Friday, May 20, 2011

Clever Video On UC

Please watch : Raising UC by UCSCCollective

If you click the above link- on the youtube side bar there are add'l links to "UCLA Defending Public Education Panel Talk from 2009"-- it would be good to revisit some of what was espoused there during that panel talk, for instance: how well did Lakoff's CA Majority Rule come off? Samuels comments on union busting by UC, funding and other prognostications; and Mark Sawyer's comments about organizing alumni to speak only about certain things and 'stay away from talking about UC waste,fraud, abuse within the system'-- maybe revisit these talks and reassess how well the strategies mentioned have or have not worked out over the past few years.
here are direct links if you can't find them in the sidebar of the video listed above:

Bob Samuels UCLA and George Lakoff
George Lakoff and Mark Sawyer
Sondra Hale and Mark Sawyer

the latest on Prof. Goodwin Liu

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