Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operational Exodus - UC Berkeley to Eliminate 200 More Jobs Over The Holidays

San Francisco Chronicle has this story on Birgeneau's latest announcement on Cal's Operational Exodus.
I will paste the announcement down below since many pages on that OE site get altered from one day to the next with no explanation or mention of edits and omissions/redacting- and the site map for OE website lives apparently in someone's head.

If you want to read up on UC Davis' Operational Exodus (and, yes, that's what we have decided to more accurately call it here) you can find Davis OE info in the comments section here

feel free to leave a comment on what you think of this announcement below:

Chancellor's update on Operational Excellence

We do not yet have a state budget and although I remain cautiously optimistic about this year, as we look ahead to the budget challenges facing our campus, we need to keep advancing our strategies to reduce our reliance on state funding. Improving our campus's operational effectiveness will permanently save us at least $75 million annually and we must continue to move forward with the design and implementation of Operational Excellence.

Becoming operationally excellent will decrease our administrative costs and allow us to invest as much of our resources as possible in teaching and research and to support our faculty and students as effectively as possible. We have assembled a leadership team of highly accomplished and administratively experienced faculty, who are fully invested in the success of our campus, to join with some of our most talented staff leaders to work with our faculty, staff and students in designing and implementing the changes that will be required. We are fortunate to have many distinguished academic and staff leaders step forward who believe that we can be as excellent in administration as we are in teaching and research.

We cannot continue with our current administrative structures and operations and be the best run public university in the country. The diagnostic phase of Operational Excellence identified seven initiatives for operational effectiveness which we are pursuing: procurement, organizational simplification, information technology, energy management, student services, a new financial model for the campus, and a high-performance culture. All seven are moving forward.

The organizational simplification initiative includes a unit restructuring component that specifically addresses our management structures. Reshaping these structures will significantly flatten our organization and eliminate layers of administration while saving us $20 million annually. The savings will be achieved by the elimination of some 200 positions through a combination of attrition, retirements, voluntary separations and layoffs. The restructuring will also impact many people whose positions, roles and relationships may change in various ways through this process. Some staff may have different jobs, or new supervisors, or may become "individual contributors" (i.e., specialists who are not in supervisory positions). Our goal is to have this restructuring leave us in a more sustainable position to face our ongoing fiscal challenges and with an organization that can better support our needs. The design phase of this restructuring is currently ongoing in units across campus and we expect that the implementation of these changes will be taking place after January 2011.

These are particularly stressful times for our staff and for managers who are working to realize these changes. It is important that we all acknowledge the important role that Berkeley managers and staff play in the success of our teaching and research mission. This will be a difficult transition and period of uncertainty and anxiety for many. We are committed to treating all of our employees with dignity, respect and fairness while recognizing that in the end, we will have fewer administrative positions on campus. In addition to crafting a somewhat smaller workforce, our goal is to rationalize policies and procedures such that staff jobs become more interesting and less frustrating. As the OE initiatives are completed, staff will continue to have opportunities for career growth.

I want to thank all of the many initiative sponsors, managers and volunteers who are engaged in helping us develop our plans, and our campus community for its engagement with this important effort. The OE Program Office will continue to provide information and updates on progress on this website.

Robert J. Birgeneau

Ah, the upcoming holiday season -- isn't it lovely of them to announce that they will have fully "designed" how to relieve 200 employees of their jobs by Thanksgiving holiday?

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