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"Katehi holds tenure at UC Davis and can be removed from her administrative job but can’t be fired without a hearing before Davis’ Academic Senate, said André Knoesen, chairman of that body. “And that is not on the table,” Knoesen said."

Probe of Nepotism, Conduct and Lying Targets UC Davis Head"

..."her controversies brought to light since February by the Sacramento Bee have led UC Davis students and several lawmakers to call for Katehi’s firing. Katehi holds tenure at UC Davis and can be removed from her administrative job but can’t be fired without a hearing before Davis’ Academic Senate, said André Knoesen, chairman of that body.

“And that is not on the table,” Knoesen said."


"Katehi’s daughter-in-law, Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, was hired as an executive analyst at UC Davis in 2013, earning $77,000. In less than three years, she was promoted to assistant vice chancellor earning $130,000, said Dianne Klein, a UC spokeswoman. In February, a UC attorney advised against promoting her again, Klein said. The daughter-in-law’s boss, Vice Chancellor Adela de la Torre, reports directly to Katehi, who raised de la Torre’s pay by 22 percent in July."

--Could that be the same UC attorney in this other piece, on moves the UC Regents made against a UC Davis Prof::

"University wide, it would affect everybody in California," said Parker White, the attorney for the Board of Regents. “Because you got somebody who's not playing by the rules.”

The rules he’s referring to are listed in contracts signed by faculty members like Snyder, who signed a contract saying he could work outside the school -- he just wasn’t allowed to keep any money, except for royalties or prizes, according to the lawsuit.

All other money is supposed to go into a profit-sharing plan.""

--Remember that one? Comparisons might be made...

"It’s a family affair down at UC Davis"

..."chancellor, after all, is an “at will” employee, which means she “will serve at the pleasure of the President,” according to Katehi’s employment agreement with the university"...


"longer the battle rages, the more UC Davis will suffer, which can’t be anything that either the president or the chancellor wish for our proud campus.

It’s time for Janet Napolitano to pull the plug or for Linda Katehi graciously to resign."


Dan Walters: California budget flunks Moody’s fiscal ‘stress test’

So Brown gets it, even if his remedy is tokenism. But his fellow Democrats in the Legislature are critical of Brown’s plans to put more in reserves and want to raise spending on education,

Read more here:

There's multiple UC stakeholders' interests mentioned in:

Let’s step back from UC Davis turmoil

Distress over chancellor suspension at UC Davis has roiled the region

UC regents and Napolitano need to reassure Sacramento civic leaders

Lawmakers must focus on big picture, and UC should help Katehi find a smooth exit strategy

UC Regents to meet May 10 - 12

Background docs at this link:

Also see: The Costs of The Katehi's Affair

Meeting Agendas and Schedule

Dates and locations of scheduled Regents meetings are listed below. Ten days before each scheduled meeting, the Notice of Meeting (agendas) will be available on this website.
Live video streaming of the open sessions is available while the meeting is in session

Tuesday May 10

1:30 pm Committee on Compliance and Audit (Regents only session) (pdf)

1:40 pm Committee of the Whole (public comment) (pdf)

2:00 pm
Committee on Compliance and Audit (open session) (pdf)

3:00 pm
Committee on Grounds and Buildings (open session) (pdf)

Wednesday, May 11

8:30 am
Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)

9:30 am
Committee on Finance (open session) (pdf)

11:00 am
Committee on Educational Policy (open session) (pdf)

12:00 pm

1:30 pm
Committee on Compensation (closed session) (pdf)

1:45 pm
Committee on Compensation (Regents only session (pdf)

2:00 pm Committee on Finance (Regents only session) (pdf)

3:00 pm Board (Regents only session) (pdf)

Thursday, May 12

8:30 am
Committee of the Whole (open session - includes public comment session) (pdf)

8:50 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session) (pdf)

9:15 am
Committee on Governance (open session) (pdf)

11:00 am
Committee on Compensation (open session)

11:15 am
Board (open session)

What else?

This update raises questions about WHY/HOW IS IT that UC Davis officials are publicly commenting on their own view of details related to issues at the heart of Napolitano's ongoing investigation in the midst of it, is OP allowing it?:
"On Friday, Adela de la Torre, vice chancellor of student affairs at UCD, refuted questions of whether the employment status of Katehi’s son and daughter-in-law violated conflict-of-interest policies within the UC system.

In her letter to Katehi, Napolitano said: “It appears not only that the academic program in which your son (Erik Tseregounis) holds a paid research position was moved into the same department in which your daughter in law (Emily Prieto) is employed, but also that the program was placed under her direct supervision.

De la Torre countered that Prieto, “Never supervised her husband.”

De la Torre said Tseregounis directly reported to Banafsheh Sadeghi and Linda Whent at the Center for Transnational Health. Prieto reports to de la Torre.

“The real tragedy here is that people think (the accusations) have been validated when they haven’t,” de la Torre said."

Read where that detail is offered in an OP ED here: - the comments section to that OP ED show that it makes readers, Californians more disgusted with UC...

Three-day drama led to UC Davis chancellor’s suspension

"Napolitano sent the two-page suspension letter to the media Wednesday night and provided hundreds of pages of documents The Sacramento Bee had been seeking for six weeks though California Public Records Act requests."

Read more here:


The Astonishing Incompetence of ... the Consultants UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Hired to Help Scrub the Internet


Katehi placed on leave; Hexter is at the helm

"If this is what it took to get a substantial investigation, I can only imagine how many other dirty secrets UC (administrators) are hiding.”

Also points out on Hexter:
..." a “UC insider,” after spending 11 years at UC Berkeley as a classics and literature professor until his promotion to executive dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, where he served from 2002 to 2005."

"UC investigator to scrutinize employment of Davis chancellor’s relatives"

"Among UC Davis lecturers, Spyros Tseregounis, 62, had the highest base pay and the fourth highest gross pay in 2014, according to a UC pay database.

Katehi said last week that her husband, who teaches chemical engineering, was recruited with her as part of the university’s Partner Opportunities Program. The program is designed to help the university recruit and retain top managers.

This is done in universities widely because a lot of our faculty, as you know, are married with other faculty,” she said. “They meet themselves in graduate school.”


"Prieto, 36, arrived at UC Davis in 2013 as an executive analyst with a $77,000 salary, according to UC Office of the President. In 2014, she was promoted to chief of staff to de la Torre and was paid $90,419, according to a UC pay database.

In 2015, she added assistant vice chancellor to her title. Prieto now earns $130,000."


"Beyond that, Napolitano expressed concern about a pay increase beyond 20 percent to de la Torre over the past 2 1/2 years.

De la Torre, an agricultural economist, started at the university in 2011 as a professor earning $167,000. She was promoted to interim vice chancellor in August 2012 and was bumped up to $236,000 a year. She was given the title of vice chancellor in August 2013 and got a $7,000 annual bump.

In July 2014, her salary increased to $252,800, then to $310,000 in July 2015. That increase was high enough to require approval by the Board of Regents, according to a document obtained by The Bee. UC Davis justified the increase by saying de la Torre’s duties were expanding to include campuswide diversity efforts instead of hiring a new employee."

Read more here:

UC Needs to Stop Fighting for Katehi by Joe Mathews

gets this reader comment:

"Heh, funny that Bryan Merica of Fox&Hounds is a co-founder of the group Katehi gave over $100,000 to scrub the Internet of the pepper spray thing.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Some of the Narratives Around the UC Investigation of Katehi ,etc...

Is it just 'a stumble'?

"UC Davis chancellor's troubles raise a question: How could such a brilliant woman stumble so badly?"

"Asked if she remained pro-Katehi, Bisson said she would withhold judgment until the investigation was completed.

"I'm pro-facts. I'm pro-transparency," she said. "Then we go forward""


"Letter details reasons for UC Davis Chancellor’s placement on administrative leave"

"Documents suggest contradiction of former UC Davis Chancellor’s claims"

This headline technically a bit premature

"She's gone: UC-Davis chancellor Katehi, under investigation, removed from position"


This is a strange piece on the faculty,
- few Academic titles in use and lots of Ms. , Mr.
--And a reference to a vote of confidence that seems to not quite hold up upon closer look:

"In Fight Over UC-Davis Chancellor’s Future, Where Does the Faculty Stand?"

"Even when campus outrage was rampant after the pepper-spray incident, the Academic Senate rejected a no-confidence resolution in 2012, with 69 percent of faculty members voting against it."

--But if we remember that vote - and it's difficult cuz that Boston Herald story reference in this other archive post is now 'unavailable' - but it seems only 37% of all Faculty voted and so it was 69% of the 37% of UC Davis Faculty who bothered to vote --and those sorts of paltry voting numbers among Academic Senate members might be the norm, so confidence or no confidence votes have to be looked at in that context.

It seems like lots of folks want the process to play out with findings..perhaps like the Kroll and Renoso reports.

You also have to consider,compare and contrast the handling of such cases among students, staff, faculty populations when you read this next sentence in reference to prior Faculty cases and how they have commonly been resolved, see this link:

"The charges are 1) nepotism violations related to campus employment of close relatives, 2) greater involvement in the Internet clean-up than had been represented, and 3) a whistleblower complaint involving misdirection of student fees. (Exactly what #3 entails is not clear.)

The charges are contained in a letter from Napolitano to Katehi:

This is the kind of matter that usually gets resolved with money changing hands:*"

(Bold added for Emphasis)

Is that how historically the majority of these cases have been handled, and is that common knowledge among Faculty? Common knowledge in community?

Because there are multiple news stories where the sanctions are quite different, resolved differently for staff and students and the 'non Academic titled', 'not-academia Senate member'ed...


After 36-Day Student Occupation, University of California at Davis Chancellor Is Put on Leave
transcript available.
This week, University of California President Janet Napolitano placed the chancellor of University of California, Davis, Linda Katehi, on investigatory administrative leave, pending an investigation into a number of infractions, including her decision to spend at least $175,000 to try to scrub the internet of criticism following the 2011 pepper-spraying of student protesters by campus police. The school made national headlines after the video showing police spraying seated students directly in the face at close range went viral. Earlier this spring, students at the University of California, Davis, occupied the office of Chancellor Katehi and staged a 36-day sit-in calling for her resignation, to protest her handling of student protests and allegations of conflicts of interest. Democracy Now! recently spoke with Parisa Esfahani and Kyla Burke, two of the students who took part in the sit-in.
Or listen
"In a statement released earlier today, student protesters said, quote, "The collective efforts of UC Davis students, faculty, staff, and community members are responsible for yielding this result. It is crucial to note that it was not Janet Napolitano, or University of California Office of the President, who led us to this moment of justice, but our uncollapsing spirit and belief in political protest," they said. The letter goes on to say, quote, "Katehi is but a cog in the UC machine. We are aiming to scrap the prototype and create a new system that both works for and is run by students, faculty, workers, and the community at large. Until system-wide change takes place, our demonstrations will continue," they wrote."

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Cloud of Controversy" Over the May UC Regents Meeting in Sacramento?!

See: KCRA has this Records shed light on Katehi Investigation There are allegations that Chancellor Linda Katehi's family benefitted from her position. KCRA 3 Investigates has been digging even deeper into the allegations. - it gives the dollar figures on the salary increases etc.


Also this other story:


Sac Bee with Gavin Newsom says ‘it’s time’ for UC Davis Chancellor Katehi to quit

Lieutenant governor, a member of the UC Board of Regents, calls for Katehi to resign

Says series of scandals overshadows her good work as chancellor

Says UC governing board will discuss Katehi at next meeting

"Newsom said the Board of Regents would have a closed-session personnel discussion about Katehi at their next meeting in May.

“I don’t think I’m the only one of the regents that feels this way,” he said."

Read more here:

CA Legislators reference 'a cloud of controversy" in their official letter here:
Bipartisan group of 5 legislators officially ask UC Regents & UC President Nopalitano to dismiss Chancellor Katehi!

" see tis new story- and the perception that she violated the trust of UC President Janet Napolitano.

"The president was concerned about apparent misstatements that the chancellor made publicly and to her personally," UC spokesperson Dianne Klein said."

Katehi's 'apparent misstatements' led to UC action"

...Sunshine is the best disinfectant," Stenhouse added. "It always is in these types of situations. So it's time for UC to take a step back, a humble look in the mirror and say, ‘This is what our policy is. We are going to hold every employee to this standard.’"?

As for Katehi's ultimate fate, Klein said, "If there is the perception that trust has been broken, that's a problem. And so, I believe the president feels this merits review."


And Sac Bee also now has:

Katehi sought meeting with firm hired by UC Davis to eradicate pepper spray posts

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi asked to meet with online reputation firm in 2013

Katehi last week downplayed her involvement with online cleanup effort

Katehi was suspended Wednesday, partly for ‘misstatements’ about her involvement with such firms

Read more here:

I’m trying to keep a lid on the DeVry issue,” Sandra Fried, a UC legislative affairs director, wrote in an email to UC Davis officials on Feb. 24.

“I think the issue really is DeVry rather than the income. DeVry is considered a very bad actor in the private postsecondary world (which is saying a lot).”"

"“I don’t need to see a listening report to know this is a s---storm…,” Katehi spokesman Gary Delsohn wrote in an email reply."

Disturbing-this section:
"kept tabs on McCarty.

“Though he is politically influential, he has a relatively small following on Twitter, and his posts on the Chancellor receive low engagement, with the exception of his press release on legislative hearings, which earned 22 retweets and 8 favorites,” the company reported."

-- and the section detailing PR advice on handling protests...when Katehi's said that was determined by UC policy, not PR.

Other nuggets:

"The firm also reported to UC Davis that a Fox 40 reporter “reached out to a student on"...

"“We are just as good if not better than Berkeley and it’s time for the university to say that,” one unnamed official told"...

And much, much more in that in depth article.



And there is

Key players in the investigation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi

SF Chron OpEd

UC Davis doesn’t need an ethically challenged campus leader

Remember these UC Regents meetings are coming up:
May 2 - Committee on Investments
May 11-12 - Sacramento



Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Katehi placed on investigatory administrative leave

Union Calls For Investigation Of Other UC Administrators For Conflicts

"In a statement, union leaders say Katehi isn’t the only UC administratorengaging in activities that could be conflicts of interest. They are referring to the chancellor sitting on two boards — both related to higher education.

The statement says the growing scandal involving Katehi calls for a “top to bottom, system-wide review of potential conflicts involving other university executives”."

Morning links on it,

More coverage:

Sac Bee has the letter from Napolitano to Katehi posted at this link as PDF:

Wed evening breaking news:

Sac Bee Wed night posts this story :UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi placed on investigatory administrative leave

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi was placed on investigatory administrative leave Wednesday night due to information that “raises serious questions about whether Chancellor Katehi may have violated several University of California policies.”

Read more here:


UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Placed On Investigative Leave


UC Davis chancellor placed on leave as officials launch probe into alleged misconduct

"But Napolitano's letter to Katehi outlined several new issues. She said Katehi's daughter-in-law, who directly reports to one of the chancellor's staff, had received promotions and salary increases over a 2½-year period that increased her pay by over $50,000 and resulted in several title changes. During that same period, Napolitano said, Katehi put forward a pay increase of over 20% and a title change for the daughter-in-law’s supervisor."

"Napolitano also said the academic program in which Katehi's son held a paid research position was moved into the same department in which her daughter-in-law is employed.

"It does not appear that appropriate steps were taken to address, document or obtain approval for the fact that your son now reported to your daughter-in-law, who, in turn, was supervised by one of your direct reports," Napolitano wrote."


Sac Bee Op Ed on this latest news:

"The allegations are stunning: nepotism, self-dealing and dishonesty. And yet UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi defied even the president of the University of California, rather than gracefully leave."

Read more here:


UC Davis Chancellor Placed On 'Investigatory Administrative Leave'

"Information has recently come to light that raises serious questions about whether Chancellor Katehi may have violated several University of California policies, including questions about the campus' employment and compensation of some of the chancellor's immediate family members, the veracity of the chancellor's accounts of her involvement in contracts related to managing both the campus' and her personal reputation on social media, and the potential improper use of student fees."

The statement calls the questions "serious and troubling."

Napolitano will appoint an independent investigator, with the expectation that the person will complete a report by the beginning of the fall semester.

UC Davis Provost Ralph Hexter will fill the chancellor role on an acting basis."

UC President places UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi on investigative administrative leave

"Following the news of Katehi’s leave, UC Student Association President Kevin Sabo released a statement criticizing Katehi for her behavior while chancellor at UC Davis, in addition to commending Napolitano for her decision.

“We represent 240,000 students who expect a pattern of principled leadership,” Sabo said. “But Katehi proved to be just the opposite through her actions during the pepper spraying incident in 2011, her efforts to cover it up, and her history of moonlighting in industries directly opposed to the mission of public education. The UC must do better by its students. Katehi collected a $425K salary while students on her campus skipped meals, lived in their cars, and sat on the floor in their classrooms. The UC has plenty of challenges – nefarious Chancellors should not be one of them. We applaud President Napolitano’s decisive action and commend her for standing with students.”"


UC Davis chancellor placed on leave over 'missteps'


Update here includes Napolitano's statement:

Statement from the University of California Office of the President:

“Information has recently come to light that raises serious questions about whether Chancellor Katehi may have violated several University of California policies, including questions about the campus’s employment and compensation of some of the chancellor’s immediate family members, the veracity of the chancellor’s accounts of her involvement in contracts related to managing both the campus’s and her personal reputation on social media, and the potential improper use of student fees.

“The serious and troubling nature of these questions, as well as the initial evidence, requires a rigorous and transparent investigation. As such, President Napolitano will appoint an independent, outside investigator to conduct the investigation and submit a report, before the start of the 2016-17 academic year.

“The president, with the support of the leadership of the Board of Regents, has determined it is in the best interest of UC Davis that Chancellor Katehi be placed on investigatory administrative leave from her position as chancellor pending the outcome of this investigation.

“Pursuant to an existing delegation of authority, UC Davis Provost Ralph Hexter will fill the chancellor role on an acting basis.”

“I am deeply disappointed to take this action,” Napolitano said. “But Davis is a strong campus, nationally and internationally renowned in many academic disciplines. I’m confident of the campus’s continued ability to thrive and serve California students and the Davis community.”

The Bee has a timeline:

Katehi’s UC Davis timeline: Pepper spray, corporate paydays – also growth, academic respect