Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CSU, Jerry Brown vs. Grover Norquist In Sacto; Hellman and Adachi in SF; and Bob Samuels and "a white paper directed to him"...

round up...
Brown Enlists CSU Leaders To Lobby GOP

Grover Norquist vs CSU and "the idealogue visiting from the Potomac" see:
SF Chron Blog Coverage

Jerry Brown hits back: Grover Norquist a "highly undemocratic" outsider, trying to "dictate" CA politics (VIDEO)

and KGO ABC local SF affiliate has good video on it!
Bob Samuels and "the white paper directed to Robert Samuels" from UCOP
Jeff Adachi and Warren Hellman make pension moves in SF :
info on it from the Bay Citizen (which is a paper started by Hellman FYI)

and an opinion piece about it in the SF Chronicle

(involves SEIU-- remember that little factoid CalBuzz shared recently?)

UC Nurses seem to have worked out a deal- now they vote on it
And the latest staff advisor to the regents is a guy who now works in the UCLA chancellor's office - he is formerly from Cigna, remember that health insurance firm that President Obama's mom was fighting from her death bed-- yep, that one.
Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Bain Consulting, Operational Exodus at UC Berkeley -- any stories on that? as Linda Richman from SNL used to say "discuss", "talk amongst yourselves".
Try to catch this documentary if you can-- it was spellbinding.

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