Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wishing It Doesn't Make It So...

Remaking the University posted a link that sent us into fits of giggles when we read it:

"Operational Excellence" Announces it has Principles"

You will notice at the bottom of that page there is a reference to BFA and SAVE-two groups that recently consolidated "to strengthen the independent voice of faculty on the campus". (SAVE is now under the umbrella of the BFA-AAUP, we don't yet know if that is a good or bad development strategically and will wait to see.) The OE 'we got principles' document was drafted as an after thought, a lame reaction from OE execs to BFA and SAVE protests and complaints-- it was not offered by Cal senior exec "leaders" as part of the foundation of their launch of this OE initiative. And now they are doing this PR flow that sounds like-as if in cave person voice-"Silos bad, spans and layers good,Bain said, we got principles. You fired, reassigned, laid off, phased out." Deep.

It mirrors what happened with "Guiding principles of equity and inclusion" which weren't posted until just a few short months ago --while the Operational Exodus initiative has now been in place for years...and, the equity and inclusion doc is full of mere "suggestions" and "considerations"...

If these things were made part of the framework at the beginning and had some teeth-- then it would not be such a failed, maligned, suspect initiative headed up by many who have already given the community failed systems and procedures over the years. Trying to hide these facts and clean up the image after all the mess- it isn't working.

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