Saturday, September 25, 2010

Operational Exodus at UC Davis

Hey Aggies,
Operational Exodus is happening at Davis too!
here is an idea of their 'vision':

"One employee at UCD might process about 1,065 invoices per year, working on paper with a long approval process. At Johns Hopkins University, which uses a shared service center model and automated system, one employee can process 45,000, the report says."

"About 6,500 finance, HR and IT employees would be affected by the first phase of the project, as drawn up by the consultant.

“On the amount of savings projected, what percentage of that is from staff positions?” asked a woman in the audience during a presentation Monday to employees of administrative units that would be part of the proposed center.

Answered Karen Hull, associate vice chancellor for human resources, “Those savings reflect staff positions.”"

you can read more here:



The vendor for UC Davis Operational Exodus:
Atlanta-based consulting firm ScottMadden
but their website seems to be down at the moment -anyway, I am not experiencing operational excellence with it- so here is other info on them if you experience the same
OE apparently is also occurring at UCLA, you'll recall this story:

and here is their website:Huron Consulting Groups

and here is info on Bain of our existence

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