Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mark Yudof's Problem With The First Amendment

Mark Yudof would prefer to skip teaching the First Amendment and move straight on to teaching the 2nd Amendment when he returns to teaching at a law school. (Perhaps he will return to his beloved Pennsylvania- he likes to call himself a Philadelphia lawyer - so, it would be fitting.)

The comments were left out of the text of his prepared speech posted on Facebook -(this is the same speech where Yudof makes distinctions between "faculty who are creators of knowledge—in other words, those who do more than just transmit the accepted wisdom." etc.)
- his actual delivered speech included the following sections:

He, first, is introduced by "Ramona"- someone who glorifies Yudof as a "head of state of a large country" (he/UCOP has taken to calling Yudof simply "President", rather than UC President-- ah, but when the sh!t is hitting the fan recall he says he has no power-- it's the regents, chancellors running things...yep, that's leadership.) and this same 'Ramona' says she used to serve as a regent at U. New Mexico-- at the 4:35 mark she says:

"I know you're an expert in freedom of speech, among other things, when I was a regent at the University of New Mexico - when we raised tuition every year I thought freedom of speech was maybe an over-rated right -- it was really more than I thought was necessary"-- and then takes some shots at med. doctors and tenure...

Yudof then speaks and says at the 9:27 mark of the video -,

"and I found -this is taking my key/cue from Ramona that the um,-I've always had enthusiasm for the first amendment. I taught a course on it, constitutional law. What can I say, California is a rich cornucopia of folks exercising their free speech rights-- and its given me a certain perspective on the constitution-- if I ever go back to law teaching- which I expect- I am going to start with the second amendment -that's my plan-and I may deal with quartering of soldiers-i don't know,there's all sorts of things- letters of marque and reprisal"

Wow, this is all hysterically funny stuff, isn't it?!
(We didn't even have to pay Sista Sarah to say it either!)
So much for Tom Lutz's "The only thing that has a chance of turning this devastation around is student activism." from:
We Are On A Race To Become A Mediocre University At Best
by Tom Lutz, Professor of Creative Writing, UC Riverside

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