Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update! SB 330 and Yudof's Cribs

Updates-today needs a news roundup!:

Further evidence we need SB 330 comes from a Judge's ruling about the Palin Affair at CSU today
and this latest "CSU Says It Doesn't Have Palin Contract"

here are some of the notable quotes in these stories:

"CSU's chief financial officer, Benjamin Quillian, acknowledged that the commingling of funds is a problem. But he rejected accusations that the university acted maliciously.
The funds become entwined, he said... It has reached the point, Quillian said, that he can't tell where the money belongs or how much has not been properly tracked."

"We're faced with an order to turn over a document we don't have. We've never had it," Theodora said. "We're going to have to ask the foundation if they will release contract to the court and then release it to the public."

and also see "CSU, Foundations Mixing Public Private Funds" in SF Chron

and Kaplan online at CA community colleges got a smackdown

Original Post:
First, here is the pathetic:

"No taxpayer funds have been expended for the official residence of the University of California president. Costs related to the presidential residence are covered through a private endowment gifted to the university for such purposes."

Steve Montiel, UC media relations

Then, the questions that arise:

Montiel's comment does point us to some real questions that need to be fully answered:

1- When did Lafayette become the Official Residence of the University of California President? (or is that determined by where the Royal Sovereign lays his head down each night?)

2- What is the full title of the private endowment gifted to the university for such purposes? What is the balance on that account? What interest earned? Who are the donors and what were their wishes and intentions for the funds?

3- Why wasn't that account tapped to repair Blake House? Why were funds from that account instead given to rental property - rental property not owned by the UC?

4- Were the funds for the general counsel's time to negotiate with the landlord paid from that private endowment? what about the percent time of other staff who dealt with this issue?

you can read the full UCOP tin ear response here

Which leads to a lesson, and a call to action:

and, folks, here we have the intersection where SB 330 meets up with these "Costs related to the presidential residence are covered through a private endowment gifted to the university for such purposes."

Now, the glorious snark that brings sanity to the sick situation:

UCMEP writes:
"Thank you Steve Montiel for the clarification. We are happy to know that the university has a special endowment for security deposits that are lost by the misdeeds of hapless UC Presidents"

you can read other comments and reactions here. But, FIRST, please make sure to send the Governor a phone call, email or fax to show support for SB 330 by contacting him, a direct link is available here

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