Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oct 7th and Nov 2nd

They are linked- regardless of what you do on Oct 7th... MAKE SURE YOU VOTE ON NOV 2ND -so let's look at the choice we have for Gov (who appoints UC Regents). The OC Register has an easy to read comparison between the two candidates proposed solutions:

Higher Education

The Problem: Budget cutbacks have reduced the number of students accepted at the University of California and the California State University systems. Meanwhile, community colleges, which now have to absorb students not heading to public universities, also have fewer resources.

Jerry Brown

Channel cost savings from the prison system to higher education.

It is unclear whether the current financial model for our universities can be maintained. Convene a representative group to develop a new state Master Plan for Higher Education.

Explore online learning and new technologies to the fullest as well as "extended university" programs to increase educational productivity, expand access to higher learning, and reduce costs.

Ensure that community college transfer courses closely align with, and are accepted by, the California State University and University of California systems so that transfer students are not forced to take redundant courses.

Meg Whitman

Use savings from welfare and other budgetary reforms to invest $1 billion in the UC and CSU systems.

Take advantage of the academic excellence at our universities and create economic opportunity zones to encourage businesses to locate within a specified zone around these institutions. Tax incentives offered within these zones would be focused on hiring workers, promoting research and development, increasing access to state funds and loans, and encouraging a close collaboration with universities.

you can read more comparisons between Brown and NutMeg on education here in this article

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