Saturday, September 4, 2010

Yudof says he wants to be "politically agnostic status, non-voting, ex officio member of Cal Chamber of Commerce "

here are a couple important stories that caught our eye:

After the Cal Chamber decided to endorse Whitman, Yudof says he wants to be politically agnostic status, non-voting, ex officio member

have to keep up appearances, you know

UC Irvine Upholds Suspension of Muslim Group (psst note to Associated Press: they are also STUDENTS, not just a "Muslim Group")

Astroturf U: Goldman's For-Profit College Battles Obama Crackdown and this interesting comment from "Gerrard" in the comments section of that story:

"John McKernan, ex-Governor of Maine and husband of Senator Olympia Snowe is the Chairman of the Board of EDMC. I'm a Republican.. life long and active in my town's Republican politics. This is total corruption. My daughter in law worked for EDMC in Pittsburgh and she was one of the recruiters. She had to quit because she couldn't maker her "quota" of new students. Students take out federally guaranteed loans to pay for the expensive education... It's sickening. Congress is supposed to be investigating EDMC and other for profit colleges. For the record, Snowe and McKernan were from middle class backgrounds. Snowe has never earned more than her Senate salary. McKernan was a congressman and governor of Maine. Today their net worth is a little less than $54 million. Go figure. Total corruption. The fact that Holder and Congress aren't investigating means to me that the government elite are protecting their own rackets. "

--Looks like Olympia Snowe and Di Fi have something else in common...

have a great weekend people! Happy LABOR Day!

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