Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Video: Press Conference: Discussion on the Impact of Governor Brown's Proposed State Budget Cuts to California's Education System

Amazing how the State of California Legislature can manage to provide the video for press conferences and hearings in Sacto- yet, the UC Regents can't refuses to place their meetings on video...

Speakers: Jack Scott, California Community Colleges Chancellor; Charles Reed, CSU Chancellor; and Mark Yudof, President of the University of California. View it here.
Yudof speaks at the 11:35 min mark - it is a 36:00 long video-includes Q & A- and pretty comprehensive. Yudof: "I don't have a plan standing here today.";"I think these are permanent cuts";--he also says 'We are made to take on add'l 30,000+ students but turning students away.'

You can also view Yudof's full testimony this week to the Assembly.
See that here.
Yudof and Higher Ed begin at the 20:45 mark. (The video includes remarks not referenced in the UCOP prepared remarks advance press release.) Pay attention at the 34:00 mark! He also discusses the UT system being funded by oil and "the trouble now" at UT...

Did he call them "unreliable, fickle partners" to their face-- no, he saves that for regents meetings.

Also see UC Berkeley asked to absorb $80M of Brown's $500M cut- it discusses cuts to UCD, UCLA and other campuses as well.

UC Student Regent gave a brief video (love his new use of video updates!) overview of the January UC Regents meeting- but no update yet from him on the special UC Regent meeting during the first week of February. G-d only knows what happened.

Also see:
UC System Seeks Unrestricted Donations to Increase Revenue
- Future donors might beware the word "unrestricted" --see items on your right for reasons why...

On the Operational Exodus scene: it looks like every section of that initiative is now anticipating less savings than originally projected by the multimillion dollar contracted consultants.

Diggin' Remaking the University's new look.

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