Thursday, September 2, 2010

NutMeg Proposes To Go After Welfare Recipients To Fund UC, CSU

Please see UCLA Faculty Association's post on Meg Whitman's plan to Transfer $1 Billion from Welfare to Higher Ed

Does that include the "corporate welfare" a certain UC Prez currently enjoys?
What about Higher Ed Welfare enjoyed by the UC Senior Administration Group- ya know TANF, Section 8 programs that come out of UCOP for that special group- huh NutMeg?

Even some Schwarzenegger aficionados are calling her out on her wacky "blame the poor people" scheme. FYI, 40- yep, that's FORTY- Million Americans are currently receiving food stamps today- sign of the times

And, what's up with all the US Senate and Gubernatorial debates happening at private Catholic colleges (St. Mary's, Dominican etc.)-- will any debates take place at a UC or CSU?

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