Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UC Regents Vote To Agree To Comply With Bagley Keene Law (how big of them)

No apology or acknowledgment that they engaged in a violation of open meetings law- no discussion of trying to find out how many other times it may have happened...
yep, folks, the puffed ups think its up for a vote - it was too funny when they voted to approve the item below today- it was all a mix up, there was some such mix up with our media policy, we weren't aware it happened, but want to fix it now - just all confused and dumbfounded and yeah sure we don't mind that Bagley Keene so much... LAME!
check this out:
Approved October 17, 1975
The Board of Regents reaffirms its commitment to openness and transparency in the conduct of the University’s business. Meetings of the Board of Regents shall be conducted in compliance with California open meeting laws applicable to the University of California. Any person attending an open and public meeting of the Board of Regents shall have the right to record the proceedings with an audio or video recorder or a still or motion picture camera unless the recording cannot continue without noise, illumination or obstruction of view that constitutes,
or would constitute, a persistent disruption of the proceedings.

At all public meetings of the Board of Regents and its Committees, accredited new media representatives shall be permitted to televise, photograph, and record the proceedings for news purposes, subject to the following regulations and conditions:
(1) When space is available in the meeting room, a specific area shall be assigned for fixed television cameras and power and microphone cables, and no other area shall be used for this purpose.
(2) Audio recording shall be through a central audio feed provided for that purpose.
(3) No microphones or recorders may be placed on the meeting table for the use of news media representatives, and no microphones may be held in front of persons participating in the proceedings.
(4) Depending upon availability of space and the particular arrangements of the meeting room, a specific area may be assigned within which news media representatives with hand-held cameras may move during a meeting.
(5) Supplementary lighting may not be used for photography or filming during a meeting.
(6) Close-up photography, filming, and recording with hand-held equipment shall be permitted prior to the start of each meeting, during a recess, or immediately following a meeting, as time permits, providing, however, that no news media representative or media equipment may be permitted within the inner area of the meeting table.
(7) The presiding Regent at a meeting may request any person to relocate, remove, or discontinue the use of any equipment which is situated or used in such a manner as to disrupt the proceedings, create a potential danger, or substantially obstruct the view of persons in the audience.
(8) The Vice President--University and Student Relations, in consultation with the Secretary of
The Regents, shall be responsible for implementation of the above, and the development of operating procedures in connection therewith.

check out this full agenda item and policy, here:

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