Monday, November 8, 2010

Protecting the Blue and Gold Plan For Californians?

Here is the latest agenda for next week's regents meeting.

One of the items: "Endorse expansion of the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan for 2011-12, under which the University will provide that financially needy California undergraduates with total family income under $80,000 will have system-wide fees covered (up to the students’ need) by scholarship or grant awards."

We wonder what protections are in place to avoid other states abuse of our UC Blue and Gold Plan?- could out of state students claim residency after the first year and receive the Blue and Gold Plan services from sophomore year on? Californians should remember this fact: California law, enacted in 2001, promises in-state tuition to any student who graduates from a California high school they have attended for at least three years. 70 percent of University of California students who pay in-state tuition under the provision are, in fact, legal residents of another state. Californians need to decide if they think these practices are fair to--well, um-- Californians.

Here is the Yudof/UCOP press release

Some potentially good news for CA: California job growth could turn positive, indicator says

Also, CSU will start using the term tuition, read about that here.

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