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Organizational Simplification (OS) Might Begin With Fixing Operational Excellence (OE) Website...

Wanted to get the full roster of OE initiatives and team participants on one easy to read post - please take note of the initiative sections and notice trends like where the "nominated and appointed talent" (faculty and staff) were pulled from, and how each initiative is described.
OE may be coming to a campus near you...

Financial Management
Initiative Manager:Jon Bain-Chekal, Finance Program Mgr.
Sponsors:Paul Gray, Prof. Emeritus, EECS
Erin Gore, Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Resource Planning
Financial Management Team
Name Department
Alex Bell Professor and Department Chair, College of Chemistry - Chemical Engineering
Angela Blackstone* CTO and Director, Information Technologies
Benjamin Brinner Professor, Music
Jennifer Chizuk Chief Operating Officer, Haas School of Business
Teresa Costantinidis AVC Budget , Financial Planning & Budget
Lori Cripps Director of Extramural Funds Accounting, AVC Finance and Controller
Greg Dubrow Director of Research Policy and Analysis, Undergraduate Admissions
John Ellis AVC, Finance and Controller
Laurent Heller Chief Financial Officer, Boalt School of Law
Ann Jeffrey AVC, Research
Stephanie Metz Budget Director, College of Chemistry
Terence Phuong Financial Analysis Manager, IST
Costas Spanos* Professor, Chair for EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences)
Nora Watanabe Finance Project Manager, AVC Finance and Controller

*Shared Resource

The main areas of focus for this initiative are to:

1. Align resource management with clear pan-university priorities
2. Develop financial management model that provides incentives for financial discipline and appropriately funds necessary common goods
3. Foster highly-skilled finance organization
4. Maintain ongoing financial discipline and accountability, using financial performance metrics to guide decision-making

High Performance Culture
Initiative Manager:Mary Keegan, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, University Relations
Sponsors:Rich Lyons, Dean, Haas School of Business Jeannine Raymond, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
High Performance Culture Team
Name Department
Deborah Nolan Associate Dean, College of Letters & Science
Janet Kodish Head Admin Services, ETS Education Technology
Barbara Broque Assistant Dean, Schools of Social Welfare
Kelvin Quan Assistant Dean, School of Public Health
Emily Howe Assistant Director, College of Letters & Science – Undergraduate Advising
Betty Deakin Professor, CED – City and Regional Planning
Neil Fligstein Professor, College of Letters & Science
Judy Sykes Department Manager, College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Jeff Urdahl Director, RSSP Operations, Maintenance and Environment
Marsha Jaeger Director, Center for Educational Partnerships

The high-performance culture team will work to transform Berkeley’s performance culture to match its academic excellence. It will begin by recommending changes to the operating culture that are achievable within the next 12 months, focusing specifically on:

1. Metrics: developing goals that can be measured at the unit and individual levels
2. Communication: cascading communication about what is working well and why, and offering solutions when talking about what is not working
3. Alignment: developing norms and values to think and act creatively to guide decision-making in support of institutional and unit goals
4. Talent development: developing an explicit pipeline for the top three occupational needs of UCB over the next five years
5. Performance: actively motivating strong performers and addressing underperformance by engaging managers with new tools and in new ways

Information Technology
Initiative Manager:Lyle Nevels, Chief Information Officer, Haas School of Business
Sponsors:Andrew Szeri, Dean of Graduate Division
Shelton Waggener, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Technology (IST)
Information Technology Team
Name Department
Bill Allison Senior Manager, Applications Development, Information Services and Technology
Angela Blackstone Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Director, Information Technologies
Yale Braunstein Professor, School of Information
Will Clipson Associate Director – CTO, Recreational Sports
Russell Connacher IT Lead, College of Letters and Sciences, Undergraduate Advising
Robin Einhorn Professor, History, College of Letters and Sciences
Eric Fraser Director of IT, EECS, College of Engineering
Sandi Ketchpel Management Services Officer, Goldman School of Public Policy
Kim Williams Director of Business Services, Research

The OE IT Design Team will achieve significant savings, while meeting the overall Information Technology needs of the campus community by rethinking how IT services are delivered. The objective is not to simply save money (which must be accomplished); rather, fundamentally change the way technology products and services are delivered to the campus community that improves the overall experience and productivity of users. This will include developing a framework for measurement and metrics that will make clear the savings achieved, and support a performance management structure to ensure continuous improvement.

Organizational Simplification
Initiative Manager:Moira Perez, Chief Administrative Officer, Graduate Division
Sponsors:Keith Gilless, Dean, College of Natural Resources
Frank Yeary, Vice Chancellor
Organizational Simplification Team
Name Department
Yau-Man Chan Chief Technology Officer, College of Chemistry
James Dudek Business Systems Analyst, Student Affairs
Steve Garber Business Services Director, Office of the Chancellor
Barbara Lane Assistant Dean -Administration, College of Natural Resources
Claudia Lopez Manager, Physics, College of Letters and Sciences
Amy Robinson Manager, Bioengineering, College of Engineering
Joan Shao Manager, Admissions and Enrollment
Cynthia Weekley Human Resources Director, Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO)

In addition to the team members listed above, the Organizational Simplification team will have faculty advisors who will bring their perspective as both faculty members and future end-users. Apart from ensuring that the faculty are well-represented in this initiative, the faculty advisors will play an integral role in gathering input within their respective units, as well as help in sharing results with faculty stakeholders.

There are two components to Org Simplification:

1. To streamline our existing organization on a unit by unit basis to create flatter, more effective organizations with well-defined roles and career paths for individual contributors and supervisors
2. To determine the optimal delivery of common administrative functions in the areas of HR, Finance, and IT, to create scale and improve effectiveness

Initiative Manager:Heidi Hoffman, Director of Operations and Administration, Molecular Cell Biology (MCB)
Sponsors:Mark Schlissel, Dean, Biological Sciences
Ron Coley, Associate Vice Chancellor, Business & Administrative Services
Procurement Team
Name Department
Jono Caniezo Procurement & General Services Manager, Research Enterprise Services (RES)
Jon Conhaim Senior Project Manager, Technology Program Office (TPO), Information Technology
Eric Craypo Director of Communications, Recreational Sports
Lynn Geske-Morgan Project / Policy Analyst 4, EVCP
Frances Hellman Professor and Chair, Physics, College of Letters and Sciences
Cathy Jen Deputy Director, Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO), College of Engineering
Frances Katsuura Director of Administration, Psychology, College of Letters and Sciences
Costas Spanos Professor, Chair for EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences)
Rich Taylor Director, Procurement Strategies, Business Services
Joe Watz Director of Marketing and Business Development, Recreational Sports
Dave Willson Manager, Strategic Technology Acquisition, Information Technology

The procurement initiative comprises following broad goals:

1. To assess the campus-wide spending base in key categories, and identify methods for reducing spending in those categories
2. To review current procurement processes, and simplify or modify processes to reduce work and improve experience
3. To support technological tool (eProcurement) deployment in order to facilitate the procurement process
4. To define the optimal role for procurement as a campus function and most appropriate structure

Student Services
Initiative Manager:Anne De Luca, University Registrar
Sponsors:Cathy Koshland,Vice Provost for Academic Planning, Teaching & Learning, and Facilities
Harry Le Grande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Student Services Team
Name Department
Anne Aaboe L&S - Molecular and Cell Biology, Undergraduate Affairs Office Manager
Jon Conhaim* Senior Project Manager, Technology Program Office (TPO), Information Technology
Billy Curtis Gender and Equity Resource Center, Director
Calvin Eng Cal Performances, Chief Finance Officer
Mara Hancock Educational Technology Services, Director for Educational Technologies
Johanna Metzgar Office of the Registrar, Associate Registrar
Na'ilah Nasir Department of Education, Professor
Steve Sutton Office of Student Development, Executive Director

*Shared Resource

The Student Services initiative will energize the people and enhance the programs that assist all Cal students. Efforts in the design phase will focus on identifying overlapping services, creating equity across service levels, considering ways to leverage technology to communicate with students, and saving the campus money through changes in procurement and sourcing.

The critical objectives of this initiative are:

1. To align the relevant organizations around effective student services delivery
2. To evaluate opportunities to resize services, improve productivity, and/or eliminate redundancies

Energy Management
Initiative Manager:Lisa McNeilly, Director of Sustainability
Sponsors: Jennifer Wolch, Dean, College of Environmental Design
Chris Christofferson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Physical Plant – Campus Services
Energy Management Roster
Name Department
Cris Benton Professor, Department of Architecture
Karl Brown Deputy Director, California Institute for Energy and Environment
Judy Chess Assistant Director, Capital Projects
Jim DePianto Senior Superintendent, RSSP
Scott McNally Director of Space Planning and Facilities, EECS
Eli Perszyk Facilities Manager, College of Environmental Design
Christine Shaff Communications Director, Facilities Services
Michael Tran-Taylor Assistant Director for Residential Living, RSSP

The overarching goal of this initiative is to reduce campus-wide energy consumption by analyzing opportunities for infrastructure improvements and developing an incentive system to reward reduced energy consumption.

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