Friday, July 25, 2014

update on UCSB poster incident, more

Fox News: California professor pleads no contest to assault on pro-life students
where they include this:
UCSB spokesman George Foulsham said the university does not discuss personal matters.

"Professor Miller-Young is not currently teaching any courses and is not scheduled to teach any courses during the fall quarter," Foulsham wrote in a statement to on Friday.

Did they mean to use 'personal' -- or 'personnel'?
Governor Brown Announces Appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments to the Committee on Awards for Innovation in Higher Education. The 2014-15 state budget includes $50 million to recognize campuses that change existing policies, practices or systems to achieve the following state priorities:

Significantly increase the number of bachelor's degrees awarded;
Allow students to complete bachelor's degrees within four years after beginning higher education; and
Ease transfer through the state's education system by better recognizing learning that occurs across the state's education segments and elsewhere.

-he appointed Regent Lozano to it.
UCLA Faculty Blog "A different unkindest cut: Which Way LA? on the Master Plan and Budget Cuts at UC"
it highlights this:
The University of California Acts Like a Private School
and also see HuffPo: University Of California Complains Of Funding Shortfall, Then Gives Execs Pay Raises
UC and "Finally, a story about underage drinking with a happy ending"
Adrian Lopez, UC Davis’ director of state government relations, told me the new law applies only to public schools that have accredited enology and brewing programs, that a student has to be at least 18 and part of the major, that the alchohol must be in possession of an instructor who is of age, and, tragically (my word, not his), the student may not swallow.

“They can swirl it in their mouth to taste the defects, or how the fermentation process is going,” he said.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Restructuring CIO Office At OP and Restructuring Dirks Cabinet at UCB

see: Deputy CIO to Depart, Recruiting Begins at UC Regents
Four months into new CIO Jagdeep Bachher’s tenure, longtime deputy CIO Mel Stanton has set a retirement date.

Following Stanton’s departure at the end of this month, new CIO Jagdeep Bachher will reorganize the investment office to create chief and deputy operating officer positions.

Recruiting has already begun for a host of senior positions to manage the university system’s endowment ($8 billion), defined benefit assets ($50 billion), defined contribution plan ($15 billion), liquidity pool ($9 billion), and other assets.

UC is seeking applicants for a chief of staff to manage and implement Bachher’s initiatives, serve as a senior consultant to him, and oversee the investment office’s administration.

The role of real assets investment officer has also been posted on UC’s employment website.

Telling UCOP staff UC Path "has been put into effect" at UCR... see: UC President Napolitano holds town hall meeting with UC Office of the President staff
Daily Nexus coverage of the UC Regents meeting
Daily Cal: UC Berkeley creates position of vice chancellor for undergraduate education
- he picked Koshland to fill it, and:

Taking over some of Koshland’s former responsibilities is former dean of the graduate division Andrew Szeri, whose new position is vice provost of strategic academic and facilities planning. Szeri will be responsible for reviewing academic programs and strategic planning, among other duties, according to campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof.

The administrative changes are aligned with the campus’s Undergraduate Education Initiative, intended to focus on the undergraduate experience, and date back to before July. Bob Jacobsen, who was appointed in May as interim dean of undergraduate studies in the College of Letters and Science, took on a different role than his predecessor, who held the title of dean of the undergraduate division in L&S. His duties will include focusing more on the undergraduate education in L&S, according to Jacobsen.

“What I wanted to do was get my own group and cabinet up and running,” Dirks said about the changes.

-- you might recall Szeri from Op Ex...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


LA Times: "The governor is planning to attend a series of meetings with Mexican government officials during his trip, including signing agreements involving climate change and higher education."

Fresno Bee: UC Merced provost, engineering professor named to new climate council- UC Merced Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Tom Peterson and founding faculty member professor Roger Bales have been named members of UC President Janet Napolitano’s new Global Climate Leadership Council.
Imperial Valley News: Global food safety agreement signed by China and UC Davis

The memorandum of agreement, which will extend over the next five years, calls for the center’s two lead universities to form a joint research team and research platform, carry out collaborative research projects and cooperate on other food safety-related projects. UC Davis’ World Food Center will identify a director to coordinate the research program. The Chinese partners will provide substantial funding for the new center, with details to be announced this fall.

“This is clear evidence that the entire UC system is fully committed to be front and center on the critical issues of food security, sustainability and health,” said UC President Janet Napolitano. She recently launched the UC Global Food Initiative as a systemwide collaboration to put the world on a path to feed itself nutritiously and sustainably.

Science and politics: Hello, Governor
When California's governor enlisted the aid of two palaeoecologists, their careers took an unusual turn.

“You can have all the consensus statements in the world, but what makes them effective is when somebody in a policy-making position actually uses them,” he says.
UC enrolling more new students from other states and nations

and this also,
Percentage of out-of-state UC students to rise again
The Gov's former GF had a birthday last week, so here she is singing:

More UC Path Flashbacks, more

Still puzzling over (see: this and: this if you haven't yet):'the campuses didn't know'? , 'it wasn't communicated fully' explanations.

At CSU they have: this archive of the program for a July 2013 Shared Services UC sponsored Statewide Conference at UC Irvine
including "UCPath Center - Implementation Phase: Updates from the “Trailblazers”

- so, how could it be a surprise to the campuses?

Did events like that occur without outreach to campuses on the project?

Is this about campuses' obstructionist behavior, or what?
Here is a quick list of some of the communications on UC Path at the campuses
UCLA Communications on it in May 2012

UC Merced on it

UCR on it

UCSB on it

UC Berkeley on it

UCSD on it

UC Davis on it

it was linked up to Working Smarter groups, too and they sent this to all campuses.

The campus links above have docs that seem to go back to the early discussions on it.

The press were told but hardly covered it and Chancellor White made comments to the press as well when it was announced.

Even looks like University of Texas was able to keep up with its roll-out as well.

In 'notes, not quotes & scribbles' on UC Regents meetings' UC Path came up:

-in Jan 2013 the regents mentioned UC Path concerns over delays - but no formal action item, presentation/report/update

-in March 2013 UC Regents discussed UC Path concerns again - but no formal action item, presentation/report/update
and mentioned in May 2014 but none of the regents probed

The UC Path expenses have completely fallen from the radar-- Brostrom mentioned in passing in finance committee last week that UC Path is now scheduled to roll out in January 2015- it was originally scheduled to roll out in July 2013. Costs? Delay costs? No one asked. Not on the radar....

Peter Taylor and Regent Zettel already attended the launch and open house for UC Path at UCR - they did photo ops on it- but it will not launch until Jan 2015?

more May 2014
UC Path

Brostrom also mentioned that UC Path will not launch until Jan 2015-it was supposed to launch July 2013- there was a 6% contingency for cost overrun on the project... Regent Zettel did photo op in front of a building with employees for UC Path launch... but it hasn't launched yet?

in April 2013 there was this:
(that UCOP's Peter Taylor told UC Regents meeting he is fine with being behind schedule- and, of course, if he is okay with it coming in late and maybe over budget-well, that's all that matters right? (Update: here is the video of Taylor on UC Path at UC Regents meeting here "as long as it is done right"...) and here is discussion of it from Jan WSJ on the latest:

University of California Selects Infor Enwisen HR Service Delivery to Support UCPath Center Project

and in March 2014 still wondering what's up:
LAT: UC financial chief leaving to head up educational foundation

(did he ever make that UC PATH presentation -on how its goin'- to the UC Regents? in closed session?)

wished for Taylor to talk about UC Path in his exit interview w/ the Daily Bruin, too.
In today's articles there's this at CHE Dirks on "What Ivory Tower Gets Wrong" -Is his view that admin bloat is merely a result of more regulation?
One way to put it: dark matter growing under Berkeley Lab management - LZ...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UC Accountability Annual Report 2014 Released

can be: viewed here
Daily Cal with highlights includes:
The report revealed that students at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara had the highest satisfaction with their overall academic experience in 2012. Students at UC San Diego and UC Irvine are the least satisfied, according to a systemwide survey.


The number of international students has increased substantially in recent years, part of the university’s strategy to make up for decreased state funding. At UC Berkeley, international students comprised about 6 percent of the student population in 2009. The proportion increased to about 11 percent in 2012 and more than 16 percent in 2013. The fraction of out-of-state students also increased in this period.

UC Berkeley students also had the lowest average student loan debt of all the 2011-12 UC graduates, at $18,377, although the systemwide average of $20,205 was still lower compared to the national average of $25,704 at public four-year universities. The percentage of students who are graduating with debt, however, has steadily increased over the past five years.
and UCLA Fac Blog highlights faculty hiring trends here

That Lincoln Project Thing Birgeneau Is Working On...

what's up with that?
When do they publish their report etc.
It was a three year project, right? It launched in Jan 2013 so...

Anyway, Birgeneau's co-project chair on it --also comes up in this blog post by University Diaries
Course clustering, yes. Rich Rodriguez, yes. Pretend independent studies, yes.
-it includes a new U Mich revelation(s) - UPDATE: here is more background from Detroit Free Press and then this latest development over open records and their regents that happened just last week

(Kay Bailey Hutchison and Bill Powers on that project, too. Wonder if the latest UT events will be covered in it? see: "Cigarroa relents Powers to keep job until 2015")
Remaking the University- What Can We Do Now That Adjunct Sections are Written Into Universities’ Fiscal Survival Strategy?
UCLA Faculty Association post - Going into reverse - on CSU backing off online

Monday, July 21, 2014

royalties and merits -or new communities of ... everything

see: Salon: “All of my colleagues — composers and arrangers — are seeing huge cuts in their earnings,” says Paul Chihara, a veteran composer who until recently headed UCLA’s film-music program. “In effect, we’re not getting royalties. It’s almost amusing some of the royalty checks I get.”
and Daily Cal w/ several:
In Search of Greener Fields: Budget Cuts To Campus Grounds Operation Prompt Understaffing

-a glade should be a glade
and this op ed seems to be more about the kind sentiment of 'pay the folks who directly interact with us more' instead of a more comprehensive piece that directly reviews the numbers and the trends in admin compensation or admin bloat in certain areas.
and on hiring to cover/wish/excuse away the title ix scandals:
woe unto the person who takes this on for : "The position pays between $52,500 and $80,300" - it reads like 'no power and all the heartburn/ache'

“There is a huge burnout risk for advocates, and if the advocate is unavailable for any reason, a backup advocate needs to be in place,”
is this going to be seen as reverse (daresay that term anti-Am...) discrimination?:
UC Officials Reviewing Policy Preventing Discrimination Against Researchers

Update I: One more thing to note about the UC Regents UC Path presentation -- the brief mention by the project managers of the uphill effort to hire many subject matter experts in the UC Riverside vicinity- which they described as a challenge- just want to point out here that that issue was raised upon the announcement of the location UCR --but they are just now bringing it to UC Regents attention at their meeting.

Update II: another post on UC Path here: University of California’s $220 million payroll project reboot

the hints of power plays in that UC Path Presentation...
The "boutique transactions" mentioned at UC Regents' UC Path presentation -the 'stuff' UC Path wants to rein in...maybe boring, but maybe - in it - some of the reasons many in the acad lost, relinquished, dealt away, gave away their powers? did the individual deals w/ the deans create boutique transactions ----and buy faculty silence, apathy on other fronts?

UC Path - where P= Payroll, A= Academic Personnel, T= Timekeeping, H= Human Resources

could there be a good reason why Berkeley doesn't launch until 2017 on UC Path?

if there was silence -- what was the price of it?

it was hinted at - but was there campus obfuscation, resistance to UC Path project implementation? Did certain campuses (or parts of campuses) tell UCOP to sit and spin on UC Path while $100+ mil went out in stipends, overtime, bonuses under the banner of UC Path work?

what was with that 'the campuses said there was never agreement first for the campuses to sign off on' excuse?

remember a wish for a community of scholars to help get out of the mire? - (having to think about this stuff must be a research buzzkill for many faculty - where they would rather think about their research not higher education admin.)

- looks like that community is going to include all sorts.
UCSB has a role/cameo in Underwater Dreams
more here and here