Sunday, March 7, 2010

Connerly, Edley, tax talk, and on it goes

The descriptions the UC Regent offers of Chris Edley and Ward Connerley are odd.
Folks, please also consider the fact that Chris Edley advocated an online university just last year, an online university which Professor Ananya Roy called "a subprime education".
Edley also has his own issues at Boalt, to name just one: John Yoo.

and Connerley, with all his warts, also: wrote this commentary about former President Dynes and the Regents.

Incomplete biographies don't help the debate or in assessing character -- and it is simple minded to simply seek out who is the proverbial "good guy, bad guy"...

Finally, why do some advocates for UC and CSU funding fail to tie that also with talk about REFORM AND TRANSPARENCY legislation?! Advocates have to talk about the reform process that Arnold Schwarzenegger VETOED at the same time, the two must be paired together --- not just always advocating taxes- consider the larger populace and the way this is received by them --not just the UC, CSU bubble!

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