Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Reviewing Cal Football Practices, Campus Ethics and more

Update: Faculty wants probe, asks UC Berkeley to suspend coach rehiring


See in depth article:

Critics question Cal’s probe into football coach’s actions

"That review, however, did not examine Harrington’s role in the two key incidents and contained no analysis of facts, said John Cummins, a former chief of staff to four Berkeley chancellors who oversaw Cal athletics in the mid-2000s, and Mike Smith, who served 36 years as Berkeley’s top attorney until 2009.

“An investigation into potentially serious employment misconduct would typically involve interviews of the parties and witnesses, an analysis of the evidence, findings and recommendations and be carried out by a trained impartial campus investigator,” Smith said. The review’s report “doesn’t contain any analysis or conclusions about what occurred.”

Critics also question the integrity of the investigation because the investigators — John Murray, a private strength and conditioning coach, and Jeffrey Tanji, medical director for sports at UC Davis — had personal ties with Cal staff. Murray disclosed in the report that he was a “friend and colleague” of Mike Blasquez, who oversees all of Cal’s strength and conditioning programs. And Tanji said he had trained Casey Batten, the football team physician. Both said in the report those relationships did not influence their findings.

“Obviously, there is a conflict of interest there, or at least an appearance of a conflict,” Cummins said. “The death of a football player, and a player-on-player assault that led to one player being hospitalized with a major concussion — these are very serious matters. You need an independent body or individual to look very carefully at this.”"

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Katehi compared with De La Pena, and more...

UC spent $158,000 on campaign to counter critical state audit

"Though she initially confirmed, in a phone call and follow-up emails, the scope of the campaign, Klein said in a subsequent conversation that only the rebuttal report was a direct response to the audit. She said the digital and radio buys were already planned, would have happened regardless of the audit, and their messages about UC enrollment merely aligned with the focus of the rebuttal report.

Documents obtained by The Bee, however, include two analyses of the online advertising effort that refer to it as the “UC Audit Campaign.” The subject of a group email between agency representatives and UC marketing and public affairs staff members outlining the digital buy is “SDK (sic) timeline re: audit messaging.”

The campaign centered around two weeks of online advertising following the release of audit, initially focused on the Sacramento area."


How race-based affirmative action could return to UC by Vikram Amar is dean and a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. He is the former dean of academic affairs at the UC Davis Law School.

Mentioned earlier, now see this article on it:

In Contrast to Katehi Letter, Regent De La Pena’s Investigation Kept Secret For Over a Year

..."But at issue here is the UC President’s handling of the matter involving Regent De La Pena versus the handling of Chancellor Katehi’s matter.

When the Vanguard asked UC Spokesperson Dianne Klein about that letter, she stated that its release “did not violate personnel confidentiality policies.”

She also suggested this was a routine release writing, “As a general matter, when media request University documents that could affect the privacy rights of individuals, California law requires us to balance the public’s interest in the disclosure of records relating to public business against an individual’s interest in non-disclosure.”

“One factor that influences this balance is the nature of an individual’s position. The higher the level of one’s position, the greater likelihood that the balance tips in favor of the public interest in disclosure,” she explained.

She added, “In light of the many weeks of media attention arising from Chancellor Katehi’s leadership, UCOP determined that, in this case, the balance favored disclosure when the letter was requested.”

However, the handling of "...

Jerry Brown signs $167 billion California budget, makes no cuts

Monday, June 27, 2016

"Dirks has good reason to feel under siege these days. Napolitano was angry over how the campus handled a series of sexual harassment cases, and faculty members are mad about budget cuts that Dirks is making to try to eliminate the deficit — and are quietly talking up a no-confidence vote this fall."

Over the past three years, UC Berkeley has spent more than $1 million sprucing up the official home of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, school records show.


"Some of the work on the 105-year-old University House, on the west side of campus, began in July 2013 to prepare it for the arrival of the then-newly hired Dirks and his wife, associate history Professor Janaki Bakhle. The $247,000 job — which was approved by then-University of California President Mark Yudof — included a $147,000 renovation of the upstairs kitchen, plus $100,000 for painting throughout the house, refinishing the floors in several rooms and replacing worn window coverings in the residence area with roller shades.

A year later, the university spent $14,752 for more floor work on the lower level of the house, according to records furnished to us by the UC Berkeley real estate division.

Then, in early 2015, the school spent $76,886 to redo a downstairs bathroom used mainly during public events. Leaking plumbing fixtures had caused extensive rot and other damage, officials said.

In a separate purchase not handled by the real estate division, Bakhle swapped nine Persian rugs for six newer ones. The net cost was at least $90,000.

Estimated total cost for the in-home work: $428,000. Campus officials hasten to add that none of it came out of state or tuition funds. Gift funds were used to pay for all the work done ahead of the chancellor’s arrival, while investment income and other revenue sources paid for the rest.

In addition to all this, the university spent close to $700,000 — 2½ times the original budget — to install a security fence after protesters sprayed graffiti on the house. And every year, it provides the chancellor with a $179,000 budget to maintain University House.

News of this spending comes as the university struggles with a $150 million deficit.

University House is the source of another headache for the campus — this one having nothing to do with maintenance.

In 2015, Alice McNeil, who was hired as the house manager and executive assistant to Bakhle shortly after the chancellor arrived, was removed from her post. She was given another assignment outside University House for a while, then was laid off.

Those chores, according to McNeil, included picking up groceries for the couple, taking their dogs to the vet and filling out health forms for their teenage son, who was off attending boarding school.
In a follow-up letter to university officials in February, Stephen Henry, McNeil’s lawyer, wrote that “the disagreement (over how many hours were spent doing the couple’s personal business) was made very clear by the chancellor’s wife, who expressed anger over Ms. McNeil’s honesty in preparing the form, and resulted in the removal of Ms. McNeil from University House.”

Napolitano’s office is reviewing the matter. A spokesman there declined to comment.

In an interview, Dirks said he couldn’t comment"...
Daily Cal

Sunday, June 26, 2016

UC Regents Model of Governance, committee structure and assignments could change significantly by September

UC Regents Governance committee decided to use a service to stream their meeting, that service required anyone who wanted to listen to or see that uc regent meeting in real time to register for that non UC service first. Now the regents have posted an archive audio only clip of their meeting, it is listed as a "video" link in their archive for June 22.

the first twenty minutes is publuc comment by a group organized to complain about UC policy on vaccinations.

then the board begins their open deliberations on a new governance structure that could be adopted as soon as the upcoming July UC Regents full board meeting along with a July set of Regent actions on Committee assignments and the new governance model would be in full implementation effective at the regents September meeting a few months later this year.

Curiously, at 37:30 minute mark of the audio clip in the above link the person in this next archive story came up as part of their discussions over whether or not it is wise to have regents with powers to place agenda items on the regents agenda:

The UC Regents committee on health services model of governance came up repeatedly

regent Reiss asks about power of commiittee over board and vice versa questions and sounds surprised by the answers she receives at around the 70:00 mark which seems to indicate some regents don't fully understand these governance actions being proposed.

The topic of misconduct of uc regents procedures and changes to that policy also come up in their non quorom non action discussion

The chancellors proposed amendments are discussed

A report on feedback from the academic Senate is also made-and characterized by staff at OP

There are no captions to identify speakers as one listens to the proceedings among uc regents, or slides to follow along with , no illustrations of proposed changes no draft version of an organizational chart or schedule or a mock up flow of annual actions of what such a calendar would look like of the proposed new governance model and how it might proceed-- that is not provided by those moving this agenda item forward...


The above raises questions similar to the periscope
vs cspan

vs house cameras
questions that came up recently


trying to digest Brexit and why, maybe a good thing to go back and review Oliver Bullough on CNN regarding higher education hints and more

Not a Brexit,

Back in October

and It could go on and on..

Neptune and Clouds...
"Dark vortices were first discovered in high-resolution images of Neptune from Voyager 2 in 1989. These vortices were trailed by companion clouds, thought to result when the flow of ambient air is perturbed and diverted upward over the vortex"

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Narrow enough


"In a victory for diversity in higher education, a hamstrung Supreme Court narrowly upheld the affirmative action program at the University of Texas at Austin, effectively allowing the school to keep using race as one of many factors in its admissions process."

You can also check out:


How UCLA is boosting campus diversity, despite the ban on affirmative action

Napolitano talks about UC PATH and Working Smarter initiative in:
How Public Universities Address Decline in State Funding

Almost uc regent David Crane writes:
Protecting CA Students From Pension Costs

Is this leg based around, tailored for UC?

Or no?

California agencies have no business claiming copyright protection for public records


Yesterday's uc regents governance committee meeting used an outside vendor who required viewers to provide their personal information into text boxes in order to view the in progress uc regents governance committee meeting, a meeting that is a CA public meeting

We need something better than the current UC meetings archive processes

UC Regents Health Services Meeting June 14,2016

Children's Hospital Oakland comes up in this meeting

Along with public comments on vaccines, etc

And a discussion of patient readmission practices includes an exchange discussing knowledge and info gaps between lay people uc regents and uc med professionals and related financial considerations etc

It is very difficult to identify speakers
The video archive only exists for one year but the audio archive will not allow for viewing of the multiple presentation slides discussed and referenced throughout

UC Regents Health Services Meeting June 14,2016
this meeting archive is based out of ucsf media services

runs about three hours
Regent Sherman (of Geffen) microphone does not work throughout meeting as he asks questions, the problem never fixed.
tent cards not visible frequently, moved or bad camera angles
Very low diversity of participants, btw


The Regents of the University of California

agenda and background docs here:

Date: June 14, 2016

Time: 12:30 p.m.

Locations: UCSF–Mission Bay Conference Center, 1675 Owens Street, San Francisco;

Covel Commons, UCLA campus

Agenda – Open Session

Public Comment Period

(20 minutes)

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of April 18, 2016

H0 Discussion Update from Executive Vice President Stobo

H1 Action Amendments to the Clinical Enterprise Management

Recognition Plan

H2 Discussion Financial Update for UCSF Health, San Francisco Campus


Committee membership: Regents Blum, Lansing (Chair), Makarechian, Reiss, and Sherman

(Vice Chair); Ex officio members Brown and Napolitano;

Executive Vice President Stobo, Chancellors Hawgood and

Khosla; Advisory members Dimsdale, Hernández, Lipstein,

Ramsey, and Smith

All times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change

Presentation slides are used routinely so audio only archive does not help much

but here is link to recap and audio only clip of the meeting: