Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Charles McMillan Named New Director Of Los Alamos Lab

In addition to the "$10 Billion Dollar UC hospital system" Yudof frequently mentions in speeches-there is the UC military industrial complex holdings (the UC student papers and MSM rarely cover the labs as part of the UC system)-the LANS Board of Governors and UC Regents today appointed "someone who's highly committed and credible in the world of nuclear weapons, global security, and other science missions." you can read the press release: here.

The regents meeting in March mentioned that "the labs" are raking in the dough, flush with $... the UC Regents want them to get even more "business" -- how this historically and currently affects and interacts with the rest of the UC system ... well...it will give you a headache.
Feel very sorry for current parents and students - grad and undergrad - who have to: try to figure out what their fee/tuition dollars are funding or not funding.

It looks like Rice took a few UCSD cancer rock stars-- and the rock stars have some interesting comments on their way out! They talk about problems that are metastasizing that are not necessarily CA budget related- gee, what could that be?! (btw Couldn't the rock stars have been offered some sort of deal at the lucrative UC labs, UC hospitals or something? as a retention effort?)
Cal is trying to be more like UNC Chapel Hill- thus the Bain Operational Excellence effort at Cal. So, look what is now happening at UNC Chapel Hill:

Why They Move-When times get tough, top talent goes elsewhere. Inside Higher Ed May 31, 2011

Did Bain Consulting or Bain Capital handle that too?

That's why we called it "Operational Exodus" from the start (not just being a Cassandra prophet ;-)

If you want to see more on the Bain - UNC Chapel Hill- Cal connection see:


Unlike peers, Yale cuts back on consultants it includes this interesting sentence: "UNC has not cut any Bain consultants because they were entirely funded by an anonymous donor"
for starters, or do your own quick search-- lots of consultant-powerpoint- white paper-babble on it floating around.

Finally, check out VC-Admin John Wilton's UC Berkeley Budget Presentation to the Academic Senate pay attention at the 20:30 mark

1. Bain has 792 companies and institutions on its database and Cal scored 792nd on
Cal's "penchant for analysis over action"

2. Berkeley has a "critical culture that does not reward decisive action"

3. Berkeley has weak performance management processes on administrative side - weak performance metrics
-- how far up the chain does this go?

lots of faculty tittering and guffawing in the background audio...

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