Thursday, February 17, 2011

UC Principles Of Community Not Policy- Merely Flowery Words On UC Website

Check out this letter written by Rahim Reed Associate Executive Vice Chancellor at UC Davis.
Read more background here.

So, the next time you see UC positions on any topic on their websites for their campuses- well, that may or may not be their policy- and you may or may not get a response when you ask a question about's "web wording"...
"A spokesperson for UC-Davis directed comments about “The Principles of Community” to Raheem Reed, an associate executive vice chancellor. Reed did not return numerous phone calls."
--the web page may just disappear with or without replacement- and AP even refers to it as "web wording"- and someone in the chain of command might or might not be traveling,responsive to inquiries etc...that's leadership...
of course, it's not policy --the university just asks students to reaffirm their commitment to it annually...
Fiat Lux Alice In Wonderland.

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