Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinco De Mayo UC Regents Meeting Info, And Audit Findings Report Delayed

here's our sad little sort of notes/very quick take on the Regent meeting today-listened in at about the 11:45 mark (and there was lots of high tone beeping in between words as people patched in and out of the teleconference- but we tried to follow as best we could) :

--heard some talk about payroll records that were not handled properly, destroyed or something too quickly-- and we guess UC got in some trouble for it or something-- but they would not disclose the campus it occurred at - and will not. They said they would only tell the name of the campus if such violations occurred routinely and it looked like a pattern at the location. But they are fixing it so it never happens again-- in fact, they are fixing every mistake so that it never happens again -- that is the most important headline, meeting minute of every meeting -so, there...

-- some guy from UC Riverside talked about how great CIOs are, he loves them, they are the most special people on earth, PIs owe great debts to CIOs etc.... talk about polishing the senior admin apple... the faculty rep then schooled him on some issues with his presentation.

-- one regent asked the question about entertaining ideas on reducing the UC police force, having only ONE UC Police Chief serve system wide, reducing the numbers and other ideas-- followed by lots of nervous laughter and comments from unidentified regents and participants.

-- creating an IT chief of privacy and security system wide position was also discussed-- it will save money to create the role as a combined function--someone named Russ Auckland (sp?) is working on it--UC has suddenly discovered that this might be an important role--ya think?!--sigh, heavy sigh

-- also, a campus climate presentation was made and discussion of online training and interactive theater were discussed. listening to the comments was surreal because UC (through the regents) was acknowledging that in person interactive theater serves an important role that online training cannot (Catherine Cole are you listening?!)-- yet, at the same time, they seek to push undergraduate education to online instruction-- we were surfing at that time and came across this UD post that emphasized the point (of how higher ed administrations rely on, or return to, in person compliance training rather than online) even more.

they rushed a bunch of stuff toward the end so that they would break at 1pm PST sharp-- lots for a UC regent to do in Mallorca- so, no holding the VIP folk up. Anyway, if you didn't listen to it live -- try finding the minutes once they are approved by the regents or something-- 'cause UC Regents don't archive their meetings --like U Texas or U Minnesota or other systems do...

the student newspapers don't seem to be covering it but there is this latest news related to Cal alumni:

American hiker charged with spying by Iran will not return to face trial: Sarah Shourd says she is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and going back to Iran would be too traumatic

and there is this breaking news: State Assembly passes one of two DREAM Act bills

and check this story out- K-12 following the public higher ed model:
High-level Pay Approved For Top Administrators At Cash-Strapped LAUSD
(they are pursuing private money to ameliorate-- geez where have we heard this before?)
a side note-- have to get this off the chest: in the national coverage of today's 9/11 memorial events it seems lost on the east coast based MSM that Flight 93 Shanksville,PA occurred (it happened on private land and there are a lot of issues with land use and making it a memorial)-- two of the flights were headed from Logan (liberal Boston,Mass) to CA- one to LA and one to SF. Many of the heroes of Flight 93 were Northern Californian liberals, even Cal alumni, some our friends -- but much of the NYC and DC MSM can't deal with that reality- it doesn't serve their spin, and so it seems Flight 93 got short shrift in the coverage today- but we remember them.
Original Post
UC Regents meet this week -Cinco De Mayo - one of the regents will be joining the meeting from Calle San Magin 1, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (it just gets more and more posh, wonder if they will be joining hot on the heels of having attended the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey? Maybe they are at the same honeymoon vacation spot as the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Is this the same regent who joined a previous meeting from the London Savoy? We sh!t you not!)- here's the open session agenda:
May 5 Committee on Compliance and Audit by teleconference (Regents only session, followed by Open Session)

You can listen to live audio if you can catch it (remember: no archive available of the UC Regents meetings):
--and the JLAC audit report has been moved now from May to July. (Recall the report was originally scheduled to be released in January- they must have a lot to go over.)

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