Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Discussion On Education, Investment, Innovation In CA

Today Dylan Ratigan took his Steel on Wheels Week tour to Oakland,CA -- the same city University of California Office of the President (UCOP) and many Cal off campus buildings operate in.
Guess who was on as a guest, just guess:
Answer: John Hennessey, President of Stanford University (in the package they did show some video of someone working in a cubicle with a Cal pennant though)

But why wasn't Yudof walking his %$# lovely self literally down just a couple of blocks and joining in the discussion on "education+investment=innovation" -that was the topic they were discussing --in a national forum from the same city that houses UC headquarters-- a conversation UC "leadership" did not participate in.... what a shame.

Da Mayor Willie Brown, Chrystia Freeland, Peter Morici, and founders of One Job For America (it is a movement founded by San Franciscans) were also on the program. They make important comments about US engineering degrees, Wisconsin, collective bargaining, etc. Take a look at the clips. Freeland made some very important comments about the boldness of GOP Pols and lack of boldness from Dem Pols, collective bargaining and benefits,and important points on China-- hopefully that clip will be up soon, check it out.
you can watch here.

(Lots of the corporate MSM want to turn Wisconsin into solely a discussion on "Collective Bargaining Reform" rather than discuss the politics, lack of access to real labor rights through effective govt agencies etc. for many low wage workers etc.- here are photos from Feb 22 candlelight vigil for labor in Sacramento. Hardly received any press- but photos posted in galleries.)

If you see Dylan 'round town say "hey".
Final lift off of Discovery just happened - bittersweet, perfect lift-off.
"Go with throttle up" is a favorite part- but always think of Challenger imagine that the Challenger team would be so sad to hear the statistic Dylan reminded us of-- that today Americans make up less than 30% of those who receive engineering degrees in the USA--those degrees go to 70% foreign born who then take their degrees to other countries. Here also is a clip on the lack of qualified candidates and Science Tech Engineering and Math (STEM) efforts.

Also this important update:
$4 Billion Mystery Solved -However, the second Mystery remains to be answered: Why is so much State money appropriated for the University’s Instructional program diverted to other uses, year after year?

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