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Rejection letters from UC to CA effects,, IX and VII, and Funding for UC in gubernatorial race, more

First, do you remember it this way?:

Regent gets regional: A Q&A with UC Regents chair George Kieffer

DC: Can you comment on the allegations against former regent Norman Pattiz?

GK: This was a new issue for us — something being brought to public attention outside the Board of Regents. Honestly we had not ever addressed that before. That was something we had to deal with on a policy basis. … It put us in a situation where we have a regent denying what has been said, a newspaper saying something and a reaction from the public and students saying that we should take action. Our view was we needed to let this play out in court, rather than force some action by Pattiz. … He planned to resign rather than being forced to resign. My sense was this was a decision that he should make, that he probably would make, that he did make. From the outside, it was more simple than what it was in reality."...

- also see there his comments on the work on appointing new UC Regents to the existing 4 vacancies.

At UCSD they have this blunt fact in a rather shocking new report on UC workforce numbers:

"UC Employs Predominantly White Men"

On admissions decisions on CA residents, this Op Ed:
UC needs to be transparent about who gets in

Then this report on impact of student admissions decisions on CA residents:
Students Rejected From A UC Or CSU Are Leaving California In Droves — And May never Come Back


Gavin Newsom says increased higher education spending should be top priority in California budget talks to avoid tuition hikes

Surprisingly, the Leite-Fleming sexual harassment cases at Berkeley are coming up again in this new turn of events- in brief abstract here:
The new VC admin at Cal on:

Is UC Berkeley research part of the Cambridge Analytica- Facebook Scandal, or not?

The Guardian has multiple ongoing analysis and coverage, this article includes this section:

"Facebook gave data about 57bn friendships to academic
Volume of data suggests trusted partnership with Aleksandr Kogan, says analyst"
..."Facebook provided the dataset of “every friendship formed in 2011 in every country in the world at the national aggregate level” to Kogan’s University of Cambridge laboratory for a study on international friendships published in Personality and Individual Differences in 2015. Two Facebook employees were named as co-authors of the study, alongside researchers from Cambridge, Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley. Kogan was publishing under the name Aleksandr Spectre at the time."...

--To say many other news outlets now also have similar coverage would understate how this news story has "legs"
And Cambridge University has released multiple statements clarifying the University's role as they understand it at this time, see e.g.:

--But UC Berkeley has not stated or made clear that UC research does or doesn't have any connection , why? Cannot find any similar clarifying statement from Berkeley. Why no statement from UC Berkeley clarifying?! Kogan Specter also happens to be UC Berkeley alumnus as well, as mentioned earlier in prior post.

Some partial results of research listings includes:

Thin-slicing study of the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene and the evaluation and expression of the prosocial disposition | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS › content
Aleksandr Kogan, Laura R. Saslow, Emily A. Impett, Christopher Oveis, Dacher Keltner and Sarina Rodrigues Saturn. PNAS November 29, 2011. 108 (48) 19189-19192;

The Sociocultural Appraisals, Values, and Emotions (SAVE) Framework of Prosociality: Core Processes from Gene to Meme | Annual Review of Psychology - Annual Reviews
Annual Reviews › doi › abs › annurev-ps...

Dacher Keltner,1 Aleksandr Kogan,2 Paul K. Piff,3 and Sarina R. Saturn4. 1Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley,

Impett, E. A., Kogan, A., English, T., John, O., Oveis, C., Gordon, A., Keltner, D. (2012). Suppression sours sacrifice: Emotional and relationship costs of suppressing emotions in romantic relationships

Impett, E.A., Gordon, A., Kogan, A., Oveis, C., Gable, S.L., Keltner, D. (2010). Moving toward more perfect unions: Daily and long-term consequences of approach and avoidance goals in romantic ...

Rose-colored glasses gone too far? Mania symptoms predict biased emotion experience and perception in couples. Sunny J. Dutra, Tessa V. West, Emily A. Impett, Christopher Oveis, Aleksandr Kogan, Dacher Keltner

--Keltner frequently is, um, 'topical' on UC Berkeley homepage- if there's buzzwords like 'gratitude', 'power', 'happiness', ' kindness'- the only male on a #metoo panel etc, or other hash tags he is on it with an expert opinion and UC Berkeley highlights it prominently... But right now nothing about his reaearch with Kogan Spectre is being made clear by UC Berkeley, why?


See also:


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The NOT 'Leaned In' Crickets

In addition to the FB executive leadership silence :

on this:

"Cambridge University asks Facebook for evidence about role of academic"

Which includes:
"According to his CV on Cambridge’s website, Kogan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008, and completed a doctorate at Hong Kong University in 2011. He held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto before joining Cambridge in 2012."

--Berkeley and UCOP and UCSF don't have any pieces or press release reassurances items out on it even though they all claim other connections...
Such as joint projects with potential human subject , HIPPA, FERPA type work in addition to other big Data etc.:
More coverage:

In other news on student loans changes :

Don't miss:
"Does Online Reinforce the Color Line?"


UCSD Fires Teaching Center Director Without Reason; Hires Administrator’s Wife Instead

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So 'Stormy', and 'the common good', more

- that ol' song lyric 'bring back that sunny day'...

"Education Dept. Stops Providing Details on Resolved Title IX Cases"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

..."For instance, the website does not identify which investigations have been resolved with each update. It also does not identify the manner in which those investigations were resolved, or the findings of those cases (that is, whether a college was found to have violated Title IX).

According to a Chronicle analysis of changes in the new site, the civil-rights office has opened four ... investigations and resolved 24 others since mid-January."...

UCLA student wins sexual misconduct claim against professor

UCLA professor accused of sexual harassment loses job


It began as a claimed academic inquiry- now 'professor class' on opposite sides of it:


Then this profile includes:

..."Brown took office in the midst of a recession. He believed that no public institution should be exempt from budget cuts, including some that his father had helped to build. When University of California officials resisted, he said that they had an “edifice complex.” Gardels recalled that David Saxon, the university’s president from 1975 to 1983, once told him, “Reagan distrusted public institutions. Jerry Brown distrusted all institutions.” Tony Kline, a friend of Brown’s from Yale, who was his legal-affairs secretary in his first two terms, said, “There is an ascetic aspect to him that is very genuine. He was quoting E. F. Schumacher”—the German economist, who had recently published a best-selling treatise on sustainable development—“talking about lowering expectations, driving around in his blue Plymouth. I think his message of ‘Small is beautiful’ did not really resonate in 1975, but "...


The Common Good Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich talked at Harvard about the economic and social cycles societies experience and their effect on the common good.

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UC Regents March Meeting Agenda Updated (and earlier nonsense, again)

Just gonna add on :
This regents note:

"Item F9: Budget Categories and Definitions: Systemwide Programs and Presidential Initiatives fulfills a recommendation from the California State Auditor that the Regents hold a public meeting that includes university stakeholders, including campuses and students, to discuss the purpose, intent, and prioritization of each systemwide and presidential initiative in light of campus funding levels for students. Individuals are welcome to comment on this item during the public comment period on March 13, 14 or 15."

And here is each:

Tuesday, March 13
2:00 pm

Location: Centennial Hall, Salons C & D

Wednesday, March 14

8:30 am

Board (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

Concurrent Meetings

9:30 am

9:30 am

Compliance and Audit Committee (open session) (pdf)Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

Compliance and Audit Committee (closed session) (pdf)Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

11:30 am

Governance and Compensation Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons C & D

Governance and Compensation Committee (closed session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons C & D

Concurrent Meetings

1:00 pm

Academic and Student Affairs Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons C & D

National Laboratories Subcommittee (open session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons C & D

1:00 pm

Finance and Capital Strategies Committee (closed session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

Finance and Capital Strategies Committee (open session) (pdf) Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

Thursday, March 15

9:15 am

Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B

Upon end of Board closed

Board (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)Location: Centennial Hall, Salons A & B


Earlier March 3rd:

Once again, the agenda now references an additional third day (March 13) - as they always do - they only acknowledge the third day/first day of meeting that suddenly pops up the very same day the agenda is first posted. - Because the rule is that the agenda is to be posted ten days in advance it seems a tactic they employ to buy them extra time to withhold info on agenda etc...

And thanks to:

For that link to the agenda:, perhaps only UCLA folks received it? Or more browser compatibility issues on their items again?

Did you see an active visible link -either this weekend nor this morn etc- at:

Anyway here is what appears at:

Monday, March 12, 2018

That 'Tuition Buy Out' Model again, Regents Meeting,, more

"Stop the tuition hikes, and give California colleges `full funding,’ lawmakers say"
..."The proposal unveiled Monday would give the universities exactly what they are asking for: a $263 million boost in ongoing funding for California State University and $197 million for the University of California.

That’s more than double the $92 million that Gov. Jerry Brown has proposed giving to each university system.

“We’ve got to buy out these tuition increases. We’ve got to fully fund the budget requests of the California State University system and the University of California,” said Sen. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

- a proposal offered from leadership out of Santa Monica , seem to remember something like that community college has the highest acceptance transfer rate to UC, and seem to recall some connections to faculty (parents?) and to regents, in that district (or said something like that in his comments while downplaying/rationalizing UC actions in the state audit tampering at the Moreño hearing in Sacto re: review of UCOP behavior during the audit of UCOP)* you can also view here* etc...-Anyway, is this the workable model going forward? UC raises tuition CA Leg run around to 'buy it out'- and then some- in this manner? Will it make the majority of CA folks happy?


For some reason there's a need to make clear:

There was that:


Napolitano doing more interviews:

Gettin' Bakke'd again:

..."It could have even greater consequences nationwide. The case was devised ultimately to topple a 1978 US Supreme Court decision that first endorsed college affirmative action, Regents of the University of California v. Bakke."...

It seems a time honored tradition to feature students overcoming challenges and succeeding, then- this Latest LA Times piece on a Berkeley student many, many reader comments referred back to a Daily Cal:here, and Daily Cal: here

and : Berkeleyside set of stories from last year

- couldn't LAT do the story incorporating both sets of stories (last year and this year?) to give full context?; or cover a student closer to them in SoCal so they could be in depth and have community perspective?; Or... Really unfortunate , the comments etc- would be interesting to know how the piece developed, came about etc...

Then, this update from abclocal

And then this further update from Daily Cal:

The regents meet this week: