Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did Cal Fail To Help Speaker John Perez To Graduate?

update- here is more on the story and fall out:
Perez takes 'full responsibility' for claiming to have graduated from Cal
May 20, 2011, by Lance Williams


John Perez Fabricates College Degree, Admits Blame In Prepared Statement by Jon Fleischman from Flash Report

-- but no one answers the question: "How many units shy from graduation was he?"-- that seems important, too.
Original Post:
Perhaps Speaker Perez should come back to Cal and finish what he started- he could gather some very interesting facts as a re entry student. Wonder if he feels the university did or did not provide resources to help him to achieve a degree?
Records of Assembly Speaker As Cal Grad Went Unchallenged by Lance Williams in California Watch

Assembly Speaker John Pérez A Cal Dropout, Not Grad from SF Chron

"Pérez enrolled at UC Berkeley in 1987. He pursued a Chicano studies major, a university spokeswoman said.

University records show Pérez left UC Berkeley in May 1990 without graduating, the spokeswoman said. A 2007 profile on the social-networking site LinkedIn said he was at UC Berkeley from 1987 to 1991 - four years. Pérez, who is gay, told Capitol Weekly last year that he came out at a campus meeting in 1991.

Pérez left school "to deal with family and financial issues" and took a job with the painters union, Vigna said."

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