Monday, May 9, 2011

David Crane on UC: ""Once I got the cold shoulder, I started firing in,"

recall (Cal's Chancellor) Birgeneau constantly saying in 2008-09 something like "circle the wagons, but don't shoot inward" etc.
well, take a look at Unconfirmed UC Regent (kind of like "dowager" titled)
David Crane's latest quote:

"Once I got the cold shoulder, I started firing in," Mr. Crane

other nuggets in the piece:
"(He does have the apparent backing of Gov. Jerry Brown, who, since taking office in January, has chosen not to withdraw the nomination his predecessor made.)" that runs counter to what Bob Samuels opined.

"He says he wants to be confirmed, but he doesn't seem to care too much one way or the other."

"when asked how the university should prepare itself, Mr. Crane defers, saying he hasn't had enough time to get into the details. A high-fee, high-aid model could be a good start, he says. He says he would like to raise revenues without relying so heavily on tuition—a difficult task—and is looking into the lessons of public universities in Michigan and Virginia. "I'm like Paul Revere saying, 'The British are coming,' but I don't know what to do necessarily when the British get here," he says."

--no discussion of his investment firm background in the piece - interestingly- but... you can read the full story here.

you'll recall earlier posts on Crane's other questionable statements at Regent meetings --is this appropriate? in any way? do the Regents step in to comment on the inappropriate comments? does the UC President? where's the leadership?

and here, also, is Crane's lame retort to Prof. Christina Rosen: Op-ed made irrelevant claims on account of budget knowledge

...On the same page as the Crane article in the Chron, there is an interesting piece from Yudof's old UT stomping grounds that make us wonder on the status of: Faculty Productivity Data Reports for UC.

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