Friday, February 11, 2011

Update: Cal drops ball in its handling of endangered sports programs

Sherry: Cal 'Righted the Wrong,' But Damage Is Done
Cal baseball team not ready to give up the fight
"Cal, rated No. 17 nationally in Baseball America's preseason poll, opens its season Feb. 18 at home against Utah. As things currently stand, it will be the final opening day for a program born in 1892."
and here's video
DailyCal Campus Reinstates Three Athletic Teams
Baseball, Men's Gymnastics Remain Cut for Next Year

Cal Restores Three Varsity Sports

and this: "The University of California cuts its baseball team; UCLA meets with Charlie Sheen" --lovely, just lovely...

PR bs can be read here

Groups working to save UC Berkeley sports programs :$34,000 has come from Cal's rivals at Stanford.Former congressman Pete McCloskey, who's a Stanford alum, says he's prepared to tap other Stanford grads if he needs to.
Original Post:
Could it get any more botched?!:
Dialing for Dollars."In fact, good news for some or all of the targeted programs could come Friday. Or Saturday. Or at halftime of the football team's first home-away-from-home game at San Francisco's AT&T Park next fall. But first the university, which had promised an announcement at 11 a.m. Thursday, opted for a more pressing assignment -- working the phones to confirm donation pledges."

"To make things right, Cal would have to add 50 women student-athletes, while getting rid of 80 men."

- This Operational Excellence information was provided to Cal by the NY Times -not from Cal...

Daily Cal is left twisting in the wind on the coverage of this:
Campus to Announce Athletics Teams Decision Friday
(after the NY Times story hit the administration has been scrambling around like cockroaches seeing light or something and the press has been put on hold...why?!)

Campus Decision on Athletic Teams Reinstatement Delayed

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