Tuesday, December 1, 2015

UC Regents Meeting: Committee on Investments, December 1, 2015

according to:


Notice of Meeting: Committee on Investments, December 1, 2015

A meeting of The Regents Committee on Investments and its Investment Advisory Group is scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, 2015, by teleconference as follows. Please note that all times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change.

Live Video streaming of the open session of the meeting will be available:

Please note that Google Chrome has done an update that no longer supports Silverlight, which is our streaming protocol. We have been implementing new streaming protocols but they will not be ready for the upcoming meeting. To watch the live stream of this meeting, please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for PC and Safari or Mozilla Firefox for Mac. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not an option. 

Web : http://stream.oid.ucla.edu/UCregents/smoothstreamingplayer.html

iOS/Mobile: http://stream.oid.ucla.edu/ucregents/ios.htm

Click on each Committee/Board meeting below to see the agendas; click on item titles in each open session agenda to view the background materials. 

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Full index of documents from past Regents' meetings

Guidelines for public comment (written and in-person)

December 1, 2015

1:30 pm Committee on Investments (open session - includes public comment session)
3:00 pm Committee on Investments (closed session)
Times indicated and order of business subject to change

-- Times are PST

Green again,, various shades...

Sac Bee:
UC shouldn’t be the only institution in climate fund

The University of California is the multibillion-dollar fund’s sole institutional investor, at least for the moment. That’s something for Californians to be proud of, but long term, it’s also a concern.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorials/article47210520.html

CBS Local:
"California's Top Oil Regulator Leaves Amid Controversy Over Gov. Jerry Brown's Ranch"


the state’s oil and gas chief, is quitting to return to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory research center, according to a statement from Brown’s office.

Sac Bee
"Are California public universities harder to get into now?"


 Campaign for College Opportunity, which just released a new report on the state’s public higher education systems entitled “Access Denied.”


November 2015 | Access Denied: Rising Selectivity at California’s Public Universities

also see:

September 2015 | The State of Higher Education in California: Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Report

Monday, November 30, 2015

Green - as the topic.

LA Times:
"Despite California's budget surplus, unions eye tax hikes"

But stay tuned. There's a rival Prop. 30 extension being proposed by the California Hospital Assn., the California Medical Assn. and one chapter of the service employees union. It would extend the higher income tax rates permanently, making no pretense of "temporary."

Under this measure, 40% of the revenue would go to K-12 schools, 5% to community colleges, 5% to universities, 40% to healthcare and 10% to child care and development.

It could be a political disaster to have two competing tax hikes on the ballot. So the two sides are negotiating in an effort to create one compromise proposal.


Sac Bee op ed "We need better options for using California’s windfall"


Daily Beast: "Jerry Brown’s Insufferable Green Piety"


These fans miss a big part of the reality. Outsiders think of California as a prosperous place that mints billionaires, but overall the state’s economic recovery has done little for many, if not most, state residents. Even with the boom in Silicon Valley, roughly one in three Californians live check to check, the state has higher rate of poverty than Mississippi,
This press release from UC:

As a member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Ramanathan will also be acting as science adviser to the Holy See’s delegation at the climate negotiations.

UC Berkeley Professor Dan Kammen will be chairing an event around Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change and environmental stewardship, Laudato Si’, held in Notre Dame Cathedral. Kammen is also chairing a United National Foundation Event on women and cookstoves, as well as events with the “C40” cities, a network of the world’s largest cities, for climate protection at Paris City Hall.

“The stake are very high, as we have wasted so many good years – and decades – when we could have been more aggressive building understanding and making the change in the energy, food, water, forestry, urban and other systems that we need to restructure,” said Kammen.
Earlier in the month there was:
Challenges of an Accreditor Crackdown
The Education Department says it's going to get tougher with college accreditors. But are those federally recognized watchdogs too big to fail?

Then see

SF Chronicle on CCSF:

But then this blurb in IHE leaves off with an odd pick for a quote:


What's the diff between management, leadership, delegation, performance management in higher ed? More.

A  58th b day for UC Prez Napolitano over the weekend

Her dad was a med school dean , she recently spoke about that again

"Janet Napolitano on Report from Santa Fe" from U. New Mexico:

( btw, some health oddly enough was detailed in an article earlier this year related to her job when she was gov of AZ
Titled :'Governors who, like Maryland's Larry Hogan, have experienced illness or injury while in office')

...The detail in those above items may impact on her priorities, prejudice or sensibilities as she considers UC Med and UC Systemwide recent governance moves, ongoing priorities- or those details may not play into it at all.

Anyway, after such challenges - birthdays are indeed real celebrations

Here are two of her recent Fall 2015 talks:

Nope, they don't answer that question in this, but if you missed it:

'Difference Between Leadership and Management' ... Napolitano at Harvard talk ...
Video runs about one hour:


She also did this other talk there in October:
Video runs one hour:

'Broad Street' and 'Wall St.' CA News?

You might recall that a veteran  LA Times higher ed reporter, who is (sadly:-() retiring, was recognized by the UC Regents at the close of their Nov meeting.

It was the same reporter called on last year by the then compensation committee chair  -the chair spoke to the reporter directly from the regents table regarding how press cover UC compensation committee actions on UC pay , that happened at last year's July UC Regents meeting...

You might've also noted how two Leonhardt stories on UC were seemingly intentionally interjected into presentation  to the regents at some recent UC Regents meetings by UCOP staff.

Or, that at the November meeting this year Regent M chose the word "wizard" to describe certain UCOP personnel and other regents used "magic" and "wizard" terms just as Sac Bee also published an op ed on how Sacto funds UC and what they called "UC budget wizardry" ...

If you're afflicted with paying attention to,  remembering such things...even this sentence might have left you ruminating, here:

From an op ed making the rounds on various news sites: Why Can’t We All Fight On Like Old USC? California's Public Universities Could Learn Some Things From the Rise of the Trojans

"UCLA is a vital partner of Zócalo Public Square, which produces this column)"

That might"ve made you wonder: to what partnership is the writer referring? adverts? Or?
(...btw-that excerpt  or title comparing USC w/ UC(?!) should not shock... UC Regents maybe splitting their affiliations b/ween UC and USC ... Seems no one bats an eye at it anymore...

Remember, these are the days of 'we can have conflict of interest with diclosure' coming as directive from compliance committe chairs...while faculty are writing about a lack of shared governance)

You might think about such trivia/the above instances  ,
You might also notice patterns --the articles that are cherry picked for mention...you might also think of these events in the context of present rules now enforced on UC faculty and staff whereby they are apparently not allowed to, or disuaded from, contacting the UC Regents to discuss UC governance, policy etc as individuals. Yet, the Regents from their conference table, can pursue media, press, regarding coverage of UC policies, governance, Regents votes on action items ...

So, access and news coverage are important and newspaper op ed strategies can play into uc regent agenda items, actions on various governance matters- we've seen it happen recently , right?

Now consider:

Rupert Murdoch Fuels New Speculation About Eli Broad Acquiring LA Times


Now see/recall from 2007:
UC Regent Lansing and UC Regent Sherman's and UCLA's Geffen came up in a very similar history here:


The new chair of that smaller and maybe more nimble UC Health committee described by UCLA:

Hollywood dynamo Sherry Lansing talked about her philanthropic work supporting ... Cancer Center and co-director of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine."


Then take a look at the higher ed and UC ties:

Welcome to the Broad Stem Cell Research Center | UCLA ...

Eli Broad | Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and ...

$4 million from Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation will support UCLA research
Two new gifts will benefit faculty in stem cell science and digestive diseases

Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research, located on the University of Southern California’s Health Sciences Campus.

Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every student in an urban public school has the opportunity to succeed.

Just something to think about if Rupert Murdoch's tweet proves out...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Video DC on Higher Ed and Minority Students


University system heads talked about how college access and completion could improve the socio-economic mobility of minorities. Panelists talked about what had worked in their respective school systems and how they had helped college student graduate on time. Topics included community colleges. 

“University System Heads” was the second panel of the second day of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights briefing on the “Effect of College Access, Persistence and Completion Rates on the Socio-Economic Mobility of Minorities.”




Part II



Part III

Scholars talked about how college access and completion could improve the socio-economic mobility of minorities and they analyzed the academic and socio-economic barriers for minority students. Topics included closing the educational achievement gap, accountability with education funding, and improving performance and graduation rates for Latinos and African Americans. 

“Scholars I” was the third panel of the second day of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights briefing on the “Effect of College Access, Persistence and Completion Rates on the Socio-Economic Mobility of Minorities.” 


Part IV
Scholars talked about how college access and completion could improve the socio-economic mobility of minorities. The panelists provided varied policy recommendations for improving federal financial aid and campus based aid programs. Topics of discussion included Pell Grants, work-study programs, and statistics around college degrees and job placement.

“Scholars II” was the fourth panel of the second day of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights briefing on the “Effect of College Access, Persistence and Completion Rates on the Socio-Economic Mobility of Minorities.” 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Video DC Gets Title IX - ish


Senators Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Dean Heller (R-NV) testified on their bill, the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, intended to combat campus sexual assault. The second panel consisted of University of California President Janet Napolitano and sexual assault victim advocates, who all offered strong recommendations.


Also see related,

Federal Agency Regulatory Guidelines
Officials from the Government Accountability Office and the Departments of Labor and Education testified at a hearing on the regulatory rule-making process among federal agencies and the guidance documents that are issued to clarify existing rules and regulations. Committee members discussed issues such as the ambiguity and confusion that the guidance can cause and whether some agencies are overreaching in their enforcement of rules.


Couldn't then and can't now find archive at the committee pages or at Cal Channel, but there apparently are some clips of this meeting from Oct that UC leadership also made comments at:

Published on Oct 21, 2015(Carson, CA) – Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson), Chair of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, convened a special hearing on the California State University, Dominguez Hills campus to discuss a growing problem in higher education…campus harassment and violence. The hearing was held in response to a recent White House report stating that 1 in 5 students fall victim to sexual assault during their college years. “California universities can better protect students by doing more to prevent, respond to, and resolve incidents involving sexual harassment and sexual violence,” said Assemblymember Gipson. “The freedom to teach and to learn is inseparable from the maintenance of a safe and hospitable learning environment.” Here’s more in this Assembly Access video. http://www.asmdc.org/gipson


Studies tell us that one in five college women will be sexually assaulted while they are pursuing a higher education. The numbers are shocking and California State Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) is determined to help campuses prevent these crimes. That’s why as Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, Assemblymember Medina took part in a Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing that examined the issue of “Campus Sexual Harassment and Violence.” The hearing took place in Carson at California State University, Dominguez Hills, College of Extended and International Education. Watch this Assembly Access Video to hear from Assemblymember Medina as he addresses this alarming problem. http://www.asmdc.org/Medina