Monday, October 25, 2010

UC's One Hundred Million Dollar Legal Bill $$$

Yes, One Hundred Million Dollars... you can read about it here

This reminds us of the August Audit and Advisory Special Meeting.
During the discussion of the cyber security insurance plan
the presenters mentioned- in trying to sell the value of the insurance- that there is a current on-going case where the liability could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We recall this info peaked the attention of Regent Makarechian and he referred to it as well in his questions. Do any of you readers happen to know what case they were referring to specifically? Do we have the right to know? We attempted to find out but, well, let's just say we felt "intimidated" and didn't pursue it.

Also, it appears there are many firms up and down the state on retainer for UC -- perhaps those pursuing legal representation (e.g. against UC) might have the option to: first ask any firm they consider hiring if that firm would have a conflict in representing them(e.g. against UC)? - perhaps ask that first before supplying any identifying information or details on any potential case might be a good idea?- do your research on this folks!

Geez, its crazy the UC community has to think this way!

This also reminds us of Bob Samuels Why UC Has Huge Legal Bills post

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