Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yes, sports teams might be cut- no, sports teams will not be cut, and more.

First see again:

UPDATE: No teams will be cut.
Dirks: "We're not looking at cutting teams." Optimistic about new sources of revenue offsetting deficit

Now see:

Cal considers sports budget cuts, layoffs to close big deficit


UC Senate Rejection of Tier 3 Pension

A Regents Fine Under Title IX? 

Those January UC Regents meeting 'peculiar comments' mentioned here earlier...

Here is a transcription of some comments on UC PATH heard at the January 2016 UC Regents meeting at around the 03:26:00 mark here:

UC Pres. Napolitano
 When I joined the University of California UC PATH was already sort of underway. It had been going on with some bumps in the road on its journey. My previous experience when you try to unite massive data systems like this -its a lot more difficult then you would think. There's a lot of moving pieces. University payroll systems are not typical payroll systems- there's types of pay, people partially paid on grants, partially on salary, you have got any kind of possible scenario you might conceive of. I think bringing the project in house and assembling  the team you assembled I appreciate the comment about staff who have worked hard to get this thing on its way, we see where we  are going. I think the state of California tried to do something like this once; the FBI tried it and didn't succeed, the Pentagon tried;
I, everyone tries to do something like this... I'm confident not only are we going to succeed but then we will sell to other places the way to do it and make some of the money back , but lastly I just want to say this will not only be better for our employees because the pay stub is easier to understand has information on it, but will give us some management  tools  system wide that will  enable us to hold administrative costs down, so thanks to  all. We know we have a ways  to go. UCLA  is our largest campus now we're gonna add a medical center and everything else but 70 percent of the foundational work is done and done successfully.

(Bold emphasis added - on a section where in her comment there remain questions about whether or not the terms with the vendor allows for it. Also, is she implying UC would charge govt for help from UC? Wouldn't the vendor beat UC to the punch on that?)
Then Ex officio UC regent Lt. Gov. Newsom
 As the president was saying this is by no means unique to our system and in many respects not unique to private sector either. Large scale IT projects with legacy systems attached are notoriously not only difficult but also almost so usuriously expensive as it relates to contractual obligations in California.We've  wasted literally, and wasted is not a word I use lightly, literally $1 + billion dollars we have wasted -gone -dust -evaporated- it doesn't exist any longer of taxpayers money on failed large-scale IT projects including that $371 million dollar payroll system upgrade of which we're now in litigation with the state. So, this is difficult regardless of the governance structure but I just want to compliment  your sincere  commitment to this effort and to your follow through and we will continue to track it because we need to -this is an area that doesn't get the attention that it sometimes needs ...but job well done. I beat you up at the last meeting that's why I say Nathan made sure I compliment you at this meeting.

On this next piece...
Is he windng down his presidency by 'being tacit' all over the place?
Will he become an academic again? Does he go to Higher Ed for the next chapter?
In that same speech he used the line many former presidents utter: his next role 'will be the country's most important role- that of private citizen',-- but what exactly does that role mean for regular constituents in the present day? His ambassador to Japan wrote about it early on...

He pivots instead to discussion of innovation...
Protecting U.S. Innovation ....
Our new national action plan includes $3 billion to kick-start an overhaul of federal computer systems.

The reader comments on it there include history of rollout of ACA, etc.

More today from IHE on UC :

All very complicated stuff, but UC is coming up in it regularly, so fwiw the above as an FYI...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Berkeley faces a $150-million deficit current fiscal year, representing 6 percent of its operating budget. “Every aspect of Berkeley’s operations and organizational structure will be under consideration,” Mr. Dirks wrote in his message. Among the changes he spelled out:

Looks like it is shaping up to be new rounds of Op Ex battles, Layoffs and bumping rights to add staff drama?,  but
commitment already that no sports teams will be cut:

some more new coverage:


As you read the stories below keep this 2014 Berkeley PR in mind
UC Berkeley raises $3.13 billion from more than 281000 donors

And Remaking the University with: The UC Berkeley community received this email this morning.
'Under consideration'
for cuts, that is:




Is Oski now a dungeness crab?

Some questions floating around:
Is it true that a senior Admin position at Cal, leadership member in $$$$$, pursued a first BA during Op Ex ? If true, that would have been an extremely inconvenient, impossibly overly busy time to pursue both efforts, and what does that say about all the staff who were denied promotion or raises over the years w/ reasoning because they did not have a BA BS or masters etc? Yet a, leadership position could be filled by someone w/out a BA nor BS a key Cal $$$$$mngmnt position?

And other leadership at Cal claimed they were creating budget forecasting fixes, they held events, tried to claim creating new research lit on it, yet some of them left at their five year vesting employment date stamp? Did they just roll through Cal to get a retirement benefits ticket stamped with no real tangible, implementable budget forecasting, planning fixes left behind?

All the ' full Ginsberg' headlines above indicate a PR blitz plan, was part of the plan to have Wilton's resignation effective before the news items above rolled out?
There are also Title IX considerations ...
Several Cal athletics might get cuts, remember the baseball diamond where Wilton staged his...?  well, ya know...

For systemwide folks, you might want to revisit a UC Regents Meeting presentation Wilton gave them a while back where he displayed a capital projects forecasting tool. If it works how could surprises only  crop up in budget analysis during Committee of Two? If such a tool worked and financial analysis by folks at Cal  did not occur just last year but has been ongoing, -then how could the problems detailed in the stories above occur in an 'operationally excellent' environment?
And also keep in mind some key current UCOP ops and budget leadership came from Cal...

And under the reasoning that things run smoothly at Cal , some UCOP leadership has decided to have key UC PATH systemwide trans. Process/ functions flow through UCB, so...

Monday, February 8, 2016

UCOP can't provide timely video, audio archive of UC public meetings-- but, in addition to the book reviews there's video and audio available when UC prez interviews people from Stanford and USC, ...

First this reminder:
"We'd like to take the opportunity to remind those in charge of things that there are now wonderful recording technologies available so that meetings can be preserved!

For example, the UCLA Academic Senate held a meeting on the proposed Tier 3 pension the other day at an hour when classes were in session and many could not attend. Although yours truly suggested the meeting be recorded, apparently that didn't happen.

There were also two webinars set up by UCOP to discuss the Tier 3 pension. One has already occurred. The other will take place soon. The first was not recorded and made available. Will the second be?

Finally, yours truly noted that there was an off-cycle meeting of the Regents' health committee on Feb. 3. Apparently, it was live streamed. But although the Regents say they "archive" their meetings for one year, yours truly couldn't find a link to this one. (He has written to request the link.)

So - dear powers-that-be - please take advantage of technology, particularly for those of us who work during the day."

So then, these recordings of meetings roll out (in addition to Napolitano 's  book reviews at WaPo and NYT):

And this: "UC President Janet Napolitano Interviews Charlotte Jacobs, M.D."

Some Op Ed at Daily Cal:

"A web of cyber controversy: UC monitoring of campus network traffic ...

Shameful secrecy surrounding online monitoring at UC Berkeley and other campuses shows university officials' disdain for transparency"


"UC Student Association board talks drafting open letter concerning ..."

 Among the voiced concerns are the task force’s lack of communication, inadequate membership and insufficient resources,

Friday, February 5, 2016

UC Berkeley in the Election Primaries...more.

See Bezos' Washington Post:

"Sanders is relying on the research of University of California at Berkeley professor Emmanuel Saez, who had once concluded that the top 1 percent accumulated 91 percent of all income gains from 2009-12. But then when the numbers were updated in June, for the period ending in 2014, the new calculations showed that the top 1 percent captured 58 percent of total real income growth. “The recovery from the Great Recession now looks less lopsided than in previous years,” Saez said.

Moreover, there are limitations in Saez’s data,"..
(The newspapers are part of the Election too:

Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Marco Rubio (BUT NOT BECAUSE OF SHELDON ADELSON))

Sometimes there is UC Berkeley research : on that area, too
BTW, decisions have already been made about the UC Regents March meeting, see this link to Daily Bruin:
"She said the Board of Regents will adopt a statement of principles against intolerance in its March meeting"
This next is deja vu for some, on a  Clinton event at Cal:

Union Calls on Bill Clinton to Cancel Speech at UC Berkeley
Union says Berkeley exploiting contract workers (Updated) 

"A labor union is calling on Bill and Chelsea Clinton to cancel their appearance at an upcoming conference at the University of California Berkeley unless the school takes measures to improve its treatment of contract workers."

"The Clinton Global Initiative University, a project of CGI aimed at college students, is scheduled to hold its ninth annual meeting at Berkeley on April 1. Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are slated to host the event."
A flashback via SF Bay Guardian:

How the UC regents avoided a PR mess with Bill Clinton

“We would prefer to not have to do this kind of stuff,” Thrush told the Guardian. “But unfortunately, in the world that Dick Blum operates in, we can’t get his attention unless we do stuff like this. As he works hard on poverty issues and gives money and time to poverty issues, he also makes decisions at UC that further the poverty problem of our lowest-paid workers. We want to keep reminding him that it’s not OK to do that.”

Yep, just another reminder


And one more update, a funnel cake that's baked:

UC funnels $1.32 million in seed funding to create Blum Center coalition , happening as campus Layoffs of Staff occur

"Union members submit petition, stage protest over layoffs in Campus Shared Services"

Union calls for speaker’s boycott, urging improved treatment of subcontracted workers

many subcontracted workers seek direct employment at UC Berkeley for jobs in which they would do virtually the same work they perform as subcontracted workers. Their requests are often denied.
One of the campus’s contracting companies, Performance First Building Services, is currentlyunder investigation by U.S. Department of Labor for allegedly underpaying its workers and withholding overtime pay.___
Good luck finding the "in California" part...

"UC’s Blum Federation to tackle global poverty"

Higher Education Act Overhaul a Long Shot for This Election Year

Thursday, February 4, 2016

UC Academic Senate: "To acknowledge that the manner in which UC officials responded to the UCLA attack and the degree to which these actions were kept secret constituted a serious failure of shared governance."

Sac Bee's 'pro UCOP  couples therapy talk' headline for this editorial:
"Bring understanding, not blame, to UC cybersecurity" includes:
At UC Berkeley, where suspicion of authority is hardwired into the faculty culture, a dozen or so tenured members went public last week with concerns that Napolitano had opened the door to gratuitous snooping. That’s highly unlikely, but to the extent that attorney-client privilege will permit a conversation, bringing more wise minds to this thorny issue can only be to the common good.


there's a new post on the pension:
--on the UC pension issue and recall the committee of two negotiations on it raise many shared governance questions


And this  other latest development posted there also raises shared governance questions
 around how UC academic Senate communicates with its members, b/c many members seem to repeatedly be taking the stance that they are continually surprised by what has been done in their name, by their leadership...:
"The UC Academic Senate Committee on Academic Computing and Communications has issued a statement we've posted here.  Although the object to the end-run around shared governance in the name of urgent security matters, they give a pass to the surveillance itself--see the final 2 bullet points in particular."

 UC Academic Senate Statement on UCOP Cyber Surveillance 3 Feb 2016 on Scribd. Check it out:
this part jumped out too:
UC Academic Senate: "To acknowledge that the manner in which UC officials responded to the UCLA attack and the degree to which these actions were kept secret constituted a serious failure of shared governance.


"apprpriate consultation protocols to be applied going forward"
But it is done.
All these after the fact statements on shared governance are comical, perhaps tragic comedy, but is now a joke.
UC Academic Senate Statement on UCOP Cyber Surveillance 3 Feb 2016 on Scribd. Check it out:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

UC Regents, Health Med Committee meeting today
The Regents of the University of California
Date: February 3, 2016
Time: 12:00 p.m.1
Locations: Covel Commons, Los Angeles Campus
2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida
Punta Mita, Ramal Carretera Federal 200 Km. 19,
Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico
Agenda – Closed Session2
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Regents Only Meeting of
November 20, 2014
H1(X) Discussion Appointment of and Compensation Using Non-State Funds for
Senior Vice President – Finance and Chief Financial Officer,

The Regents of the University of California
Date: February 3, 2016
Time: 12:15 p.m.1
Locations: Covel Commons, Los Angeles Campus
2341 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida
Punta Mita, Ramal Carretera Federal 200 Km. 19,
Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, Mexico
Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
H1 Action Approval of Appointment of and Compensation Using Non-State
Funds for Senior Vice President – Finance and Chief Financial
Officer, UCLA Health, Los Angeles Campus as Discussed in
Closed Session
H2 Discussion Review of Responsibilities for Members of the Regents Committee
on Health Services
.H3 Discussion UC Health: Review of Past Performance and Priorities for
Fiscal Year 2016
Discussion Managed Care Contracting Update
H5 Discussion Discussion of Mission Bay Neurosciences Research Building
(Block 23A), San Francisco Campus
Discussion Reports from the University of California Medical Centers