Friday, February 25, 2011

NCAA slaps Bears with two years probation

"Dennis Thomas, chair of the Committee on Infractions: “The violations in this case were a result of the men’s basketball staff’s neglect, rather than an intentional effort to circumvent the rules.”
Cal basketball: NCAA slaps Bears with two years probation
"** The head coach and two assistant coaches must attend the NCAA Regional Rules Seminar."
--can't they have them attend that before they start?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wisconsin at UC?

Will UC Regents try to follow this model? Would they be able to?:
University Of Wisconsin Releases Details On Likely System Split

also see: Wisconsin in California?

Dean of Boalt and Reed Hastings of Netflix Co-Chair U.S. Dept of Ed Equity and Excellence Commission.

The Department of Education formed the commission in response to a congressional request in the fiscal year 2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act. It met for the first time in public Feb. 22 in Washington, D.C. to discuss the scope of its work, outreach efforts, and a timetable for completing its report. The commission will hold other public meetings and at least four town hall meetings across the country to discuss the causes and effects of school finance disparities.

Edley, Berkeley Law’s dean since 2004 will co-chair the commission with Reed Hastings, who co-founded Netflix in 1997, is an active educational philanthropist and board member of many nonprofits, and was president of the California State Board of Education from 2000 to 2004.

wonder if Edley is doing anything about this story regarding students, alumni at Boalt?

A Discussion On Education, Investment, Innovation In CA

Today Dylan Ratigan took his Steel on Wheels Week tour to Oakland,CA -- the same city University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and many Cal off campus buildings operate in.
Guess who was on as a guest, just guess:
Answer: John Hennessey, President of Stanford University (in the package they did show some video of someone working in a cubicle with a Cal pennant though)

But why wasn't Yudof walking his %$# lovely self literally down just a couple of blocks and joining in the discussion on "education+investment=innovation" -that was the topic they were discussing --in a national forum from the same city that houses UC headquarters-- a conversation UC "leadership" did not participate in.... what a shame.

Da Mayor Willie Brown, Chrystia Freeland, Peter Morici, and founders of One Job For America (it is a movement founded by San Franciscans) were also on the program. They make important comments about US engineering degrees, Wisconsin, collective bargaining, etc. Take a look at the clips. Freeland made some very important comments about the boldness of GOP Pols and lack of boldness from Dem Pols, collective bargaining and benefits,and important points on China-- hopefully that clip will be up soon, check it out.
you can watch here.

(Lots of the corporate MSM want to turn Wisconsin into solely a discussion on "Collective Bargaining Reform" rather than discuss the politics, lack of access to real labor rights through effective govt agencies etc. for many low wage workers etc.- here are photos from Feb 22 candlelight vigil for labor in Sacramento. Hardly received any press- but photos posted in galleries.)

If you see Dylan 'round town say "hey".
Final lift off of Discovery just happened - bittersweet, perfect lift-off.
"Go with throttle up" is a favorite part- but always think of Challenger imagine that the Challenger team would be so sad to hear the statistic Dylan reminded us of-- that today Americans make up less than 30% of those who receive engineering degrees in the USA--those degrees go to 70% foreign born who then take their degrees to other countries. Here also is a clip on the lack of qualified candidates and Science Tech Engineering and Math (STEM) efforts.

Also this important update:
$4 Billion Mystery Solved -However, the second Mystery remains to be answered: Why is so much State money appropriated for the University’s Instructional program diverted to other uses, year after year?

Why Is Cal Having So Many Problems Handling Its Student Hearings?

these are high profile issues, but common issues on campuses- why are these issues being handled so poorly?:
Handling of Harassment Hearing Draws Complaints
Student Conduct Hearing Prolonged

-not operationally excellent...

here is another one:

Misconduct Hearing Delays Spark Discord

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cal Name Changed To University of The United States of America?

Update: here's video of keynote from F. King Alexander, President, Cal State Long Beach- for this 14th Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability

- tent cards,name tags,podium,screen, mics, and panel opining (check out the lack of diversity of panel participants!) will not bring ethics to UC but it was a good schmoozing networking event for the well paid.

the video of Birgeneau's comments mentioned below- view that here.

if you are interested in K-12 here is video of that panel

and here is video on healthcare

and SF Chron has cross posted the original article, check out the comments section there too: UC becoming a federal university, chancellor says
Why not just go and instead call it University of the Universe-- oh, that's right -- no $money$ in it...
please read:
Chancellor: UC Berkeley morphing into federal university

Cal needs a new Chancellor -- desperately.
Maybe then Birgeneau can go back to U. of Toronto and tell them to change their name to University of the Commonwealth or something...if they'll have him back.

FYI- hint, hint- federal funding is going to also decrease as well- no more stimulus money being sent out.

Although if this name change did occur -- that would make Birgeneau fall in as a direct line employee report to folks like Senator Charles Grassley-- which could be very interesting, very interesting indeed! read this to find out why.

Watch It!

watch this ten minute short film

pay attention --at the very end-- there is a story within the story- here is some background and an editorial here. also see the stories listed on your right to make up your own informed opinion.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big GOP Cuts To UC?

How Republican budget cuts would affect California

"University of California students would take a nearly $55-million hit from reductions in Pell grants. A $20-million check promised for bringing a rail line closer to the L.A. airport would be taken back. Head Start cuts would eliminate about 14,000 slots for low-income children in California.

Those are among the possible effects on California in the budget-cutting bill approved Saturday by the House's new Republican majority — legislation that would cut about $1.5 billion in federal money going to California, according to one estimate. "

"The UC system, for which federal funding is the single largest source of support for research, would receive nearly $100 million less — just in biomedical research.

"Cuts of this magnitude are unsustainable if California's biomedical research industry is to remain a global leader in research innovation and an economic engine helping to stabilize California's economy," J. Gary Falle, UC associate vice president for government relations, wrote to lawmakers.

The cuts to Pell grants would affect about one-third of UC undergraduates, or nearly 65,000 students, UC officials said."

If this bugs you -- you might want to go to Sacto on Feb 22nd with these folks: more info here. Think of it as a warm up for March 2nd.

Fifty Democrats helped For Profit colleges win big yesterday see this story.

Also, on the Wisconsin thing-- find this Russ Feingold development interesting.

A woman called into CNN today from Libya- she kept saying " we are afraid-please help us, we are good people - we have no access to hospitals or schools, please help us, I am scared"-- just keep thinking about her.
Hospitals and schools.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

¿Dónde está $4 Billion?-- Mystery at UCOP- Act II

Hey Cal Aware folks,
CPRA compliance is small potatoes compared to this:

$4 Billion Mystery at UCOP: Act II

-very similar "behavior".

Wishing It Doesn't Make It So...

Remaking the University posted a link that sent us into fits of giggles when we read it:

"Operational Excellence" Announces it has Principles"

You will notice at the bottom of that page there is a reference to BFA and SAVE-two groups that recently consolidated "to strengthen the independent voice of faculty on the campus". (SAVE is now under the umbrella of the BFA-AAUP, we don't yet know if that is a good or bad development strategically and will wait to see.) The OE 'we got principles' document was drafted as an after thought, a lame reaction from OE execs to BFA and SAVE protests and complaints-- it was not offered by Cal senior exec "leaders" as part of the foundation of their launch of this OE initiative. And now they are doing this PR flow that sounds like-as if in cave person voice-"Silos bad, spans and layers good,Bain said, we got principles. You fired, reassigned, laid off, phased out." Deep.

It mirrors what happened with "Guiding principles of equity and inclusion" which weren't posted until just a few short months ago --while the Operational Exodus initiative has now been in place for years...and, the equity and inclusion doc is full of mere "suggestions" and "considerations"...

If these things were made part of the framework at the beginning and had some teeth-- then it would not be such a failed, maligned, suspect initiative headed up by many who have already given the community failed systems and procedures over the years. Trying to hide these facts and clean up the image after all the mess- it isn't working.

UC's Contributions to Silicon Valley Shut Out At Obama Dinner

$100 Billion Dollars will be sitting for dinner tonight in Silicon Valley with President Obama. UC's contributions to Silicon Valley didn't gain an invite according to this guest list.
Larry Ellison, of Oracle- a major UC vendor - will be there.
John Hennessy, Pres of Stanford U. will be at the dinner.
here's photos, ah the diversity at that table...

Save The Date: March 2nd Day of Action

See the flier:
Wednesday, March 2nd Day of Action To Defend Public Education
In Northern California this includes activities listed here. and here.
share the info.

Another Take On Pell Grant Reform...

What Obama's 2012 Budget Does—and Doesn't Do

an important excerpt:
"Pell Grants. Perhaps no other line item drew more advance outrage than the news that the Obama budget proposed to touch the Pell grant program for low-income college students. But the actual budget proposes no changes to traditional Pell grants, which are currently at their highest level ever. What it does is halt, after just two years, a program launched in the 2009-2010 school year that allowed students to apply for a whole second Pell grant for summer school or if they took extra credits.

That program turned out to cost 10 times more than expected, and there was no evidence it was helping anyone graduate from college faster. Instead, it appeared to be the case that for-profit colleges were gaming the system to encourage students to apply for the additional grants to take academically questionable courses.

As well, Obama is proposing to eliminate the interest subsidy on student loans for those who attend graduate or professional school -- a not totally unsupportable position, morally or politically. Attorneys and physicians coming out of these programs will have higher than average salaries, and the end of this program might even encourage some people to finish their PhDs faster, instead of dragging them out unnecessarily. People with graduate degrees are also the most consistent group of Democratic presidential voters in the country, and these changes aren't likely to halt that."


(We are writing this on the 16th- but won't post it until a full night's sleep on it- so you will likely see it on the 17th or later.)
We're torn-we don't really cover stories about individual students, news stories that involve students etc. That kind of stuff is for the student run newspapers (and sometimes the comments sections on those stories-the way students talk about and to each other is pretty cruel, jus' sayin'.)
We cover the Regents and Senior "Management" decisions at UC, (sometimes that includes the faculty)--basically, people who claim to be seasoned professionals, those who frequently state that they are deserving of being compensated at "market rates" and above --and the "quality, performance" that results, or doesn't.Generally speaking, we comment on stories that have repercussions for UC system-wide - and stuff said about UC's image outside of the UC system- that's the kind of stuff we take an interest in about our alma mater...We tend to compile the negative news stories on UC- times when the quality and performance raise concern- 'cause those stories are often buried,swept under, brushed over or it needs to be put in context and connected to the management, history. Regents and senior management tend to act like they have no institutional memory of botched operations that keep repeating throughout the system, that's why we compile the less than pleasant stuff.(UC PR teams are sure to cover the positive press-- so, it's all good.)

So right now, we are torn on whether or not to cover recent stories involving the Student Regent. Because first and foremost, he is a student. For instance, we made no reference to previous personal stories about him posted on HuffPo. Yet, when those particular stories came out we were concerned about the added exposure for him-- because it occurred shortly after his taking a high profile position as regent. And, we remain concerned for any student who sits at the table with the Regents- for obvious reasons- a lot of powerful interests sitting at that table. There are add'l challenges for any student elevated to a higher profile within the community. Athletes generally get counseled on it. We hope the student regents are fully and properly counseled and groomed on how to handle these demands by some unbiased, thoughtful resource and that they have the ear of well intentioned folks when they need help coping with the demands.

So, what to do? Do we cover it? Well, we have referred to the student-regent's blog and comments in the past are the news stories on it: here and here and this too.

We don't know the final facts. We don't know those involved.
We send our hopes, intentions, wishes for peace and healing for all concerned.
Everyone, please have a care in covering this and in commenting on it.

The only position we will take on this is the following: 12 Year Appointed UC Regents specifically must operate with transparency and a very high ethical standard precisely for moments like these- so that they can provide an example and stability to the UC system in troubled times, and to their colleagues (like the Student Regent,Faculty Reps, Staff Advisors, their designates etc.) who sit at the table with them during Regent meetings- this is precisely why we try to point out when the Regents don't meet that leadership standard.

Coincidentally, Feb 17th-today- is the deadline for applying to be the next UC student regent. If you are a UC student considering applying don't be deterred if you are so inclined- it is a necessary and important role- just do it with eyes wide open.

UC Principles Of Community Not Policy- Merely Flowery Words On UC Website

Check out this letter written by Rahim Reed Associate Executive Vice Chancellor at UC Davis.
Read more background here.

So, the next time you see UC positions on any topic on their websites for their campuses- well, that may or may not be their policy- and you may or may not get a response when you ask a question about's "web wording"...
"A spokesperson for UC-Davis directed comments about “The Principles of Community” to Raheem Reed, an associate executive vice chancellor. Reed did not return numerous phone calls."
--the web page may just disappear with or without replacement- and AP even refers to it as "web wording"- and someone in the chain of command might or might not be traveling,responsive to inquiries etc...that's leadership...
of course, it's not policy --the university just asks students to reaffirm their commitment to it annually...
Fiat Lux Alice In Wonderland.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UC Davis Defines Christians as Oppressors, And Has Food Bank For Students?!

Students at UC Davis have filed a formal complaint over a university policy that defines religious discrimination as Christians oppressing non-Christians- in UC Principles of Community documents no less! more here and here.
Did any Operationally, Organizational Excellent execs read that document before adopting it as UC policy?!

@Andrew Jenks and @NYUlocal were on Dylan Ratigan talking about student debt- you can read about their efforts here-$659 million in student debt at NYU alone ($35,000 per student). Anyway, they mentioned UC Davis running a food bank for UC students who are in need of food. You can see the segment posted here.

We looked to confirm that reference to student hunger at UC Davis-we found:

Hope for hungry students at UCLA

UCLA Food Bank Comes To Aid Of Hungry Students

UC Davis food pantry opens for students in need

UC Davis opens up student food bank

It used to be that the students ran the food banks for the community and sponsored drives. The students staffed and donated but they were not a large group of those in need. Alumni will recall co-ops fed a lot of folks back in the day. Do UC staff also get to use the food banks?

And it is also about UC "priorities".

Kudos to UCSC students efforts on making prom great for high school students in need- hopefully other campuses can join in.

If you don't understand what is happening in Cali - here's a clue.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hoodwinked, Bamboozled

This Mercury News editorial states that UC needs training in order to comply with CPRA- maybe they think UC only needs training in Bagley Keene too?--this behavior goes way back- just look at the news headlines and the stories behind them on your right.

and then there's this:

Casino mogul Kirk Kerkorian donates $100 million to UCLA-- and another $100 Million for UCLA to manage --roflmao-- paging Steve Wynn...
Don't Forget

Independent Filmmaker, Rico Chavez will release his new film, Hanging by a Thread, at UC Davis Wednesday Feb. 16 at 7 p.m., at Giedt Hall Room 1003 on campus.
more info here.
How can it be that student newspaper reporters can write this sort of stuff on SB 8 (esp. the last paragraph!) -- when the faculty - many faculty- within the same institutions are raising many questions about the books? For instance:

Time for the CSU's Top Brass to Look in the Mirror

also see:
Understanding the History and Structure of the UC Budget

Also, if CSU has to return money to the state - can UC get it?
Unable to meet enrollment goals, CSU may have to return state funds

On the Cal Baseball thing see:
Forced Hibernation Raises Questions For Cal Bears Baseball
and SI's:
Cal cuts baseball, leaving supporters with plenty of questions
Remember not so long ago when Birgeneau was braggin' about being good buddies with a head honcho at NCAA?
"It happens one of my good friends is the new president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, so I'm hoping to be able to have a very direct ..."

Monday, February 14, 2011

UC Gets An F In Recent CPRA Audit

Notice a recurring theme in the following stories?:
UC gets poor grade for complying with records requests- UC Gets An F!
here is a quick read overview of the results.
CalAware audited all 32 UC and CSU campuses throughout California. Please see their full reports here.
Read further coverage here.

$4 Billion Mystery at UCOP.
What is the explanation for this apparent discrepancy? $400 – $500 Million per year - by UC Professor Schwartz

Budget Matters (Part I) - by UC Professor Meranze

UC Berkeley's Endowment Seating Program Doesn't Quite Add Up-
The Campus's Plan to Go Into Debt to Retrofit Memorial Stadium Is a Problematic Issue

here is this follow up post -by UC Professor Barsky:
How much cash in hand has been raised to date for the Stadium?

and this old video for more context: ASUC Budget Panel: Brian Barsky

Also, Cal Baseball says it was not properly warned, read: here and here.

"Nickle disputes the university's numbers, saying his group raised $15 million and that the money the school is turning away would be more than sufficient to put baseball and men's gymnastics on firm footing.He said officials never gave the baseball program the $10 million figure and that he believes that target could have been reached if it was made clear and that his group will still work to reinstate the two programs."We know the university has now made two wrong decisions," Nickle said. "The University of California deserves better. We will continue to work to provide better."

and there's this:
"Birgeneau said he did not believe the announcement in September was premature, even though three of the programs were eventually retained.He said he sent a message to athletic department supporters 16 months ago that these cuts might be necessary and little was done to retain them until the announcement was made.My message engendered virtually no response for an entire year," he said.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloudminder Sends A Valentine To:

To Professor Michael Marra at UCLA
Thought of him today when we saw all the cherry blossoms blooming.
"The foothills creep through a white cloud of cherry blossoms."
-Kobayashi Issa
hat tip to University Diaries for UD's post on Prof. Marra
--and for this post as well:

"First Richard…

Blum, and now Lee Bollinger: Hypocrites of the Century."

Perhaps members of the UC community can join the efforts of Columbia students on that front.

Two such completely different stories-- paired together, they capture a large portion of what is happening in higher education today.
One story about the beauty of dedication to humanity and lifelong learning.
The other story about exploiting the fear in prospective students.
Lots of revolutions going on...Egypt gets a Valentine too!

Update: Cal drops ball in its handling of endangered sports programs

Sherry: Cal 'Righted the Wrong,' But Damage Is Done
Cal baseball team not ready to give up the fight
"Cal, rated No. 17 nationally in Baseball America's preseason poll, opens its season Feb. 18 at home against Utah. As things currently stand, it will be the final opening day for a program born in 1892."
and here's video
DailyCal Campus Reinstates Three Athletic Teams
Baseball, Men's Gymnastics Remain Cut for Next Year

Cal Restores Three Varsity Sports

and this: "The University of California cuts its baseball team; UCLA meets with Charlie Sheen" --lovely, just lovely...

PR bs can be read here

Groups working to save UC Berkeley sports programs :$34,000 has come from Cal's rivals at Stanford.Former congressman Pete McCloskey, who's a Stanford alum, says he's prepared to tap other Stanford grads if he needs to.
Original Post:
Could it get any more botched?!:
Dialing for Dollars."In fact, good news for some or all of the targeted programs could come Friday. Or Saturday. Or at halftime of the football team's first home-away-from-home game at San Francisco's AT&T Park next fall. But first the university, which had promised an announcement at 11 a.m. Thursday, opted for a more pressing assignment -- working the phones to confirm donation pledges."

"To make things right, Cal would have to add 50 women student-athletes, while getting rid of 80 men."

- This Operational Excellence information was provided to Cal by the NY Times -not from Cal...

Daily Cal is left twisting in the wind on the coverage of this:
Campus to Announce Athletics Teams Decision Friday
(after the NY Times story hit the administration has been scrambling around like cockroaches seeing light or something and the press has been put on hold...why?!)

Campus Decision on Athletic Teams Reinstatement Delayed

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Katehi: "much of what we did in years past -- the systems and the philosophies that kept our campus running for many decades no longer work."

Opportunity in Crisis: The Potential $99 Million Budget Shortfall by UCD Chancellor Katehi
"much of what we did in years past -- the systems and the philosophies that kept our campus running for many decades no longer work."
and she says:
"we will remain a land grant institution,"
as though that is somehow decided by fiat...

Facing Title IX Pressure, Cal May Restore the Teams It Cut

"Kristen Galles, a lawyer who represents athletes suing colleges for Title IX violations, questioned the logic behind Cal’s decision, adding that the university might have exposed itself to a lawsuit by the female athletes whose teams are cut.

“It doesn’t make sense to be cutting any women’s sports if their numbers are that bad,” Galles said. “These schools do not get sued for not offering enough sports; they get sued when they’re dumb enough to cut women’s teams.”"

update: Jerry Brown Scraps Schwarzenegger Plan To Sell State Buildings

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cal's Latest Hedge Fund Manager AVC

"Over his two decades with the World Bank, Wilton lived and worked in locales ranging from Indonesia and Bulgaria to Washington, D.C., headquarters, where he rose to vice president of strategy and finance. He left the bank in 2006 to become a managing director of Farallon Capital Management, a global hedge fund, and since 2008 has also served as macroeconomics adviser to Hellman and Friedman, a San Francisco-based private-equity fund with offices in New York and London.
“The big challenge at the bank, and at a place like Berkeley, is that you have a lot of important things people want to do, and they all could potentially make a real difference in people’s lives,” he says. “But we live in a world of finite resources. So we have to marry the resources with the priorities, and make that part of a coherent strategy that people accept.”

For years, he says, the World Bank faced criticism for its policies from both the left and right, and confusion over its operations from its own employees. On both fronts, he says, improving transparency helped smooth the waters. Once-hostile activists now have representatives “inside the building,” resulting in dialogue, Wilton says, that is “better informed, and has channeled the significant energy of NGOs toward finding solutions, rather than trying to find someone to blame.” Internally, Wilton himself launched a series of “town hall” lectures in which he explained the inner workings of the bank to interested staff.

“We found a lot of people were much happier once they understood what the whole picture looked like, rather than just their little bit,” he says."

of course... you can read the full PR piece here.

Video: Press Conference: Discussion on the Impact of Governor Brown's Proposed State Budget Cuts to California's Education System

Amazing how the State of California Legislature can manage to provide the video for press conferences and hearings in Sacto- yet, the UC Regents can't refuses to place their meetings on video...

Speakers: Jack Scott, California Community Colleges Chancellor; Charles Reed, CSU Chancellor; and Mark Yudof, President of the University of California. View it here.
Yudof speaks at the 11:35 min mark - it is a 36:00 long video-includes Q & A- and pretty comprehensive. Yudof: "I don't have a plan standing here today.";"I think these are permanent cuts";--he also says 'We are made to take on add'l 30,000+ students but turning students away.'

You can also view Yudof's full testimony this week to the Assembly.
See that here.
Yudof and Higher Ed begin at the 20:45 mark. (The video includes remarks not referenced in the UCOP prepared remarks advance press release.) Pay attention at the 34:00 mark! He also discusses the UT system being funded by oil and "the trouble now" at UT...

Did he call them "unreliable, fickle partners" to their face-- no, he saves that for regents meetings.

Also see UC Berkeley asked to absorb $80M of Brown's $500M cut- it discusses cuts to UCD, UCLA and other campuses as well.

UC Student Regent gave a brief video (love his new use of video updates!) overview of the January UC Regents meeting- but no update yet from him on the special UC Regent meeting during the first week of February. G-d only knows what happened.

Also see:
UC System Seeks Unrestricted Donations to Increase Revenue
- Future donors might beware the word "unrestricted" --see items on your right for reasons why...

On the Operational Exodus scene: it looks like every section of that initiative is now anticipating less savings than originally projected by the multimillion dollar contracted consultants.

Diggin' Remaking the University's new look.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Degraded Faculty, Demoralized Staff

UC Fears Faculty Loss to Private Colleges

-the crony response is "the state won't pay for faculty and students" -- yet, the money always rolls around for execs...

"Hanging By A Thread" at UC-The film the Regents didn’t want you to see!

An independent film by Rico Chavez about the University of California’s misplaced priorities and how they are hurting the people who learn, teach and work under the UC System.

Upcoming screenings at UC Campuses:
Thursday, January 27, 2011 @ 6:00PM - 102 Merrill

Thursday, January 27, 2011 @ 7:00PM - HMNSS Room 1501
(Also showing in LBST 001 @ 11am in Watkins 1111)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 @ 6:00PM - 145 Dwinelle Hall

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 @ 6:00PM - Toland Hall

Thursday, February 3, 2011 @ 6:00PM - Law School Room 1457 (First floor)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - Location and time TBA

hey, what about Davis?!
--received a comment below that says "Davis! 2/16 at 6pm. Location TBA." will post more details as they become available. tx.

oh, yeah! and what about Irvine?!

see also:

Hanging By A Thread UC on Facebook

Documentary Spotlights UCSC Employee‘Hanging by a Thread’ profiles daily struggles of food service worker
By Laurel Fujii City on a Hill Press

and recall this story:
UC denies filmmaker's right to tape meeting