She says that “the roller coaster in California always seems to go up and down between boom and bust.” The two ballot measures, she says, “smooth out the ride.”

Friday, October 17, 2014

Video: Teach In On Free Speech Movement At UC Berkeley From October 14th

and text of the talks available here.

So, $25 million?

There's the $4.5 mil that LA Times details here and they add in- as an update at the end- that there have been $20 mil in lab improvements as a result. And the $500,000 scholarship. Why so many improvements etc. needed if things were just great and as they should be?-If it was indeed just a worker's error??-Remember, UCLA's "the DA cannot win"comments? $25 mil+ to that 'accident'?

It was, according to earlier accounts, a summer job to help pay for Boalt/Berkeley Law. She was headed to Boalt in the Fall of that same year- that detail sometimes gets lost in the coverage.

Also recall this Voice of OC piece on:
'UC funded lawyers' and 'parallel tactics'- and it discusses attempts at presenting "UC system is a sovereign entity".

Thursday, October 16, 2014

that's where it goes

Star Tribune with:
University of California, Los Angeles paid nearly $4.5 million to fight criminal lab fire case
Article by: Associated Press
UC Grants to Medical Centers Expected To Generate 5-to-1 Return

About $7.3 million in grants awarded by the University of California's Center for Health Quality and Innovation are expected to generate about $40 million in net financial gain in 2016, according to a UC report,
UC Davis chooses CFO from GW.
Napolitano likens UC to ...Troy.
this on the Pres of the UC Regents and a 'fixed' CA fantasy

Now that Brown has balanced the budget, Meyerson writes, "Legislators no longer have to make further cuts to programs they support; no more teachers will be laid off for lack of funds; tuition at the University of California and state colleges will cease its dizzying ascent."

-will it?
and there's this fwiw

Daily Cal covered it here