Thursday, September 16, 2010

PR Staff at Cal should be more respectful of UC Faculty

Was it this Claire H.
who wrote this snarky comment questioning 1) a professor's right to comment on UC initiatives because of his UCSB status and 2) a local journalist's abilities?:
here is the comment:
"Dear Steven, it's unfortunate that you didn't take any time to contact the people at UC Berkeley - not UC Santa Barbara - who are actually working on this effort. We are all curious what prompted you to take on face value this blog posting v. doing some reporting to uncover the facts about why UC Berkeley must pursue a comprehensive effort to contain administrative costs on our campus, so we can direct the largest number of financial resources to focus on teaching and learning? Are we not living in the same state, where we presently have no budget, are in a fiscal crisis, and have seen dramatic decreases over the last decade in state investment in public higher education. We are an academic institution and not a corporation - and no one here is trying to erase the blackboards. We are just trying to save the taxpayers and students money and be more efficient. What's wrong with that?"

in this article

--If so, I'm thinking Bobby Birgeneau needs to have a conversation with his PR folk- who btw are public employees in CA -- and the Chancellor should remind them of how they are to comport themselves when speaking about or to faculty and other members of our community-- which includes all Californians. Principles of Community people... mind you, only if it was, in fact, that person.

or, perhaps the auxiliary (private $$ of unknown quantity closed books) funded External Relations crew don't believe those rules apply to them?

External Relations has a big guiding hand on the so called "Operational Excellence Initiative" at Cal.

Also, we're thinkin' UCMeP might have found their latest candidate for this year's TOOL of the year award recipient.

FYI Prof. Chris Newfield has served at UC Berkeley if I remember his CV accurately. You can find his full report on Bain and other initiatives here and I am sure his full CV is posted somewhere at UCSB -- if Claire Holmes,associate vice chancellor for university communications at UC Berkeley needs to check it out.

BTW Here is her boss' compensation - it got approved today at the UC Regents meeting:

Scott Biddy
Total Cash Compensation: $322,000
Funding Source: 50 percent State funds and 50 percent Discretionary Funds

you can see all the compensation actions taken today here

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