Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cal Name Changed To University of The United States of America?

Update: here's video of keynote from F. King Alexander, President, Cal State Long Beach- for this 14th Annual Travers Conference on Ethics and Accountability

- tent cards,name tags,podium,screen, mics, and panel opining (check out the lack of diversity of panel participants!) will not bring ethics to UC but it was a good schmoozing networking event for the well paid.

the video of Birgeneau's comments mentioned below- view that here.

if you are interested in K-12 here is video of that panel

and here is video on healthcare

and SF Chron has cross posted the original article, check out the comments section there too: UC becoming a federal university, chancellor says
Why not just go and instead call it University of the Universe-- oh, that's right -- no $money$ in it...
please read:
Chancellor: UC Berkeley morphing into federal university

Cal needs a new Chancellor -- desperately.
Maybe then Birgeneau can go back to U. of Toronto and tell them to change their name to University of the Commonwealth or something...if they'll have him back.

FYI- hint, hint- federal funding is going to also decrease as well- no more stimulus money being sent out.

Although if this name change did occur -- that would make Birgeneau fall in as a direct line employee report to folks like Senator Charles Grassley-- which could be very interesting, very interesting indeed! read this to find out why.

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