Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Why Are You Pepper Spraying Students Outside?" --They Are Spraying The Press Too!

Prof. Bob Meister asked that question during morning public comment -You can listen to the Regents meeting here

fyi, KGO, an ABC affiliate, and other reporters also got sprayed
they are spraying the press too--Cheryl Jennings, KGO anchor and health reporter, could see and hear the health problems their reporter was having and commented on it during a live 11am broadcast.

KRON 4 coverage

and HuffPo coverage here

KPIX-CBS coverage

if you watch the video you can see people who are simply standing- they are giving no resistance and not near a barricade- and they are being sprayed close contact all over their upper body.

and you can see that they focused on one man who was simply standing with a sign - a Cal alum- and they gave it to him with batons and spray. He was not pushing shoving or anything.
Protestors are shouting:
“UC Me? UC worker poverty. UC Me? UC student poverty.”

check out DailyCal coverage here

Go Bears!

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