Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fed Judge Upholds California's Affirmative Action Ban

(they misspell ward connerly's name below but that's who they are talking about)
"Connelly, a former UC Regent and Sacramento businessman, called the ruling a "powerful victory for fundamental rights."

Everyone is owed a full measure of equal treatment, including applicants to the UC system, and indeed all students," Connelly said in a statement. "None of us should be classified by race or sex, by government."

(didn't we just go through a census where they got to do exactly this?! and more!)

and the US House of Reps pass the Dream Act

Prince Charles and Camilla get caught up in student protest apparently-- not to be a party pooper but we do wonder how many scholarships could be paid for by Prince William and Kate's upcoming multimillion dollar wedding?

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