Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Banksters At University of California

The next installment is out - its an important read :The Investors’ Club: How the University of California Regents Spin Public Money into Private Profit: An Eight-Part Investigative Series

Also, folks I know times are hard but if you have a twenty, or five dollars, or whatever - please consider supporting the investigative reporting that is being done to uncover all of this - because much of the MSM is NOT covering it- they instead prefer to hob knob, get plastic surgery and act as news readers of the latest drivel in most cases.

you can donate to Berkeley Daily Planet here (including a regular mail option)
support Peter Byrne's extensive work to uncover the dealings of the Regents here (it looks like Peter needs about $3500 in order to finish funding on this segment of the UC Regents - are there 100 people out there willing to pitch in $35?- we would love to read the rest of this story!)

Please remember this each time you read a story or commentary in the MSM that sprouts up as a result from the hard work of community funded reporting. THE ENTIRE STATE BENEFITS FROM IT.

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