Friday, May 13, 2011

OE Sock Puppet Videos Released at Cal

got a message that "OE Sock Puppet Videos Released at Cal" -- and sure enough - here they are- bland, staged, canned and fed:

Dean Andrew Szeri Answers Questions From UC Berkeley Students and Staff
Lisa McNeilly discusses the future of Energy Management at UC Berkeley
Jon BainChekal on Cal Planning Tool at UC Berkeley

Note the strategy/use of the diversity and inclusion rep used in the pseudo Charlie Rose role. Anyone who remembers what Cal was like in the 70's,80's,90's must be weeping. The staff have always been so much more dynamic and engaging-- but they likely are not allowed camera time to ask questions, engage, share their thoughts... President Obama uses a term to describe the above : "boiled out". Some things - certain flavors of interaction- have already been lost.

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  1. Yes, these little videos come across as totally phony, something added to the OE website so they can check off the boxes that say "reached out to stakeholders" and "added public feedback to website" on their Change Management to do lists. The chancellor will be speaking to staff at a Berkeley Staff Assembly event later this week, and you can bet the "open" questions he will have been given ahead of time will not include any questions that will make him remotely uncomfortable.