Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fees or Tuition, It's Too Much- Both the UC and Cal State systems want to increase fees or tuition. The increases are threatening to price middle-class families out of California colleges.

an excellent editorial on UC CSU tuition increases:

"it's been rising too fast for struggling families in a bad economy. In 2008, there were gasps as Cal State fees were raised to $3,048 a year. Now the $4,200 yearly tuition is expected to rise by 5% next semester and an additional 10% the following academic year, climbing close to $5,000 — more than three times what it was a decade ago.

Meanwhile, UC President Mark Yudof on Monday released a "letter to California" calling for an 8% increase in fees — which also look and feel a lot like tuition — to more than $11,000. This, after a wallet-emptying 32% increase last year. UC campuses also have some of the highest room-and-board prices of any colleges, public or private, in the nation, which are charged in addition to fees. UC Berkeley, for example, is the second-highest, according to a recent report by the College Board."

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