Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Questions Remain On Coordination Between UCOF, UCOP and OE

Operational Excellence and UC Commission on the Future (UCOF)
1- Why was there no coordination between UCOF and OE at the various campuses?
Faculty working on UCOF had no idea that OE was happening at the same time!
You'll recall some faculty working on UCOF dared to insert themselves into the discussion of OE and some development staff at Cal pitched a fit over non Cal faculty making any comments on OE- if you don't remember that - see this.

Operational Excellence and UC Office of the President (UCOP)
2- Who is coordinating the various OE initiatives among all the vendors/consultants at each campus in order to ensure that there is OE SYSTEMWIDE?

Frequently, initiatives at the campus level are not understood by UCOP personnel-or even on their radar- so the improvements and streamlining all the way up to UCOP are never fully achieved/realized and so the major problems persist.

--these questions are not asked, nor answered in the following piece, but it does address some important points- so we've cross posted it here:

Principles for Evaluating "Operational Excellence" at UC Berkeley, Fall 2010

(we are not sure what "SAVE" means on the title of that post)

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