Monday, August 2, 2010

Chris Edley : No Uvas!

Great piece in the Daily Bruin. Looks like some of the students are not so keen on Edley's "Si Se Puede" Online Instruction presentation at the Regents Meeting.

Check out this paragraph:
"Online classes would have a hard time incorporating projects, presentations and collaborative efforts in classes. Skipping class and cheating by having another student take an exam become easier as attendance, participation and identity verification are difficult, if not impossible over the Internet."

and Bob Samuels of Changing Universities "How the Push for Online Degrees Hides the Cause of the UC's Financial Problems" tells us:
"undergraduate education already turns a huge profit, and these profits are used to sustain the unprofitable sectors like administration and external research"

and Inside Higher Ed also is covering Edley's proposal.

CA State Supreme Court upholds affirmative action ban

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