Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big GOP Cuts To UC?

How Republican budget cuts would affect California

"University of California students would take a nearly $55-million hit from reductions in Pell grants. A $20-million check promised for bringing a rail line closer to the L.A. airport would be taken back. Head Start cuts would eliminate about 14,000 slots for low-income children in California.

Those are among the possible effects on California in the budget-cutting bill approved Saturday by the House's new Republican majority — legislation that would cut about $1.5 billion in federal money going to California, according to one estimate. "

"The UC system, for which federal funding is the single largest source of support for research, would receive nearly $100 million less — just in biomedical research.

"Cuts of this magnitude are unsustainable if California's biomedical research industry is to remain a global leader in research innovation and an economic engine helping to stabilize California's economy," J. Gary Falle, UC associate vice president for government relations, wrote to lawmakers.

The cuts to Pell grants would affect about one-third of UC undergraduates, or nearly 65,000 students, UC officials said."

If this bugs you -- you might want to go to Sacto on Feb 22nd with these folks: more info here. Think of it as a warm up for March 2nd.

Fifty Democrats helped For Profit colleges win big yesterday see this story.

Also, on the Wisconsin thing-- find this Russ Feingold development interesting.

A woman called into CNN today from Libya- she kept saying " we are afraid-please help us, we are good people - we have no access to hospitals or schools, please help us, I am scared"-- just keep thinking about her.
Hospitals and schools.

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