Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anti Matter-- "It don't matter to them if y'all protest, they gonna do it anyway"

That's what one charming and supportive pedestrian yelled to some protesters yesterday and- yep, that's pretty much the truth. The comments at today's meeting makes it clear that more hikes are going to happen for years to come. But the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program will save you, of course. They justify it by saying that previous leadership failed to raise fees during their tenure. So, this cohort and many future cohorts are going to be forced to pay through the nose until they "catch up"- but will it ever be enough?

Future potential students are considering taking their business elsewhere:
Private schools can beat UC cost
(when one also considers the cost of living in the Bay Area or LA $$- well...)

But the administration will say that UC provides the best opportunities to be close to rock stars conducting important research...for some that exhilarating experience really does occur- for many others it does not.

We wonder how many faculty, staff, grad students, and post docs worked on this latest research breakthrough in anti matter?

UC Berkeley physicists trap antimatter atoms

What were their work schedules like? They give it their all and that is what UC really is all about, that is the true heart of the institution.

The Regents meetings are some sort of distorted parallel universe or something.

Cloudminder, for obvious reasons to Trekkies, loves the SF Chron's line: "It's a real-life version of the immortal "Star Trek" fantasy, where antimatter is crucial to speed the Starship Enterprise through the galaxy at warp drive, faster than the speed of light."

We need to pump some dilithium crystals into the fiat lux motto.

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