Sunday, February 21, 2010

UC Compensation Task Force?- "where are they now ?"

Remember when Fabian Nunez requested an audit of UC in 2006? one of those "where are they now ?" moments- UC Compensation Task Force?- where did they go after they gave us a report to tell us what the state auditor was already telling them? and the SF Chron confirmed with this headline "Auditor blasts UC's pay practices / University routinely violates own policies for compensating highest-paid employees"--did that Compensation Task Force ever stick around and provide an updated final-final report to the UC community on the changes that were made/completed- not just proposed- in order for UC to fall into compliance with the 2006 audit findings? if that did not happen, why not?- leave me a comment if you happen to know of an update to the UC Compensation Task Force delivered after "President announces action steps in response to compensation task force recommendations, April 17, 2006"

"Chairman Parsky letter to regents' compensation committee chair, requesting plan of action for addressing task force recommendations, April 18, 2006"

There certainly have been additional compensation scandals at UC since 2006- see stories on the right- so, where were these folks to address the implementation of the action items mentioned in all of the findings?

If those audit recommendations were not followed -- then what hope should we have that this new 2010 audit will result in any action steps that will be immediately implemented if the state auditor recommends them?

Here is an editorial on the audit of UC from the Daily Cal

Oh gosh, The People's Vanguard of Davis (nifty name?!) has an interesting way of covering the audit- see this story take a look at the reader comments, highly amusing...

Please check out the panel discussion at the bottom of this page. Watch live streaming video from TheInformant at Panelists include David Kessler, David Ellsman, Frank Serpico and more- Juan Williams hosts.

Disturbing comments I've come across recently, here:

"Stop! and think, please!

The University of California is fighting for its life in a state with dwindling funds and dysfunctional politics. This is NOT the time for a story like this. Please do NOT kick UC in the face or in any way make it seem to the electorate to be less worth of state funding. If/when things are a little more stable I'd be interested in the story. Now is the absolute worst time to even contemplate it, and I plead with you to use your heads and find something else to write about.

by Robert Ley on January 16, 2010 04:58"

thank goodness for this response:

"Sunlight is a disinfectant.

Robert: I can understand your sentiment. I (David Cohn, the founder of Spot.Us) am an alumni of the U.C. system and believe greatly in public education.

But that is precisely why this investigation should be happening. Turning our head to potential abuse is worse than the abuse itself. A journalists role is to explore the truth - even if the truth hurts.

Sunlight is often the best disinfectant.

by Spot Us on January 18, 2010 20:24"

Great to see so many SoCal UC folk at the Beverly Hilton--
those photos are just beautiful!--the "Regent Wachter WTF with DFA" signs had us in fits of giggles! Congrats on making it to that very posh event ;-)
you can see the photos at the bottom of the page here.

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