Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Operational Exodus Hits ASUC, and RoundUp

Operational Exodus Hits ASUC Auxiliary AND IT HAS OUR ANTENNAE UP! see the story in Daily Cal

you can also find details of severe cuts to intercollegiate teams at Cal- our bears are under attack!

President Obama conducted a conference call on colleges and mentioned UC and public higher ed read the full text here

the debate: NutMeg (who said UC, CSU are gems -perhaps to put in her crown) - Jerry (who said he could not wave a magic wand and remove the fee increases and make it all affordable over night or without some pain) was not so deep but read Bob Samuels piece --it pretty much captures it all for us on that race.
On a completely separate note:

Debated whether to address it - but feel compelled to:

We send condolences to all those affected by a very tragic death at Cal- (it brings to mind the recent suicide in Harvard Yard; the University of Texas suicide sniper incident; and an elementary school teacher who received a bad eval and may have committed suicide after becoming distraught-- all of this occurring within the space of days--this news has us thinking of all those suffering out there and the fragility of life.)

and this story is just DISTURBING

Be good to each other.

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