Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UC Davis Defines Christians as Oppressors, And Has Food Bank For Students?!

Students at UC Davis have filed a formal complaint over a university policy that defines religious discrimination as Christians oppressing non-Christians- in UC Principles of Community documents no less! more here and here.
Did any Operationally, Organizational Excellent execs read that document before adopting it as UC policy?!

@Andrew Jenks and @NYUlocal were on Dylan Ratigan talking about student debt- you can read about their efforts here-$659 million in student debt at NYU alone ($35,000 per student). Anyway, they mentioned UC Davis running a food bank for UC students who are in need of food. You can see the segment posted here.

We looked to confirm that reference to student hunger at UC Davis-we found:

Hope for hungry students at UCLA

UCLA Food Bank Comes To Aid Of Hungry Students

UC Davis food pantry opens for students in need

UC Davis opens up student food bank

It used to be that the students ran the food banks for the community and sponsored drives. The students staffed and donated but they were not a large group of those in need. Alumni will recall co-ops fed a lot of folks back in the day. Do UC staff also get to use the food banks?

And it is also about UC "priorities".

Kudos to UCSC students efforts on making prom great for high school students in need- hopefully other campuses can join in.

If you don't understand what is happening in Cali - here's a clue.

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