Thursday, July 15, 2010


random thoughts on the happenings at the "regents" meeting:

UC Davis athletes - broke my heart during public comments...

Surprised that Alternative Commission to Present Survey Findings At Regents Meeting on July 15th was not a presentation but merely the pooling of time during public comment -- makes it even clearer that the whole UCOF project is just theater and that there is no interest in gathering a wide cross section of the UC community.

why did Chris Edley put "Thank You(Si, Se Puede)" on the final #14 slide of his pro online instruction presentation? it seems so ill timed and sadly ironic given this story: Berkeley Sees Admission of Latino Students Drop and Nonresidents Jump

and re: Edley's first slide: what does "A World Leading Public University" mean? Normally, the PR folks use the "World Class Research University" or some such that sounds better and less world domination-y.

We are the University of California-

a land grant institution

within the State of California.

How is California served by this initiative?

what is the purpose of having this :
if we can't watch the UC Regents meetings on it?

and at the end of the meeting the main question in mind:

am I watching a form of university raiding? remember the term corporate raiders from the eighties-- could the new term be "university raiders"?
Paging Regent Gordon Gekko...

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