Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faculty Laptops and a $500,000 Carrot

re: today's Audit and Compliance Regents meeting
A recent purchase of a $500,000 insurance policy is supposed to serve as a carrot to campuses to come into computing and IT compliance - which may mean stricter computing standards for users. This prompted Dan Simmons, faculty rep to the regents, to make statements on behalf of faculty who feel overwhelmed by their inability to use their laptop on campus due to various computing, technical standards resulting from cumbersome compliance policies...

there also was some discussion of Price Waterhouse Coopers and a vote on Approval for for them to Perform Payroll Cost Study- and a potential conflict of interest board members might have in voting - but that was difficult to hear...

here is a link to some tidbits from the Student Regent's live blog of the meeting
try to find out more about what was said at the meeting-- it was important, very important-- here's the agenda

but you'll recall there is no way to view regents meetings or listen to archived audio at the regents website - why is that?

and the limited list of regents meetings is not complete

where is Ric Chavez when you need him?

we were lucky even to find out about the meeting and receive late access to the handouts - some negotiators from CUE also were pretty miffed about the late notice and change of venue.

heck, we frequently could not hear the speakers because someone was coughing into the microphone repeatedly and good luck on identifying the speakers on conference call-- no one bothered to do anything to make sure speakers were identified-- they are all on a first name basis - so cozy

ah, don't you just love how the Regents have embraced the use of technology -especially technology already paid for that would allow us to view the proceedings and listen at the same time , ya know something like UCTV -- NOT!

seems like the UC Regents are working hard at making sure their meetings are hard to attend - or listen to - much less view.

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