Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Checks and Balances

Remaking the University has a piece on the right wing slant in some recent stories on higher ed.

it reminds me of this recent quick take from Inside Higher Ed

Sure enough, just like Inside Higher Ed predicted...

today, David Horowitz was on Neil Cavuto - Faux News to discuss his new book Reforming Universities

(and it's F-A-U-X 'cause of this)

Horowitz says (paraphrase) Professors work 6-9 hours a week, 4 month paid vacations, they have salaries in the six figure range for this... they have all the power and control "it's all C.Y.A, it's C.Y.A all the time" -its a monopoly, there needs to be an anti trust investigation of public universities, more legislative scrutiny... --it is all in the interview link above.

Anyone remember back in the day when Horowitz spoke at Cal- heckled and all with 30 armed guards? Or, his more recent visit?

On a somewhat related note, the LA Times has riled up some teachers unions in SoCal - because the LA Times wants to publish some data about PUBLIC schools-the union is telling members not to buy the paper, cancel subscriptions - A.J. Duffy and Jason Song were on CNN with Ali Velshi today to discuss it. Disturbing.

Much of this discussion on Higher Ed in the public square, msm has been LONG OVERDUE.
We'll take it whether it is right wing or left wing or whatever- so long as the facts win out in developing real checks and balances.

Why don't Remaking the University and Changing Universities sponsor/participate in a debate with Horowitz and Jay Greene at one of the campuses? It would be fab!

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