Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dept. of Energy Investigating Armed Livermore Lab Guards’ Trip to the Airport

Armed men in black create a ripple at Mineta San Jose International Airport

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Department of Energy (DOE) is investigating an incident that suggests poor off-site protocol for the Livermore Lab guard force--as well as a possible misuse of Lab security resources and personnel.

DOE’s investigation centers on events that occurred last Saturday, when two heavily armed guards from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory strolled around the baggage area of the San Jose International Airport waiting for another security staffer to arrive from a flight. They were armed with assault rifles strapped to their chests and pistols in their holsters, with difficult-to-see identification on the battle dress uniforms.

DOE sources tell POGO that Livermore guards have no authority beyond the fence line of the Lab, except when they are in hot pursuit of someone who has stolen highly enriched uranium or plutonium.

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Also, there was this recent story about Los Alamos:

Former Workers at Los Alamos Charged with Transmitting Classified Nuclear Weapons Data to Injure the United States

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