Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pensions, Hellman, Bain Capital and Bain Consulting

If you are concerned about pensions in CA then you should read this article
which concerns:
"Financier and philanthropist Warren Hellman contributed $50,000 to the contentious Proposition B campaign. Prop. B, spearheaded by public defender Jeff Adachi, would force San Francisco city workers to contribute more to their pension and healthcare benefits. The initiative is vehemently opposed by the city's public employee unions."

if you don't recognize the name-then, do the Google-- "Warren Hellman and University of California"

SF Chron's Matier and Ross also say:
"Proving that he is indeed 'hardly strictly bluegrass' (an SF concert this weekend) billionaire financier and free concert host Warren Hellman has contributed $50,000 to the very hot Yes on B pension reform campaign in SF. "Great another Wall Street billionaire pointing the finger at public workers and saying we're the reason for all the financial problems" said police officers union head Gary Delagnes.
Hellman, who was busy putting together his annual concert in Golden Gate Park, did not return calls for comment. Prop B would require city workers to pay more for both their pensions and for their family health care plans. It was put together by Public Defender Jeff Adachi and has attracted the endorsement of former L.A. mayor Dick Riordan (who has given $50,000) and former SF mayor Willie Brown (who has given lip service).
City worker unions have launched their biggest campaign effort in years to beat back the measure.
The "no" forces have about $350,000 on hand, but labor is promising to pour in $1.3 million before it is all over. Unions have also gotten just about every elected official in the city to come out against Prop B except the biggest name in town - Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has opted to stay neutral."

--you will recall that Dianne Feinstein is married to billionaire UC Regent (another Dick) Blum. So much for neutral...

(we wonder if Blum, Di-Fi, Hellman were listening in on last week's UC Retirement Townhall Webcast? or was that just for the 'little people')

Phil Matier was on KPIX news this morning and highlighted that this proposition will impact pension policy across California- so its important folks.

Jeff Adachi is a fellow bear and you can read more about him here

is this Boston based business :

connected to this Boston based business?

and are these the same Bains and Hellmans who are involved in UCOF (the defunct busy work of Hellman Commission on the Future) and Operational Excellence Exodus (at Berkeley) -- are these the same players being discussed in the story below?

comments with info to confirm either way would be much appreciated.

(if it is true - its 'hell'-acious, just hellacious)

Kind of like the movie Burnt Offerings - which was filmed at Dunsmuir Hellman House -- perhaps the Hellmans would let UC use it and it could serve as the new UC President home given this story. "Burnt offerings" pretty much sums up the way UC is treating Blake House-- so it would be pretty apropos.

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