Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloudminder Sends A Valentine To:

To Professor Michael Marra at UCLA
Thought of him today when we saw all the cherry blossoms blooming.
"The foothills creep through a white cloud of cherry blossoms."
-Kobayashi Issa
hat tip to University Diaries for UD's post on Prof. Marra
--and for this post as well:

"First Richard…

Blum, and now Lee Bollinger: Hypocrites of the Century."

Perhaps members of the UC community can join the efforts of Columbia students on that front.

Two such completely different stories-- paired together, they capture a large portion of what is happening in higher education today.
One story about the beauty of dedication to humanity and lifelong learning.
The other story about exploiting the fear in prospective students.
Lots of revolutions going on...Egypt gets a Valentine too!

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