Monday, February 14, 2011

UC Gets An F In Recent CPRA Audit

Notice a recurring theme in the following stories?:
UC gets poor grade for complying with records requests- UC Gets An F!
here is a quick read overview of the results.
CalAware audited all 32 UC and CSU campuses throughout California. Please see their full reports here.
Read further coverage here.

$4 Billion Mystery at UCOP.
What is the explanation for this apparent discrepancy? $400 – $500 Million per year - by UC Professor Schwartz

Budget Matters (Part I) - by UC Professor Meranze

UC Berkeley's Endowment Seating Program Doesn't Quite Add Up-
The Campus's Plan to Go Into Debt to Retrofit Memorial Stadium Is a Problematic Issue

here is this follow up post -by UC Professor Barsky:
How much cash in hand has been raised to date for the Stadium?

and this old video for more context: ASUC Budget Panel: Brian Barsky

Also, Cal Baseball says it was not properly warned, read: here and here.

"Nickle disputes the university's numbers, saying his group raised $15 million and that the money the school is turning away would be more than sufficient to put baseball and men's gymnastics on firm footing.He said officials never gave the baseball program the $10 million figure and that he believes that target could have been reached if it was made clear and that his group will still work to reinstate the two programs."We know the university has now made two wrong decisions," Nickle said. "The University of California deserves better. We will continue to work to provide better."

and there's this:
"Birgeneau said he did not believe the announcement in September was premature, even though three of the programs were eventually retained.He said he sent a message to athletic department supporters 16 months ago that these cuts might be necessary and little was done to retain them until the announcement was made.My message engendered virtually no response for an entire year," he said.

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