Thursday, October 14, 2010

When Hellman Froze Over On Pension Prop and RoundUp of Updates

Warren Hellman Leaves Prop. B Campaign -- Shocks Prop. B Backers
--Prop. B, spearheaded by public defender Jeff Adachi, would force San Francisco city workers to contribute more to their pension and healthcare benefits. The initiative is vehemently opposed by the city's public employee unions--here is my post from when Hellman first announced support for Prop. B
and it will also be informative if you have no idea what Warren Hellman has to do with UC.
University Probe has this new post on pension:

I am also including for your reference this recent news story on Prop B in San Francisco
this article on Schwarzenegger and Pension veto work-- I think it might be instructive...

the Chris Edley forum on online education is covered here.

here is the latest on Operational Exodus at Cal
Campus Officials Address Confusion Over Job Cuts

Impending Position Eliminations Source of Worry Amongst Staff

* if anyone has any info on updates about operational exodus at Davis, drop us a line.

and recent UCOF updates are here as well.

but, frankly, the whole Hellman Commission UCOF thing just looks like a dog and pony show, busy work to quell the masses they can't just give the finger to-- or some such.

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