Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shiny Happy People

Perhaps all those upset about the stories listed to your right and on various other blogs should just consult these folks at Cal. They claim their research is not "some weird Berkeley idea we spin up in a hot tub". Oye!
What would help best? Tolman Hall?, Boalt?, does Peace and Conflict Studies dept. still exist or receive funding? Teach the budget. Teach the need for transparency at UC. Teach your area of expertise as it relates to what is happening at UC-- don't talk past each other, talk past what is being experienced where we live and work- as though these are invisible issues or the status of tenure, above scale pay, academic senate membership precludes you from it- it helps with credibility, just a suggestion.
Otherwise, it seems many of the faculty are going to be singing Shiny Happy People
while many of the staff and students will be singing:
" They never woke up From the American Dream -And they don't understand What they Don't See- And they look through you- and they look past me"-- from another 1990's hit No Where To Go
(Yes, I am listening to my i-pod right now, indulge me)

farewell, Judith Butler and thanks again for this

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