Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mourning in America vs. Morning in America, and a "New Dawn"

During the run up to the Nov. 2010 elections there was this video circulated with Sarah Palin co-opting the Morning in America meme that Reagan used in the '80's. When Sarah said it -the meaning for me was M-O-U-R-N-I-N-G. Even the camera couldn't lie in Sarah's promo- the sun rising over the Statue of Liberty was actually-- a sunset. And when Yudof's Open Letter to California mentioned a "New Dawn" I instantly thought of two things: Patrick Swayze's Red Dawn and Sister Sarah's Mourning in America. Yudof's use of the term "new dawn" was also annoying to the Ezra Klein WaPo column, please see:

The 21st-century retreat from public higher education
By Michael Konczal
he states:
"New dawn? This isn't the talk of someone who is seriously trying to save the ideal of public education."

Also, here is the latest on Gov.-Elect Jerry Brown's prep of the budget and the topic of education- the first draft of his proposed budget goes to printers in Dec before he assumes office.

Recall the JLAC state audit findings on UC are due in January 2011- let's hope they do a better job than the failed audits conducted by non gov't firms of the City of Bell, you can read more here.

In prep, you might peruse the just released UC Annual Financial Report here.

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