Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is The Bain Contract At UCB Really $11 Million?

check out comments at Remaking the University-- why won't they release a copy of the contract as requested by the unions and other groups?

how can it be that UC Davis is only paying ScottMadden consulting a couple hundred thousand --but Bain is in the millions?
also this latest:
From a 9/17/10 email to colleagues from Gilless and Yeary, the following:

"The organizational design exercise we are undertaking this Fall is phase one of the work we have committed to in this area. It has two necessary outcomes:

1. To design more sustainable organizations specifically by addressing our management structures

2. To realize lasting annual savings.

Our goal is to achieve $20M in savings through the unit restructuring which translates to approximately 200 fewer positions. These positions will be eliminated through a combination of attrition, retirements and layoffs. We expect to finish the design of this restructuring by mid-November; notification of the restructuring to impacted employees will likely take place next year.

To put these numbers in perspective, our analysis includes ~12,500 employees (head count) which translates to ~9,500 FTE; this figure excludes faculty, graduate and most undergraduate student employees. Just under 2,000 FTE are in a supervisory position with at least one person reporting to them."

--how do they suddenly have attrition, retirements in this job market? are employees "encouraged to retire,quit?" - how does it work?, how does that conversation happen?, been through it? leave us a comment or post one at Remaking the University 'cause we would love to hear from someone who has been through it or has seen it happen in action.

Ah, the upcoming holiday season -- isn't it lovely of them to announce that they will have fully "designed" how to relieve 200 employees of their jobs by Thanksgiving holiday?

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