Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who heads the "CA Center Right"?

and how does it interact with UC? Those kinds of questions raised in the subtext in many op eds- who is controlling the center right in CA and where do they fall in line on the latest battle?:
Christian Science Monitor: In California, it's Jerry Brown vs. Janet Napolitano over UC tuition hike (+video)

“California has had on-time budgets lately, but Brown is smart enough not to believe the fiscal happy talk by his reelection campaign,” Professor Pitney says. “He favors austerity because he knows that future budgets will be tighter. Winter is coming.”

Some education insiders question whether this isn’t the time for UC to do more than it has already done in cutting costs to a level that the state and students can afford.

Herhold: Napolitano emerged victorious over Brown in UC tuition fight
Editorial: UC has tin ear on tuition hike
Is it really a 'center right Blue' spectrum, though?

That List of 12...

Is UC on it?
Rollingstone: A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

The University of Virginia is one of the 86 schools now under federal investigation, but it has more reason to worry than most of its peers. Because, unlike most schools under scrutiny, where complaints are at issue, UVA is one of only 12 schools under a sweeping investigation known as "compliance review": a proactive probe launched by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights itself, triggered by concerns about deep-rooted issues. "They are targeted efforts to go after very serious concerns," says Office of Civil Rights assistant secretary Catherine Lhamon. "We don't open compliance reviews unless we have something that we think merits it."

(University Diaries has more coverage on that particular story :here)
There's this earlier HuffPo article that gives some data from May 2014 on the 12 subset:
Education Department Clarifies Title IX 'Compliance Reviews Are Not Random'

Seven of those facing such reviews either were previously known or identified themselves in statements on Thursday. They include: Dartmouth College, Emory University, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, the University of Colorado at Denver, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Oklahoma State University. OCR has not identified the other two.

Indiana University-Bloomington also identified itself on Thursday as among the nine, but suggested in a statement that "individual institutions have been chosen randomly based on size, geographic location, type of campus community (commuter vs. residential) and other factors."

Education Department spokeswoman Dorie Nolt explained that no institution was chosen at random.

"Compliance reviews are not random audits of schools -- they are selected based on various sources of information, including statistical data, news reports and information from parents, advocacy groups and community organizations," Nolt said. "Compliance reviews are initiated in order to remedy possible violations of students' rights."

So, there is one list of what seems an ever-growing number -85-that is close to reaching 100 nationwide, and UC was one of the first on that list.
But, there also is another List of Twelve that is also going through "compliance review".
So, is UC one of the institutions unnamed in this other List of 12, or not?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Those Cal Grants Numbers, Future Costs and more

Contra Costa Times: University of California: The hidden cost of tuition hikes
By 2013, the state spent about $773 million on Cal Grants for UC students alone -- up from $339 million in 2008, according to preliminary figures posted on the university's website. Although the governor has yet to propose Cal Grant amounts for next year's budget, UC assumes the grants will continue to keep pace with tuition, said a spokeswoman, Dianne Klein. Earlier this month, UC financial aid director Chris Carter said the same thing in a letter to students.

"I write to reassure you that if tuition does increase, financial aid resources are expected to increase, too," he said.

Left in the lurch are the other Californians attending UC: those who pay some or all of their tuition, in addition to the substantial costs of room, board and books -- which drives the total cost well higher than $30,000 a year.

Many of them are middle-class. "Those are the folks -- middle class and up -- that have to figure out, 'How do I do this?'" said Dean Florez, a former state senator and CEO of the 20 Million Minds Foundation.

US News and World Report: University of California Tuition Hike Shows Why Freezes Don't Work

SF Chron Editorial How to avoid stalemate on UC tuition: But the families and taxpayers who are footing the bill deserve to know that UC has made a good-faith effort to produce the reforms that Brown has demanded. Napolitano has not done that.

Our concern is that egos might get in the way and a stalemate would result. The worst possible outcome would be that Brown and legislators withdraw the planned state funding increases and the regents hold firm to the 5 percent annual tuition increase.

Press Democrat: Massive UC Fee Hike Unjustifiable

Cal Alumni Magazine: To the Trenches Over Tuition Hikes: Battle Over UC Funding Now Shifts to Sacramento
SCPR and KPCC: UC Board of Regents approves tuition hike
runs about 25 minutes
Ana Tintocalis, education reporter for KQED’s The Calfornia Report, she is at the UC Board of Regents meeting in San Francisco

Nathan Brostrom, Chief Financial Officer for the University of California system, co-proposed the tuition hike plan with UC President Janet Napolitano

Sadia Saifuddin, Student Regent for the University of California system

KCRW UC Committee Moves Forward with Tuition Hike
runs about 24 minutes
Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, @NanetteAsimov
Nathan Brostrom, University of California
H.D. Palmer, California State Department of Finance, @HDatFinance
Caitlin Quinn, UC Berkeley, @thecaitlinquinn
weekend coverage included CNN Newsroom went to Wheeler and described it as 'a sleepover' with video of people asleep in sleeping bags--it was used as a segueway into their finance correspondent talking about students working admin and gardening jobs to fund their higher ed at a place called Blackburn -- but there is some more content on Wheeler Commons movement here at CNN and here at SF Weekly and here at NBC Los Angeles and NBC Bay Area and a round up of coverage on it here at WN and here in this fuller CNN piece
Counterpunch with much detail from UCSC and: Since the 90s top administrative strata has grown 251%, adding a new billion in costs, but between the financial crisis and Occupy alone (2008 -2011), the number of individuals receiving more than $200,000 in base pay grew by 44 percent. According to UAW local 2865 analysis, while top earners are only 2.6 percent of the total UC workforce, they now account for 13.8 percent of 10+ billion in payroll payments. Alas, there is no fear of self-satire in the UC, where centers for the study of economics are now named for a Regent billionaire—with Mr. DiFi’s eponymous Richard C. Blum Center open at Berkeley. When the center needed building, Blum’s own DRS construction firm won the “contract” for the job.
SCPR with UC Student Plan Walkout Monday Over Tuition Increases

LA Times After UC regents OK tuition plan, eyes turn to Gov. Jerry Brown, state funding

Former SF Mayor and CA Speaker Willie Brown offers his take on the battle that's getting all that national news coverage, he says- Jerry Brown’s UC tuition Battle May Boomerang

and there is another view on it here in LA Times
blast from the past-- MSNBC Chris Matthews: had his ol' friend - the former UC Regent Gerald Parsky on Hardball to talk about ...'How Hollywood Covers Pols, DC'-- and on Ferguson, and immigration -- sigh, beltway media.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Higher Ed Games and Options Terrain

WSJ gets deep into the pol history and numbers- Playing Chicken With Tax Dollars and Tuition in California
It’s Jerry Brown versus Janet Napolitano in a Democratic war over the state’s surplus and spending priorities.

Between 2008 and 2011, state general-fund spending on UCs dropped by about $900 million. During that period, the regents ratcheted up in-state tuition by more than 70%, to $12,192 a year, from $7,126. But note that revenues from tuition and fees have increased to $3 billion from $1.7 billion, so the increase more than offset state budget cuts. And now general funding for the universities is merely $300 million below its 2007 peak.

According to university budget documents, the UCs’ spending from “core funds”—principally, tuition and state funding—has increased by about $1.7 billion since 2009. Yet the regents claim that more money is needed to fund “high-priority investments”—namely, employee pay and benefits.

Desert Sun: UC Tuition Hikes Still Optional Janet Napolitano Says
...the former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security told The Desert Sun she hopes increased state funding will negate any need for tuition hikes.


Napolitano also weighed in on President Barack Obama's executive action Thursday protecting five million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

"When I was homeland security secretary, we developed deferred action for DREAM students, and we have a couple thousand of those at the University (of California) right now. It's been great for them, and I think what (Obama) announced last night builds on the same theory of executive action," she said. "I think the president was very clear that in the end the solution here has to be with the Congress."


UC Expands Legal Services For Immigrant Students

UC President Janet Napolitano announced Friday that the university has established an Undocumented Student Legal Services Center to provide legal advice on immigration at the system's campuses without law schools.
The targeted campuses are located in Merced, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Santa Cruz and Riverside.

WaPo wonk blog: The University of California just jacked up its tuition. Why your state could be next.

There's a game of chicken going on between public universities and states across the country over how to fund schools—and students and parents are losing.
...University of California students are looking to Sacramento, where the legislature will start negotiating the school budget in January. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom gave students a glimmer of hope Thursday when he predicted the state would try to boost funding to avoid a tuition increase in the fall.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It must be 'Documentaries Night'...

CNN aired Ivory Tower tonight (it was released earlier in theaters first) and there is a large section devoted to the Cooper Union 65 day occupation -and they cover some of the behind the scenes, background -- it is supposed to re-air again back to back but the POTUS address set the scheduled time back a bit.
Then @cnewf tweeted about the public comment at today's UC Regents meeting and noted the staff who made comments about the Stars program
tweet: represented #UC employees are not eligible for incentive awards thanks to a "dictate from #UCOP"? staff now saying this at #UCRegents

tweet: excellent start to #UCRegents open comment from staff concretizing "crushing workload" and cuts->demotivation, ongoing crisis

Just want to add on to that: the Wiseman documentary At Berkeley footage captured that specific issue -- there is a section where the Birgeneau cabinet which included faculty and VCs etc. met and during that meeting the then-now former-VC of what is called Information Services & Tech spoke about what sounded like a campus pattern of "nepotism" (that was the word used in the film) associated with an incentive program that gave out $$ called the Spot(?) or Star(?) program (Some staff warned about this when those programs were launched btw) and then it led into major subtext conversation/disagreements among cabinet members about approaches to performance management in a university setting. When the documentary released and even came to campus for special viewing no one from UC admin talked afterward in press interviews about how the administration worked on that problem- whether or not it was ever fixed, or if the nepotism was addressed. The admin associated with the film's shooting and PR spent time talked instead about the on campus 'opening night festivities' they attended. Now, today, staff as a last resort must go to the UC Regents meetings to communicate that the problem still exists- and not just on the Cal campus- according to their public comments. Guess some folks who were fond of the buzz of the Wiseman documentary weren't paying full attention to the content and UCOP wasn't seeing it as a flag for system-wide? It was remarkable they let the broadstroke nepotism discussion at the cabinet meeting just go unaddressed with just the hope of an Op Ex fix that might resolve it- but apparently didn't- b/c it is being talked about now as a regent level problem today.

You can read those tweets mentioned above and others from the meeting and a new post here: Remaking the University Wild Day at the UC Regents: The Stakes of the Tuition Wars

Now as Wheeler developments are being covered and the UCSC Occupation of Humanities 2 is now happening too, apparently

and even more photos and video from Huffington Post here "UC-Berkeley Students Protest Tuition Hike With Building Takeover (PHOTOS/VIDEO)"

a reminder of The Taking of Wheeler Hall mini-doc from a few years back-- and then realized- on the date stamp as the video ended- that it's another 'anniversary' marker, too.
There's some other posts out today:

Changing Universities- UCOP’s Failed Funding Model

if you can't stomach lookin' at 'em or just want to give your eyes a rest- there's an alternative UCLA Faculty Association- Listen to the Regents Meeting of Nov. 18, 2014
Keep it mellow-- so, Carpenter's Its Yesterday Once More ha
but- really- it's more like maybe some LZ Kashmir (and: not Kashmiri type fees)

UC Regents Meet Nov 20

view: agenda items and ways to view listen here

Thursday, November 20

8:30 am Committee on Finance (Regents only session)

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 17, 2014

F7(XX) Action Authorization for Lease Approval, Third-Party Liability, and
External Financing for Biomethane Supply Program

F8(XX) Discussion Legal Update Regarding Seismic Issues

F9(XX) Discussion Appellate, Trial Court Developments and Updates
1. BROOME, et al. v. REGENTS – Request for Certification
of Class and Action to Compel Payment of Supplemental
Retirement Benefits Under Program for Senior Managers –
Breach of Contract, Promissory and Equitable Estoppel,
and Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Office of the President
Discussions Pending – Contract Dispute Concerning
Whether UC Hospitals and Medical Groups Are Within or
Outside PPO Network Under the Affordable Care Act – All
Medical Centers

9:00 am Committee on Health Services (Regents only session)

Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only2

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of March 20, 2014

H1(XX) Action Proposed Affiliation by UCSF Health, San Francisco Campus

H2(XX) Action Acquisition of a Regional Imaging Company by UC San Diego
Health System, San Diego Campus

H3(XX) Action Expansion of Existing Joint Venture to Include Liver Transplant
Services, UC San Diego Health System, San Diego Campus

9:50 am Board (Regents only session)
Agenda – Closed Session – Regents Only2

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 17, 2014
Reports of Committees:

FXX Report: Action Committee on Finance

HXX Report: Action Committee on Health Services

Officers’ and President’s Reports:

Report of Interim Actions

Personnel Matters

10:00 am Committee of the Whole (includes public comment - open session)
Public Comment Period2
(20 minutes)

10:20 am Committee on Health Services (open session)
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 18, 2014

H4 Discussion Update on UC Health’s Preparedness for Ebola

10:45 am Committee on Oversight of the DOE Laboratories (open session)
Agenda – Open Session

Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 18, 2014
O1 Discussion Update on the Department of Energy Laboratories and Presentation on
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Science and Technology
on a Mission

11:15 am Committee on Compensation (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meetings of September 18, 2014

C2 Action Approval of Term Appointment of and Compensation for
Associate Vice President – Chief Procurement Officer, UC Health,
Office of the President as Discussed in Closed Session

C3 Action Establishment of the New Senior Management Group Position of
Senior Advisor to the President for Innovation and
Entrepreneurship, and the Market Reference Zone for the Position;
Appointment of and Compensation for Senior Advisor to the
President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
Office of the President

11:20 am Board (open session)
Agenda – Open Session
Roll Call
Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of September 18 and the Meetings of the Committee of
the Whole of September 17 and 18, 2014
Report of the President
Resolutions in Appreciation
Reports of Committees:
C Report: Action Committee on Compensation
E Report: Action Committee on Educational Policy
F Report: Action Committee on Finance
GB Report: Action Committee on Grounds and Buildings
L Report: Action Committee on Long Range Planning
Officers’ and President’s Reports:
Report of Interim and Concurrence Actions
Report of Communications Received
Report of Materials Mailed Between Meetings

Times indicated and order of business subject to change

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"The state is an inherently unreliable partner in higher education," UC President Janet Napolitano said ...

SF Business Times: UC regents committee approves plan to hike tuition over next 5 years
LA Times Op Ed UC leaders tone-deaf in their reliance on tuition hikes by John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) speaker emeritus of the California Assembly and a newly appointed member of the UC Board of Regents. Nathan Fletcher is a former assemblyman and a professor of practice in political science at UC San Diego.
Matier and Ross - "Jerry Brown Takes On Janet Napolitano over UC Tuition Hikes"
Sac Bee Sac Bee on the brinksmanship and how the Gov hates to lose
UCR Highlander editorial on the gamesmanship-Janet Napolitano's proving ground

There's SF Gate w/ this late breaking on UC Irvine (it was likely part of the finance/legal committee agenda for UC Regents today : UC Cops Say Bosses Eavesdropped On Them In Bathrooms
ok, back to the tuition protest coverage of the meeting:

Wall Street Journal: University of California System Committee Backs Tuition Increase

KTVU coverage pictures and video

Huffington Post: Student Protestors Try To Block University Of California Regents From Tuition Vote

University of California Is Set to Raise Tuition by Richard Perez Pena

SF Gate Chron UC Moves Closer To Tuition Hike Amid Student Protests

Contra Costa Times coverage in photos, video and story

CBS Local San Francisco

Sacramento CBS Local

abc 30 Fresno with a story

ABC7 KABC video and story coverage

Sac Bee UC Regents Move Tuition Increase Plan Forward

Reuters coverage

NBC Southern California Students Protesters Try to Block University of California Tuition Hike Vote

NBC Bay Area Video includes comments from student leaders and Prof. Stanton Glantz:

And, Glantz also has a piece at Alternet: Esteemed UC Researcher to Regents: Please Do Not Raise Tuition 25% By 2020 As the UC Regents make their final decision, Stanton Glantz says hikes could easily be avoided.

UT San Diego UC tuition hike tentatively approved

LA Times University of California poised to hike tuition as regents, Gov. Brown battle

Reclaim UC with their video montage coverage

Thomas D. Elias column: UC system fudges its mission of serving California's brightest high school grads

Time Magazine: What California’s College Tuition Hike Says About the Future of Higher Education- When does a public university system become one in name only? That’s the question facing California as officials in charge of the state’s prestigious, but financially-struggling university system clash over how to keep it afloat.

Time and CNN---">see: When Big Data Meets Education- Higher Ed Moves Online

In everyone's interests to help J & J figure it out?:

There was a moment in today's UC Regents meeting where Napolitano (in addressing Gov. Brown's proposal for a special committee) brought up Arizona State University and her thoughts about having a productive conversation with Gov. Brown about ASU and online-- wonder where she was going?

You can watch video of UC Regents meeting from yesterday and today at this link:

and more background info here